stfu i love him

Tumblr doesn’t really like big files so I had to sacrifice quality, but I really wanted to paint that Bob the goldfish headcanon. Here you go!! He’s round and orange and I love him. (also he faintly glows.)

anonymous asked:

Are you really whining about Hoseok's hair? It's just braids. Start worrying about actual cultural appropriation.

“ACTUAL CULTURAL APPROPRIATION”? get your head out of his ass for a second and re-read this. do you realize that it’s not just hair. as a Korean, even I know the significance of hair in black culture. that by wearing that hairstyle, it itself is cultural appropriation. there are no levels of “actual cultural appropriation”. it is or it is not. when black men, women, kids are being told they can’t wear their hair the way they want but hoseok over here can be told oh it’s just hair, wear your braids…there’s something wrong in that ideology and thinking. it’s toxic. when will you all realize it’s just not hair. pls. don’t ever come to my inbox.


Luckly today wasn’t so long
Have some pen doodles
if you need me ill be eating chicken nuggets

Btw you know how ppl are drawing like Poth and InkError as weeaboo anime titty chick’s or whatever

Be looking forward to something similar to that from me ;)))))))))
(Also sub to pyro he has no friends)