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The idea that because a woman has been with a man in the past, she obviously can’t be a lesbian is so harmful!! So many lesbians have had relationships with men in the past. Compulsory heteronormativity is an awful thing, and so many young lesbians struggle with it.

Stop spewing this “well they’ve been with men in the past so they must be bisexual” garbage. 


a collection of namjoon carrying his One And Only Bag like a ukrainian old lady going back home after a very busy morning at the local market having sold all dill and garlic for the day

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India: does something cool in Science

Rich countries: why is India progressing instead of stopping its poverty? Why can’t she spend that minuscule amount of money on her poor instead? Why can’t she keep her grubby hands grubby and not reach for the stars (literally)? India, leave the space exploring to us sweetie :)))))

India: sends a bunch of rockets in a satellite to outer space for other countries as a business because it’s cheaper when ISRO does it

Other countries: WHY? Why are you so greedy? 100+ rockets?? What’s wrong with you? Why are you wasting your moneeeyyyyy??? USe It on youR goddamN poor?? Look at them.. the snake charmers…and elephants..languishing…..

another fucking dog.

yuuri: so, what do you want for your birthday?

victor: well-

yurio [slamming his fist against the table]: if we get another fucking dog i swear to god


I am an illustrator and I have been collecting and illustrating the proverbs of White Middle Class Liberals for a year now and finally compiled them in to an Alphabetical Anthology. It functions as an educational tool and a fun way to clap back at every day crackery. if any one is interested in it you can find it here.…/…/the-alphabetical-anthology-of-white

The book is bound on really lovely card with heavy weight cartridge paper pages and printed locally.

If you enjoyed White Boys or Fear Brown Queers you will love this book.

As well as being a funny and insightful read it is a lovely object to hold.

  • Frank: [posts something on twitter]
  • Me: haha lol
  • Frank: [posts something else on twitter and also instagram]
  • Me: haha
  • Frank: [posts more shit on twitter and instagram]
  • Me: omg can u pls stfu I'm trying to live my life