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Bloody hell, you get into A LOT of drama, mate. How in the world do you do that.

Can I tell you a story? It’s nice and dramatical, that post reminds me so much of it {I’ll try and keep it short}:

Ok so when I was like 16 I was on IMVU dating this girl named Nikki. Australian girl with a sister Chloe and a brother Jason. The 3 of them shared her account. I think Jason was 18 so he and the 2 girls lived together, no parents.

At some point I “cheated” on her so Jason gets on and tells me that Nikki is in the hospital because she has carved “I hate you” into her forearm and he found her bleeding out on the floor. Word gets around and everyone comes running to tell me about how much of a horrible person I am. Nikki is placed on suicide watch but gets online about 2 hours later.

For those who don’t know, suicide watch is minimum 24 hours.

We break up and stuff, at this point everyone in our circle hates me. Jason would often get online to go off on me and shit, Chloe is telling me how hurt she is…etc. Eventually we get back together and Nikki convinces people to forgive me. 

Some time passes and I break up with her cause she’s rarely online and I’ve started getting close with a girl I RPed with. We decide to remain friends until one day I was in a room with my RP family {Drunk off my ass} and I didn’t notice
Nikki come in. I’m sat there talking about the new girl with them, and Nikki gets all hurt and leaves. I feel like shit.

This is where everything gets fucking insane.

She avoids me now and ofc everyone hates me to the point where I can’t even go into rooms with them anymore. If she comes into a room I’m already in the owner will boot me out. Jason keeps inviting me to bitch me out everyday…Basically, I was just bitched at everyday or avoided by everyone until one day she’s in a room with my friends and I decide to pop in anyway.

Sometimes when you enter a room you’ll see what they had just typed up, they were all talking normal until she saw me. Nikki tells the owner not to boot me. The next thing she puts in is something like “Oh it’s you.. jsyk Nikki is in the hospital, this is Jason. She slit her wrist and tried to kill herself AGAIN because of you.” A second later he’s like “Omg she’s having a seizure, the doctors say she’s going into cardiac arrest!” For like half hour dude sits there narrating this chicks death until he’s like “That’s it…they couldn’t save her. She’s dead…I better go.”

The room goes quiet and I’m like “Y’all know that was bullshit right?” And they all yell at me “DYLAN PLEASE JUST STFU THAT WAS MY BEST FRIEND SHE WAS LIKE MY SISTER!!” or “This isn’t the time Dylan like jeez you’re being an asshole already?” I leave the room.

Stay with me, it get’s better.

Jason has now changed her default picture and all her information to say RIP Nikki and started a forum with that title so everyone can go pour their hearts out. Everyone in our circle of friends is grieving and blaming me. This goes on for about a month and I’m the only one steady saying “This is bullshit”. Jason has taken over the account and constantly makes posts to keep everything updated on him and Chloe until one day he says that Nikki has come home! He said that when they went to go check the body to confirm that it was Nikki that it was actually just someone who looked like her and they couldn’t tell the difference because they had taken out Nikki’s piercings. Jason says that he was “so scared to just see his sister walk through the door like that”, she had taken a cab home and was looking very confused when he started crying and shit. The people at the hospital had gotten her chart mixed up, Nikki is alive! It’s a miracle!

FINALLY everyone else begins to get skeptical of the situation and start to pick the story apart. Someone goes on FB {I didn’t have one at the time} and notices that Nikki’s most recent default is actually a guy. When they look closer they notice that every single picture on this FB was a different person {generic emo kids} and the same applied to Chloe and Jason’s accounts. It finally dawns on these people that Nikki, Jason, and Chloe are the same person. They realize that the story was 100% a lie, that Nikki had actually lied about everything, and they start making posts and stuff about it and lowkey trying to catch her in lies when they spoke to her. {”So they just let you leave the hospital and go home in a cab without contacting your family or anything? Lol I would SUE the fuck out of them if I were you!”}. People feel betrayed cause their like “Her name probably isn’t even Nikki, who is this person?! Why would she lie about this!?”

When Nikki realizes that more and more people are getting suspicious she vanishes from the internet. Everyone comes and apologizes to me and tries to say “I knew all along she was full of shit but I didn’t wanna question it just in case”… Pffft, liars. 

 Anyhoo, now I refer to her as “my ex that rose from the dead” and get to have a nice laugh about it sometimes. It’s funny, people still try to deny that they fell for the shit lol. It was honestly hell having all my friends turn on me like that, constantly yelling at me, but holy fuck was it great when people finally realized.

-Billy {Sorry, I did try and keep this short >_<}