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  • Jungkook: Hey, um, I'm thinking about doing that 100 Days of Productivity thing. Gotta do something in my life, yknow?
  • Namjoon: Oh, really? Nice! It's a very great way of being productive and bettering yourself as a person, while also challenging yourself to achieve your goals in a very short duration of time. Are you going to study? Exercise? Practice your singing? Or perhaps, you are going to work on your danc-
  • Jungkook: Nah I'm gonna go on 100 dates with Park Jimin and hope he'll fall in love with me.
  • Namjoon:
  • Antitouken : She is abuser cause she violently punched Kaneki. She is a manipulator forcing kaneki to sex with her just to make a baby so she could control him.Its forced. Ishida is homophobic . This is worst written ever. Go kill yourself Ishida
  • Touken Shippers: She punched kaneki so hard for not letting her be with him, For being dense and etc. She had enough for being left behind because it makes her feel useless. She built the :Re cafe for kaneki just incase if he regain his memories. Then She confessed her feelings. Thanks to her Kaneki found his happiness and reason to live with. They are now canon we are happy thank you very much Ishida.
  • Me : Kaneki is happy Hooray! Let it flowww
  • <p> <b>baby:</b> h...h....<p/><b>father:</b> look! He's saying his first word!<p/><b>baby:</b> h.... h....h<p/><b>mother:</b> say mama!<p/><b>baby:</b> h... ho...<p/><b>baby:</b> hotel? Trivago<p/></p>

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could you do a tae from New Years? (That sparkly gold blazer thing he looked so handsome) THANK YOU YOUR ART IS AMAZINGGGGGGGGG

acting cool

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guess dom is now dead to me too *sigh* what the hell is he even talking about 'if alec knew magnus he would've known asking for his dna is wrong' HE KNEW IT WAS WRONG? (also who sent him on that mission? oh .. yeah, it was YOUR character) and that whole 'they still have to learn about each other' uhm .. yes? my parents have been married for 25 years and they STILL learn new things about each other all the time? that doesn't make the relationship less real or valid? he just needs to shut up tbh

GOD YES you read my mind!!!! he needs to stay in his lane, bc nobody is allowed to talk about malec other than matt and harry. like i’m sorry dom that nobody likes cl.ace, not even you, but don’t tear down the main lgbt ship bc you’re bitter, stick to advocating for jimon and jaia, i liked you more when you only did that…

also can i just add a few quotes from him that rubbed me off the wrong way bc i need to get this off my chest and move on with my life (this got really long btw so it’s all under the cut):

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hi, ik I haven’t been on much and I know most of u probably aren’t on rn either but … . but since it’s the end of the bf era I just wanted to like .. say something. I haven’t ?? thanked any of u rly, this blog was made in early 2015 just as it all started and this blog has basically been my life for the past ??? two (2) years ??? I’ve documented everything bc rly bf came at the best time for me. 2015 turned out to be one of the worst years of my life (truly) and last year when I wasn’t in school or the months in 2015 after I left … I had no one, except all of u ?? I barely left my house and I had one or 2 friends but I always had u guys so I wasn’t actually properly alone .. so I guess I wanted to say thanks bc that was a Shitty Time. had I not found bf when I did this tumblr probably wouldn’t have been made and idk where I’d be. and even last year when I went back to school u we’re all still there, I may not have seen a show but I had so much fun (minus the Um Discourse dhdjsskls) so it makes up for it a bit. idk how to end this bc I just feel Soft but … thank u my lovs for two years, two I will never forget. Idk how long we’ll be waiting for new music for but I’m excited and I can’t wait to go thru the Shit all over again when the time comes. (never thought I’d fuckin say that since bf era ruined my sleeping pattern For Life)
anyways thank u guys, this is a bit silly so I apologise let’s just hope we can make it thru this hiatus, however long it is together lmao dhdjkdks. much lov. 💕

favourite things about the murderous mask update

- juno being a sarcastic lil asshole like all the time
- juno trying succeeding to jump out of a window to avoid meeting a new person
- …then proceeding to be completely flustered by rex glass
- the biceps of the woman in front of the kanagawa mansion (im here pls date me)
- “you were more…fun” “you and i might call it fun cas, but my liver disagrees”
- the entirety of cassandra kanagawa, i love her ok
- glass: shouldnt you hit me now? juno: stfu and punch me already …juno boi why do u love pain so much
- in conclusion: it was gr8

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This reviewing nonsense reminds me of when 'Magnus is going to get jealous because of Jace and Alec sparring." And people thought they were breaking up. AND NEITHER OF THOSE HAPPENED. When will reviewers shut up?

No kidding, Anon. I literally spent the week up to 2x13 assuring people that Malec will not break up because these reviewers were running around with their nonsense! It was like I was talking to a damn wall.

2x13 aired. Anica, you were right! We should have listen to you.

You don’t say….. 😩😩😩