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i had a dream that Dan had died suddenly just LAST NIGHT and i was so shaken in disbelief that i kept watching his ‘morning rituals’ vid from yesterday and crying, thinking to myself “it just can’t be, he was posting so much JUST YESTERDAY how did this happen why did this happen why him why now” and i was so distressed i woke myself up and i was so disoriented that for a moment i wasn’t sure if it had been real or not

@brain NO!! BAD!! NOW I’M SCARED!!


so here’s Luca and the gang + mjrn, who’s back from the dead. 
it’s them in their fire emblem classes q _ q . lemme tell u how excited i felt while drawing this: very.

i chose classes that i think best suited them as well as other factors :3c i hope nyall enjoy it…

I hate how my brother can say he doesn’t want kids/isn’t particularly fond of them all day long and ppl just laugh and say it’s understandable. However the minute me (someone they think is a girl) says the same thing I get interrogated. Like “why don’t you want them?!?” “You’ll change your mind later!” “You’re nice to them right tho??” If you assume any “”“girl”“” who isn’t fond of kids is some bitter witch who treats them like little inconvenient demons that’s your problem. I just don’t want to babysit for you.

It's about 5 in the morning

And I question how my life came to this and I’m very sorry for everyone who had to put up with me at this fncking late hour.
I have been up all night.
And everyone is actually asleep??
Thought someone was up and I’m like??
Holy shet??
Someone to talk to??
But I’m pretty sure they are ignoring me or have a queue on.
I forgot a lot of people do have queues.
I don’t have one.
Everyone’s gotta put up with no posts to a lot of posts often.
I also get really weird at night.
I’m like, not tired at all.
But like.
No one interacts me much so I’m just watching youtube videos at this point lmao.
Plz someone knock me out so I finally sleep.

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lmao why do assholes (read: conservatives and fascists) think weve Never heard "their side" like m8 we grew up in the same racist ass world stfu


- Mod Òðinn.


Just got back home from a banquet XDD I’m a huge tomboy and hardly ever wear dresses but mom forced me soooooooo here ‘ya go, guys!

LOOOOKKK I HAVE A NEW HAIRSTYLLEE! Which means I’ll start drawing my ponysona with this hairstyle as well <3 this was made possible thanks to my patrons and those who commissioned me!! I haven’t gone to the salon in months! And honestly am too embarrassed to show how my hair looked BEFORE I went to the salon XD

Violet in fancy clothinnnggg??? savor it all you can cause this is a rare sight XD