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hey. i really love arin. like i genuinely love and appreciate that man so goddamn much. i love his hard work, i love his sense of humor (most of the time lmao), i love his personality, i love his voice, i love how humble he is, i love how tol he is, i love that he tolerated my shitty socialite art gallery character bullshit at the poke art academy auction, i love how big and strong he is bc it couples so well with his gentle personality (Gentle Giant trope in full effect!!), i love love LOVE his body, i love his crinkly laugh face, i love his smile, i love his silly giggles, i love his big ol’ laugh, i love how openly he embraces and expresses his femininity, i love

i just really fucking love arin okay? 

I can’t wait until this generation dies but like not because of the reason you think

only because the ghosts will be memeing and shit

in the future people will be ghost hunting per usual

and then suddenly an arrangement of “my name’s jeff” or “here come dat boi shit waddup” or a bunch of dumb shit like that comes through the high tech equipment and the apparitions will be fucking heely-ing down halls or dabbing it’s- it’s just going to be literal fucking chaos


in retrospect, it saddens me greatly that the grumps’ playthrough of ray//man legends was so short, bc Dan probably never got to experience the absolute JOY that was the musical levels!!

i’m tired and delirious and stressed and tipsy and all i can think about is like

vague (in and out of universe) ninja ship party stuff. like. not even enough substance to make a post

what the fuck


so here’s Luca and the gang + mjrn, who’s back from the dead. 
it’s them in their fire emblem classes q _ q . lemme tell u how excited i felt while drawing this: very.

i chose classes that i think best suited them as well as other factors :3c i hope nyall enjoy it…

~Headcanons ~

AHHHHH. I CAN’T BELIEVE I WENT OVER THE CHARACTER LIMIT. Ugh. I SWEAR I read your rules, I promise! I don’t know how I did that curse my brain at 4am. So um, I’m really really sorry about that! Would you mind doing the panic attack prompt as headcanons with McCree, Reaper and Junkrat then? I’m so sorry again I can’t believe I did that flbllfagj orz

Weeeellllll they started out as headcanons and sort of turned into a short drabble? It got a little out of hand because of my style so bear with me heh. Also the last half of Reaper’s and the majority of Junkrat’s are a bit shaky. It’s not because I wrote them at 2 in the morning. I wanted to cast Reaper in a different light but I’m not sure I captured it very well. As for Junkrat, he’s just hard for me to write for some reason. Hopefully this is what you asked for! If the ask isn’t to your liking, contact us and I’ll revise it if needed!

Because this is a panic attack prompt, there is an over all sad theme. There is angst but it is resolved with fluff because I’m not a monster. Tread carefully, be safe, and most importantly enjoy! <3

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