Me: This dog is my soulmate 😍

Someone who has four kids under the age of 6: omg! You know nothing about love! You think you love that dog, but just wait until you have Kids© You will never understand love until you are a Real Parent™

Me: *looking into my dog’s brown eyes* This dog is my soulmate 😍


It’s funny how people call exo or BTS the new kings. Like no. Sit the fuck down. There’s not just moving on and calling new groups kings. The kings of kpop are Big Bang. Just like the queens of kpop are 2ne1. Then there’s the legends, gods, and goddesses. The majority of these people are within the second generation of kpop. Super Junior, Shinee, SNSD, TVXQ, and some lower ones like Infinite, 2pm, Teen Top, and possibly 2am and just maybe B.A.P Not this third annoying generation of kpop. Newer kpop groups can never earn these names because groups in the past made it easier for them to be world wide. You only know about them because of older groups.