Me: This dog is my soulmate 😍

Someone who has four kids under the age of 6: omg! You know nothing about love! You think you love that dog, but just wait until you have Kids© You will never understand love until you are a Real Parent™

Me: *looking into my dog’s brown eyes* This dog is my soulmate 😍

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lol so u went from believing kaisoo is real to saying they might or might not be. that's good! ur on the right track honey. kaisoo is not real. jongin is dating krystal. don't be delusional. can't you just accept that he's straight? sm said so. why would sm lie to fans?

omfg first of all give me the fucking receipts📝 where i stated that i believe that “kaisoo is real” all i ever said that i want them to be happy regardless who they are for each other.✋
and i love how you ppl are always like “sm said so. why would sm lie to fans?” i would like to note that sm “says” a lot of shit that isn’t true so 👏honey👏 YOU should sit down.
i never assumed jongin is gay/straight or [as people like to forget that this “thing” exists] bisexual. [and btw you shouldn’t either ]all i said was that personally don’t believe that jongin’s and krystals relationship is real. which again is MY opinion.
and at the end of the day.. who the fuck knows what goes down in the sm town? 🐸☕

I really CAN'T with some of the women on TMZ

They’re talking about Bella Thorne’s tweet, the one where she addressed the question if she’s bi, and they automatically say it’s, “fake”, she’s going through a “phase”, and she just, “wants attention.” And then they just start to sexualize bisexual women who experiment with other girls, or are curious when it comes to liking people of the same sex. Ok, a big, FUCK YOU, to them. Who the fuck are they to say anything about anyone else’s sexuality, what they feel, are attracted to, or the LGBTQ community in general?? I’m tired of having to defend me and other human beings being BISEXUAL. Our sexuality is VALID regardless of whatever IGNORANT, shit you think and say. I wish these people would educate themselves first before speaking on issues they have no knowledge about.

It’s actually getting slightly annoying now hearing antis say Kubo said Ichigo and Rukia are just friends. That whole “more than friends but less than lovers” isn’t even accurate. Kubo said they were more than friends “but saying they are lovers isn’t quite right” (Kubo) because no shit there are more important things going on than them sucking face or fucking. Kubo NEVER excluded the possibility of something between them. So y'all need to shove a sock down your pipes and start reading the interviews properly.


also y'all: -ships two cannonly straight guys, clearly erasing their sexuality- this is so cute!!!! i don’t care if they’re straight!!! uwu

im so angry rn. and its not even worth being angry about tbh. but all this bad media surrounding pokemon go is so fucking bullshit. look, if someone gets into a car accident while theyre playing pokemon go, thats their damn fault. the game clearly tells you, it legit has a loading screen dedicated to warning you which usually lasts a good 5-10 seconds (after that its just common sense), to watch ur fucking surroundings. stop placing the blame on pokemon go. do u not understand how many ppl have actually started to get out of their houses just to play this game? it encourages so much good. i have a friend who chose to walk to the park which was at least an hours walk away to meet up with me and my friends instead getting there by car just to hatch his eggs. and it might sound cliche and all, but ive met new ppl irl (even if im never gonna see them again)  and its such a nice feeling knowing that so many ppl out there share an interest with u. and wait til the trading feature comes out. that will encourage even more interaction between ppl and hopefully create friendships. dont fucking tell me that this game gets ppl injured and killed. sorry to break it to you, but thats not the games damn fault!! i mean look at this game, its so innocent, all u do is catch pokemon. i doesnt have anything that is so distinguishable from any other games. its level of influence depends on the person him/herself alone. all of you hating on this game, you dont understand how it feels to have a childhood dream come true and how it feels to actually play this game. so pls stop dropping shitty articles everywhere about this beautiful game because it holds no responsibility whatsoever over ppls safety and lives. if ur life is messed up because ur obsessed with this game, then its ur flipping fault. you only have urself to blame.