Steyrman is a French DEVGRU reenactor. A lot of people, including me and the whole team, call him one of the best reenactor. That has a good reason: His kitlists are famous on several websites like and his gear is, except the airsoft rifle, is completely real steel.

I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions, and here it is: The interview with Steyrman.

Blackstone: Hello Steyrman, how are you?
Steyrman: Fine! ;)

Blackstone: Why did you start airsoft and when?
Steyrman: I started airsoft very youngt, when I was about 14 years old, illegally against the French law that allows airsoft only when you’re 18, my example in this regard is not to be followed !
I don’t really know why I started, but surely an attraction for the army at that time and the video war games, like many airsofters started.

Blackstone: What kind of role did Airsoft become in your life?
Steyrman: Airsoft or rather reenactment takes a fairly important place in my life, although I can not devote much time to practice on the ground.
We must spend a lot of time to find the right equipment we are looking at the best price.
But I especially don’t want to have airsoft and reenactment as a hobby in my life, for me it’s really important to have some very different hobbies and not directly related to the other hobby. I think we should avoid locking us in this single activity, so we couldn’t become such a weird guy who thinks he’s a real military and thinks he’s better than the others …
So I would say that this activity indeed occupies an important place, but I what has priorities in my life and what not.

Blackstone: What do your friends, parents and your girlfriend (if you have one) think about the stuff you do?
Steyrman: Well infact, I do not really talk about this with my family, my friends (who do not practice this activity) or my girlfriend. If they are interested in it, of course I could talk about it, but I will not voluntarily go bother my family or my friends with this activity. This is the advantage of having other things in life, it leaves other topics for a conversation… ;)

Blackstone: Why did you start an NSW reenactment?
Steyrman: I started a NSWDG Reenactment thanks to one of the first French reenactor.
Actually I go to the beginning of this story, as soon as I started airsoft, gear interested me, but not for a/the reenactment (also at that time nobody was doing that with rigor ), only the use of the gear and how it looks like. Over the years I have seen the first geardos doing a reenactment, I thought it was cool and I started to build me a SFG setup with reproductions with a SWG Raid BDU, TC2000 and SPEAR BALCS with ELCS (around 2004). After that, I stopped airsoft for two years, and when I returned, Multicam was created. Multicam interested me but no unit used this camouflage (officially) at this time, so I made a „freestyle“ outfit .
Then a few months later, Crye Precision announced the upcoming release of the Gen 2 Combat Apparel, I have procured one quite fast and I learned that I could try to make an CAG type setup, they probably used that kinda gear.
Then I launched into a start of a CAG reenactment, switching the reproduction for authentic gear.
That’s when I got interested in JSOC, and it has taken me to DEVGRU. During my start with the reenactment, reenactors posted some very good pictures in France.
That’s how I started doing a NSWDG reenactment, and I stopped the CAG gear a year ago.

Blackstone: Do you think that you inspire other players to start NSW renactment?
Steyrman: I want to say that I do not know, but it is true that some people told me that my photos made ​​them want to start up an NSWDG outfit.
The problem with this is that it doesn’t need people like me to inspire others for this gear, it simply requires the ability to learn from real operators. Like everyone, I make mistakes and if people are inspired by that what I do, and add other errors, it ends up doing something not as good as expected… :)

Blackstone: When do you think you gonna stop and why?
Steyrman: I do not plan to stop, in fact it can happen, but I do not want to. I spend a lot of time to get what I have, and it would be hard to sell everything …

Blackstone: Do you ever thought about going to the military? What do you think about real soldiers, especially NSWs?
Steyrman: I often thought about that. I have great respect for the military, regardless of their country or their units. It inspired me since I was a kid, especially because one of my hobbies is aviation, and like many children I dreamed of being a fighter pilot. Moreover, joining the army may represent a civic duty …
But I’ve never done it, I do not know if I regret it or not, what is certain is that I have a lot of passionate things in my life and I made ​​a choice and now I’m happy with what I did.

Blackstone: What is your opinion about Speedgamers and about Battledisplayers (BD) using reproductions?
Steyrman: I just say that everyone does what he likes.
Of course it always bothers me when I see setups that I could designate as “freestyle inspired DEVGRU” claimed as a real good setup of X Squadron. But we must consider that we are the “extremist” in this field of reenactment, then we are difficult to satisfy, but it is also because we are demanding with ourselves that we come to what we do…
We can’t deny, when I have seen someone do a setup in repro, one way or another I want to pust them to do it better.
Only some people want to buy their gear quickly, which means spending a lot of money in a very short time, and of course this is often not possible. This is some kind of a message that we like to say, “If you’re a little passionate, take your time (and not only 1 or 2 months) and try to avoid bad reproduction”

Blackstone: You are an idol for the whole NSW/Devgru BD scene, don’t you want to sometimes expose your real identity?
Steyrman: I hope not to be an idol, it is absolutely not what I want be and I don’t want to be admired like the real operators! I’m just a simple collector and reenactor, I do nothing sensational, I do not save lives, there is simply no reason to give me a special status.
This is also something that bothers me, when people come to talk with me and does not behave as if they were with an operator …
Beyond that, no actually I do not want to expose my true identity. Of course my close friends and the people I’m practicing with know me, this is not a problem. But I don’t want my real name to be associated with pictures of reenactment on the internet simply because I do other things in my life, and I do not want that everyone knows that I practice this activity.

Blackstone: Why do you use real gear instead of reproductions?
Steyrman: As I said earlier before, I started with repro gear and I went slowly to authentic gear, and when you tasted it, you end up not having any desire for repro gear. The real gear gives more satisfaction because it is stronger, but simply because it is real. It is also necessary to know the harded and attractive side. The search for a piece of gear, it’s difficult, long, but the research is also a pleasure.
Having an outfit in 2 months is not a satisfaction for me, I spent years on what I have now, and it pleases me like this.

Blackstone: How did you find your connections, teammates and people who get you some stuff?
Steyrman: All over the Internet, between team members. We have knowledge about the French forums, since few of us do NSWDG reenactment, links are established easily.
For hardware, we share the opportunity, and we looking for some random encounters …

Blackstone: Thank you very much for your interview and have a nice day.
Steyrman: Thank you. Basically, I really wanted to say, “But who am I to deserve an interview? Nobody important enough …”. Then I told myself that maybe the answer will spread my message of simplicity…
So, here is the interview a simple airsofter amongst other… ;)
(By the way, I thank the author of this interview will surely correct many mistakes due to my weak level of English…)

Once again, a big thanks to Steyrman. He is a very nice guy with a good mindset. Soon I will post a link to his page (which is not released yet).

Have a nice day

Blackstone out.