Last of the photos have been posted from Sundays game and look how fucked I am!
My two spare mags still wouldn’t (and don’t) work so I had to resort to usin a single 330rd mag.

Had the manufacturer MAG recommended to me so gonna get a single mag from them and try it out if all’s well I’ll probably get a box of 4 from somewhere, probably China as a box of 4 over here is £50-60’ in America the cost = £27….. the fuck.

I was bombing up using a mates spare m4 mag while under fire. #airsoft #airsoftuk #asg #damnbluegun #steyraug #auga3


Steyr AUG on full-auto. For all you Die Hard fans. #steyrAUG #austrian #bullpup #assaultrifle #diehard #karl #newfavorite

Both pics from the end of today’s game. Left one was after I’d ran out of ammo and basically dropped everything including rifle and pegged it to within 10 metres of the enemy with two flash bangs both of which wouldn’t strike…. I was a little bored stranded there!
The ether is just me firing from cover but I like the picture!

Thank the makers, the forerunners, any and all gods and pantheons and mythi beings of power that I can apply for my UKARA after my next game and get rid of the blue!!! #airsoft #airsoftuk #asg #steyraug #auga3