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Bones » 2016 2017 rewatch - 4x25 “The Critic in the Cabernet”

So are you going to let her have this child alone? - I didn’t say that. You are! You’re going to abandon your child! Oh night’s deepest gloom washes over my tiny frame!


Also celebrating by watching the Dave Chappelle show and playing with Stewie’s face 😄

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khovanets-deactivated20150522  asked:

how do you deal with deities you're devoted to that piss you the fuck off

Hi khovanets

I’m making this public because there is actually a set program that I go with when it comes to this stuff and also because other people may want to incorporate it. I’m going to be blunt - some of these are based off of the fact that I’m Kemetic and may not go over real well if used with other pantheons.

First, let me tell you that it really depends on how angry I am. So, if I’m just really frustrated, I will do a lot of ranting and raving, but if I’m

fucking pissed off

and ready to go thermonuclear, then the following is what I do.


Make It Clear Why I Am Pissed Off

Something that we should keep in mind is that sometimes, the gods do things that make us upset/angry and they may not realize that it


make us angry. On the other hand, they may know and they may not care. But just like in a relationship with a friend, a family member, a significant other, etc. communicating why you are upset/angry is pretty important.

I’ll be real here - I am very good at telling them why I am angry but I am not good at telling them in an adult manner. I will usually scream, rant, rave, swear, wave my arms around dramatically, and just generally give vent to my feelings on the matter.

This is important

. I think that we, as humans, are often taught that we should not give vent to our feeling for one reason or another (in my family, we were taught that emotions are okay to have in private only and that you should only come into the situation calm, cool, and rational which I have found actually wreaks serious havoc in relationships). If you don’t give vent to your feelings, then you’re going to wallow in it, imo, and it could become a serious issue later on.


Threaten to Stop Offerings

This is one of those things that the ancient Egyptians did in antiquity. If they wanted something badly enough, then they would threaten the god with no longer being provided anything if they didn’t do whatever it is was the person wanted. However, in order to get their point across, the threats were thrown out there after the devotee had done something to show how awesome they can be/are as a devotee.

Sometimes, I will do something extra in my daily offerings that I don’t normally do when I’m threatening to remove their offering train. Sometimes, I just do it because I am so angry - beyond fucking angry - that I cannot even stomach the idea of giving them something to remind them of how awesome I am as a devotee. (IME, threats totally work.)


Turn Their Statues/Images Around

You know how sometimes you get really fucking angry that you can’t even look at someone’s face without wanting to punch them? Yeah, so I will do that too. That usually goes hand-in-hand with the threats to stop providing offerings. If I am so pissed off that I am threatening to stop offerings, then it’s really only a little further push before I want to punch all the gods in their fucking faces, so I tend to turn them around so I don’t have to see their stupid smug angry-inducing faces.



I am one of those people who epically stew about everything that makes them upset. Some of this is anxiety and some of this is because I want to try and figure out what happened, why it happened, and how I can prevent it from happening again while maybe learning something of value. So, I will go cold, silent, and bitchy.


Divine About the Thing

Stewing is great for about 5 minutes before you’re walking around in circles, so I will end up doing divination about the thing some time after the stewing has stopped. I have found that divining on what has upset me/pissed me off during the volcanic rage is not a good idea and will only do so later. Sometimes this helps me to kind of put things into perspective; sometimes it helps me because shuffling the cards is a form of meditation for me; sometimes it helps me because I actually get honest responses from the gods/netjeri on the event that facilitated this.In the end though, it comes down to whether or not I can get passed whatever the event is that angered me. I usually do although I can take a long time to get there.