Kakak Nat yg keje Stewardess, I Nk main you puas2 boleh Tk ? Adik I Sakit :( Tgk gbr you Ni Smue :(. Kalau kite dua sama2 dalam boat confirm da main puas2 da 😈

Re: Ghostbusters, a queer autistic female lead character? A kick-ass woman of color with encyclopedic historical knowledge of her city? Two high school friends who helped each other through constant bullying, wrote a book together, and help each other get over craving approval from the academic establishment?

I’M IN LOVE. Saw it last night, going again today.

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Hello love <3. I never really know what to say about relationshippy things because of how I've never been in one, but I just wanted to drop a quick line to say that I'm glad things are starting to get tidied up for you, and I really hope you have a warm, loving, safe future in front of you. *massive hugs*

*hugs back, squeezes* Thank you, old friend.

On that note, it might be time for me to say what I’ve been meaning to say for months. In March, my partner (spouse, if you want to get technical, as we got married in late 2006; it was only my third or fourth serious relationship, and I had just turned 25 two days before my wedding day, so go figure) of almost 11 years dropped a real bombshell on me when I went to visit them for the first time in six months. We had agreed to live apart for a year since I had gotten an academic fellowship on this continent and they had gotten a multi-year studentship in Europe. The idea was that I would move in August to join my partner on a spouse visa, as my program would end first (which it did, in fact, two weeks ago). Anyway, March: I went to visit my partner, who I’d been missing terribly, and without whom I’d undergone major surgery and recovery between December and January. I got there only to receive a shockingly cool, distant greeting and, after finally confronting my partner after about 48 hours of this, the revelation that they just weren’t sure they wanted to be married to me anymore, but claimed they didn’t even know why they were feeling like this. I spent an entire agonizing week just barely keeping my composure and angrily talking them through it from every possible angle. My partner insisted they were not cheating on me. They also insisted that their newfound lack of desire and love had nothing to do with the fact that the surgery I’d just gone through was a preventative double mastectomy in reaction to having tested positive for the same high-risk gene that was responsible for my mother’s Stage IV breast cancer. Losing my breasts was no tragedy, at least not to me: I’d never cared for them. I’ve always been queer and androgynous; a couple of other surgeries for completely different medical reasons, in 2012 (minor) and 2014 (major), had turned up data to confirm that I classify as intersex. None of these things seemed to rattle my partner at the time.

Over the last three to four years, I’ve become more confidently outspoken in both RL and on my social media outlets about my gender identity, my autism spectrum diagnosis, and activism relating to all of the above. It wouldn’t have occurred to me that these factors were, in my longtime partner’s eyes, a problem, but, sadly, I found out unequivocally back in May that they are. Not only did my partner finally, under even more intense pressure from me than before, admit to having had an affair, but also said such things to my face as “I guess it all started back when you first learned more about your body and started reading up on intersex conditions” and “You know I’m just…not attracted to men” and “You don’t do enough to make yourself enticing to me.” One, wow, the revelation that my partner couldn’t handle me confidently owning newly acquired self-knowledge was sickening. Two, my partner suddenly deciding to whip out well-concealed homophobia (transphobia, intersexism…) added insult to injury. Three, okay, let me tell you something: literally nothing has changed in the way I present myself in all the years my partner has known me. My hair’s been short all this time, I’ve switched with eternal glee between femme/masculine/neutral clothing and jewelry ensembles all this time, and I’ve stubbornly refused to ever wear make-up all this time because I both dislike how it looks on me and it makes my skin react in terrible ways.

This is all to say: keep an eye out for warning signs. I missed them. And then, when they became too blatant to miss, I blocked them out because I was in the midst of experiencing too much other assorted trauma to address it. I didn’t want to see the increasing hostility toward my outspoken confidence as anything more than my until-four-years-ago loving and liberal partner being unaccustomed to having a queer spouse; I didn’t want to see my partner’s shocking “slips” at social gatherings toward me and my queer and trans friends as anything but hiccups to be explained and learned from. The trouble is, no matter how many times I patiently explained what was happening, my partner did not learn. My friends continued to take shrapnel, and, finally, I took incalculable damage. It’s why I had to get out. It’s why the divorce is, as we speak, being finalized.

Dear friends and readers, we’re worth so much more than people like my ex would have us believe. If you find yourself in a toxic situation, seek support. When it’s safe for you to do so, get out. If you can manage it, don’t wait as long as I did. You deserve love from people who will treasure you, not attempt to subtly shape you into what they wish you’d be for the sake of their comfort. You matter.

Where is the love

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This is the next story from this one : Last Farewell

Four years later..

      “Welcome to Korea, miss.” the stewardess smiled and you nodded satisfying, politely bowed to her then said goodbye for her hard work pampering you on such a long flight. Finally you could inhale Korea’s air freely and happily after four years wander around US to finish your Interior Design master’s degree while working on one of hot interior design company. Due your company success, fortunately they opened a new branch in Korea and since you’re Korean, it gave you chance to go back to your beloved country and working for your people’s need. It was great and exciting to be back on your born place, your roots, your culture and your memorial city; Seoul where you put your dream, your love, your life and your happiness. Somehow you felt uneasy at the same time. How if you bumped into him one day? What will you do? But Korea is quite big country and with your current job, it made you sure you wouldn’t meet him since you and him were working in completely different section. And one thing that you have to remember, four years must have changed everything.



Few days later.. 

      “When we can start it?” Gray shifted his phone from his right to left ear and took a paper to start writing, waiting someone on the other side answer his question.

      “Alright, next week—“ he wrote neatly on the paper, “ 7th floor Ilheung building. Okay.” He glanced at his writing to make sure he wrote the place right.

      “Oh, thank you. I’ll come next week, see you later.” He politely ended the call when someone opened the door aggressively and called him, “Daddy!”

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Our awesome all ladies crew on the @jetairfly 737-800 Canary Island route!

We wrap up filming this new program next week.
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Some of Totoko’s various occupations through 1988!

41: Singer

46: Bunny girl waitress at an oden speakeasy

48: Owner and delivery girl for “Totoko Pizza”

52: Policewoman

56: Owner of “Totoko Restaurant”

57: Stewardess

59: Reporter

64 and 65: Buddha that’s an idol singer

69: Idol

American Airlines backs stewardess who announced she was "watching" Muslim passenger in Seat 25-A, then kicked him off flight

A Muslim man was booted from a flight after an attendant publicly announced his name and seat number and warned him she was “watching” him. Welcome to American (real ones) Airlines.

Mohamed Ahmed Radwan had boarded a plane in Charlotte, North Carolina and the flight attendant went to the tannoy and said: “Mohamed Ahmed, Seat 25-A: I will be watching you.” The employee made no other announcements about any other passenger. Mr Radwan asked the employee why she had made the announcements. She reportedly responded that he was being “too sensitive” [and] was told he must leave the plane as he had made the first air stewardess “uncomfortable”.

The company’s response: “We thoroughly reviewed these allegations and concluded that no discrimination occurred.”

The same way bad police use “felt threatened” as an excuse for beatings and killings, bad airlines have settled on “felt uncomfortable” as their lawyer-approved all-bases-covered method of booting Muslims from flights.

Bad pic, but can we all just take a moment to admire how beautiful flight attendants are? Like, there’s just a vibe to them. Like a myth. Like seeing a real life mermaid. I just love it.
Of all the airlines I have tried, Emirates had the most beautiful flight attendants!

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