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Hitched K.M Part two 

Warning contains mature content

(And here is Hitched K.M Part one if you haven’t read it)

(Kol and reader’s wedding and honeymoon)

To the person who requested this, Thank you so much!!! It was great to write and if you had ideas to a part 3, I’d be willing to continue it :) P.S HOPE YOU LIKE THE GIF ;)


Word count: 1269

“Excuse me miss” chirped a voice making me jump slightly and open my eyes to see one of the stewards leaning down smiling, my head began to pound as my eyes grew droopy, “Would you and your husband like some advil?” she questioned before showing four pills in the palm of her hand. While trying to comprehend what was going on I realised we were still on the flight to the Maldives.

I gazed to see that I was huddled into Kol’s chest, his arm laced lazily around my torso while his eyes stayed shut. It took me a moment to regain the memories that were blurred by our alcohol consumption but when I did I immediately felt bad for our inappropriate behaviour. “Um-Yes thank you” I replied and took the pills from her hand.

She laughed sweetly, “You both must have one hell of a hangover” she retorted causing an obvious blush to appear at my cheeks. All I remembered was being very flirtatious and touchy with Kol, however from the way she portrayed it we must have done something quite drastic.

“If you don’t mind, What exactly did we do?” I inquired, unsure as to if I wanted to know the answer. A quiet laugh escaped her lips making me even more anxious, of course I absolutely adored Kol and in the past we had had our fair share of drunken memories, however we could usually escape them…That certainly wasn’t an option as of now.

“Well one of the flight attendants heard a rather disturbing banging coming from one of the loos and when she went to see what the problem was- she realised that it was a couple- you and your husband trying to have sex”. My eyes almost popped out of there sockets when she finished speaking, I was completely mortified and slightly proud of how eager we must have been.

my hand flew to my mouth to cover a squeal, “Oh fuck” I muttered looking to Kol to see he was still sound asleep- I wondered if he could still recall what we did?

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of miss, my husband and I were quite the same- though we never did try to have sex on a plane in the toilet, every couple is different”. I nodded in agreement right before she left to fetch us some water. Still embarrassed I refrained from looking at any of the passengers around us.

Good Morning everyone this is your captain speaking, we will be arriving in the Maldives very shortly- please ready yourselfs for our descent.

Kol suddenly stirred beneath me as his eyes gradually opened and his mouth parted in a yawn “Y/N? What did I miss?” He asked, his voice raspy and tired.

“A lot apparently”.


“It’s so beautiful here!” I enthused while taking in the stunning ocean views around me, we had just arrived at our hotel, our very expensive hotel to be exact. Everything in sit beamed high class, from the glimmering water and array of rooms to the wooden pathways and colorful flowers- it was clear that this place was a honeymooner’s dream.

“You think?” questioned Kol making me spin around to see his happy smile approaching me slowly, small bags hung under his eyes and his hair was ruffled mess.

“I love it!” I replied, closing the distance between us and slinging my arms around his neck, “this is perfect” I continued before pecking his lips. We soon found ourselves in the reception area, admiring the extravagant elevation of the ceiling and the substantial decorations that screamed romance.

I didn’t really take much notice when we checked in, I let Kol do all the talking while I walked around a bit outside, I exhaled, having finally found peace during my gaze down into the water. This resort was like none I had ever been to before, it wasn’t just by the water, it was on the water- held a few feet up by large wooden poles.

“Where in!” whispered Kol, hugging me towards his chest and jumping up and down, I soon joined him in our funny moment- it was going to be a new experience for the both of us, an exciting adventure.

Once we were over our little escapade, a smartly dressed man lead us to our room, during the journey he told us many facts about the resort and the Maldives in general; like how alcohol is prohibited outside of the resort, and that the Maldives is the lowest and flattest country in the world.

“Kol, I love you so much” I said when the door to our suite flew open to reveal an extravagant interior, my mouth dropped open and all I could do was stare at everything in ‘aw’. The furniture matched the ocean and the ocean matched the tropical vibe that was blasting left, right and all around the room. 

“I know my dear” he replied breathlessly and entered without another second to lose, I shortly followed having said farewell to the man. The loud cheers of Kol echoed throughout the suite and a boisterous splashing followed, jogging outside I saw Kol’s burgundy shirt and shorts laying in a pile on the deck and blurry figure approaching the surface of the water. 

He resurfaced making me smile at the hair in his face which he quickly flicked away and rake with his hand- I couldn’t help but stare at my husband’s pulsing biceps and question why you couldn’t just see everything clear through water?

“Come on in Y/N” he encouraged, a smirk set upon his face.

I shuffled to the edge of the deck and stared down into the sea below, “I don’t know, looks a little far down for my liking” I replied and bit my lip religiously. Even before I saw a vampire heights made me anxious and dealing with the magnification of those fair made some things challenging.

“Come on darling, I’m right here I won’t let you drown” his encouraging words gave me comfort and made me more intrigued to try it, besides if Kol could do it, I could do it better.

I immediately set to the task of stripping off my clothes, first I peeled my singlet up and threw it next to Kol’s, then I unzipped my shorts and wriggled out of them, watching Kol as his eyes trailed my body accordingly. After I was left in just my undergarments I stood at the edge ready to leap off and down to Kol.

“Here goes nothing” I whispered and took up step off the ledge, traveling through the air until my body molded into the water, sinking down- however I was stopped when Kol’s hands held my hips, nothing like a trust test to start off a marriage.

“What did I tell you?” he asked pulling me closer to his chest and leaning his forehead against mine. I giggled and pulled a few small hairs on the back of his neck. We stayed like this for a while, just floating around in the sun- hugging, kissing an whispering intimate things to each other.

“Thank you so much for this” I said before pecking his lips.

“Well I had a feeling you’d like this place” he replied becoming chuffed by my actions- something completely un-Kol like.

“It’s lovely but I meant thank you for choosing me to spend eternity with”, a laugh escaped his lips.

Well everyone else was off the market…” I gasped and hit his chest lightly, encouraging him to try again. “Y/N, I wouldn’t have it any other way”.


Hey, if anyone wants a part 3 I’m willing to do that- I just need ideas, so let me know. I mean who doesn’t want to read about a honeymoon with Kol?

@newpillarofpeace || Cont.

Chisaki, otherwise better known to many as Overhaul, strode forth with the air of a man who knew how important he was. To many, just one look and they could see the black wings of death unfurl from the blades of his back, black as night and haughty as the steps he took. He was death in the form of a mortal man, with a very strict set of rules, and tightly knight ideals, and he wore this marking like a coroner, he made his profession in death.

From his posture, to the sharpness of his eyes, to the mask that he donned on his partially hidden face, he was the messenger of the afterlife, the steward of the boat down the river of souls. Every morning and every evening, he stalked these streets with eyes peeled, watching, searching, waiting. His last encounter of interest had brought him to the doors of the Villains Alliance, the league of counterfeit criminals and hodge-podge outcasts with an explicit anger, as well as poor foresight, but tonight? 

What, oh what, would tonight have to offer?

There was a head full of curls, plush and soft to the touch in appearance. A short boy, small in comparison to your typical teenager, but still somewhat… average. A plain child, to many anyways, but those golden eyes remembered him clearly, they remembered many things. He remembered that vindictive attitude, that hero syndrome that plagued this moronic child.

In Chisaki’s mind? It was call for pity, and oh how he wished he could have simply put the boy out of his misery while he had the chance. He wasn’t much in the mood for that now though, no… So instead, he would speak up, perhaps have a talk with the boy, as the sun set around them.

To go blindly seems senseless.”

That was what he had said, and the way that boys neck craned oh-so-suddenly, Chisaki was certain there might be a pulled muscle there in mere moments. Startled, frightened, familiar, it was more than just his face that this boy knew, he was more than some stranger chasing down a child, that just so happened to run into him… This boy knew something, didn’t he? And that in and of itself was almost too enticing to pass up as well.

As the boy stammered out his response, looking like a hen, paralyzed in the line of sight of the hungry fox, Chisaki stepped to his side, head lifted high, his gaze towards the city skyline that was long before them.

“Do you know what you chase? Do you know what anything before you really, truly is? You’re so young, and you pursue a ruthless world… Do you know who I am?” Smooth tone, structured words, everything he spoke was very well thought before he spoke, and even still, he continued on, silken gloved hands disappearing into his pockets. “And that friend of yours? I assumed you would be paired until you left the city… Keep your wits about you, especially with that hood of yours.”

Looking back down, those golden eyes kissed with a heavenly orange from the sunset locked onto Izuku’s. “An identity is a precious thing, and a deadly mistake to make.”