stevo & bob

Stevo: Wait, timeout. I just wanted to ask real quick, if I can. You believe in rebellion, freedom and love, right?

Mom: Absolutely, yes.

Dad: Rebellion, freedom, love.

Stevo: You two are divorced. So love failed. Two: Mom, you’re a New Ager, clinging to every scrap of Eastern religion that may justify why the above said love failed. Three: Dad, you’re a slick, corporate, preppy-ass lawyer. I don’t really have to say anything else about you do I dad? Four: You move from New York City, the Mecca and hub of the cultural world to Utah! Nowhere! To change nothing! More to perpetuate this cycle of greed, fascism and triviality. Your movement of the people, by and for the people got you… nothing! You just hide behind some lost sense of drugs, sex and rock and roll. Ooooh, Kumbaya! I am the future! I am the future of this great nation which you, father, so arrogantly saved this world for. Look, I have my own agenda. Harvard, out. University of Utah, in. I’m gonna get a 4.0 in damage. I love you guys! Don’t get me wrong, it’s all about this. But for the first time in my life, I’m 18 and I can say “FUUUUUCK YOU!”

- SLC Punk! (1998)


“So my son made it to a punk show. Its amazing, I used to go to these shows all the time back when I was alive. But dude, they were never this big. Never enough. If you come to this place, you are welcome. Here you will find the freaks, the nuts, the outsiders, and they arent just kids. All ages of weirdos are here. All of these people engaged, in what looks like meaningless chaos. But in this chaos, these people lose themselves. Look at Ross! Even he is no longer himself, he has forgotten himself. That is what I miss about life. All these people are engaged through the bands. And the bands have a contract with the people. They all, all of them, in this night, in this moment, don’t have a care in the world. They aren’t concerned with doomsday, money, jobs, relationships, abuse, bullies, rapists, murderers, whatever. They care about nothing. For now, they are immortal.” - Heroin Bob

Punk’s Dead: SLC Punk! 2 (2016) dir. James Merendino  


“In a country of lost souls rebellion comes hard. But in a religiously oppressive city, where half it’s population isn’t even of that religion, it comes like fire.”

SLC Punk! (1998) dir.  James Merendino