Good things that happen in 2016

-the pandas are off the endangered list
-the new Ghostbusters movie
-kate McKinnon
-having a whole three months of Steven universe
-rebecca surger
-alot of celebs coming out as bi
-including Rebecca suger
-twenty one pilots and Lin-Manuel Miranda were on SNL at the same time simultaneously
-josh dun
-tyler Joseph
-their parents
-Lin-Manuel Miranda
-Im somehow still living

If anyone would like to add they may

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consider; Steven is playing games with Connie to try to relax, he tries to hide he's upset but gets uncharacteristically frustrated. Eventually he ends up have a good cry sesh with Connie, putting everything on the table. She shows some fears too, but they understand each other and hold hands to show support outside of words. They go get pizza because crying makes you hungry.

sme stevne. 

The point is, I don’t care who is right. If there is no fourth episode, of course I will be disappointed. But imagining the possibilities and talking with a community of people who support the possibilities of queer readings reminds me why I love TJLC. Even if we don’t get the representation we want, there are thousands of people who would root for it, who think about it, who fight for it. I understand if you don’t want to get your hopes up. But please leave the people who are still fighting for the conspiracy alone.

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The drill failed.
The Cluster is still growing.
And Yellow Diamond has arrived on Earth to retrieve Peridot and her geo-weapon.

Desperate, Steven offers himself and everything he can do to Yellow Diamond. In exchange, she will terminate the Cluster.

He now lives on her ship as they set course back to Homeworld.

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