• Me during Stevie's last game:Nooo Stevie don't go. *weeps*
  • Me, whenever I'm emotionally vulnerable:Noooo, Stevie, don't go. Come back. Why did you leaaaveeee ussss???? *weeps*
  • Me while watching LFC Player Awards 15-16:Nooo, Stevieeee. Boys, win it for himmmmm!! *weeps*
  • Me one year after Stevie leaves:I wonder how long it will take to get over Stevie leaving... *weeps*
  • Me, five years from now:Kay, but like, remember Stevie tho? *weeps*
  • Me, aged 109, on my deathbed, surrounded by my children and grandchildren:Stevieeeeee, nooooo... Tell him *gasp* I *gasp* miss him. *one tear trickles out* *dies*