This week’s Woman on the Road is Stevie Lewis, aka @chocosweete

Stevie has lived in her Honda Element for the past year. She’s a freelance animator, artist, and avid climber. It was a big step for her to hit the road solo, but she’s really happy she did.

Interview with Stevie ->

Photo & Illustration by Stevie Lewis aka @chocosweete
Prince Talks: The Silence is Broken

Question: What do you think about the comparisons between you and Jimi Hendrix?

Prince: It’s only because he’s black. That’s really the only thing we have in common. He plays different guitar than I do. If they really listened to my stuff, they’d hear more of a Santana influence than Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix played more blues; Santana played prettier. You can’t compare people, you really can’t, unless someone is blatantly trying to rip somebody off. And you can’t really tell that unless you play the songs.

You’ve got to understand that there’s only so much you can do on an electric guitar. I don’t know what these people are thinking – they’re usually non-guitar-playing mamma-jammas saying this kind of stuff. There are only so many sounds a guitar can make. Lord knows I’ve tried to make a guitar sound like something new to myself. [Read More]


“She grabbed hold of me, hugged me and started singing my song to me. She sang ‘Bleeding Love’ and then she was like: “You have to keep going, we need you, we need your music.” She won’t know what a huge impression she made on me and how much she inspired me and inspired this record but she did give me that spur of encouragement. She is awesome. Everyone needs a Stevie in their life.”

- Leona Lewis on meeting Stevie Nicks. 1st July, 2015 [x]