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Chamber of Secrets - Part 17

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: I’m back!!!!! I just submitted my final draft to my supervisor tonight and I’m celebrating with this! It feels great to have words flowing out smoothly again. I hope you guys enjoy this one. 

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Good Boy, Stevie // Steve Rogers x Reader P2

Pairing: Steve Rogers x POC Reader, 
Word Count: 2.7k+
Warning: Language, fluff, smut, Sub!Steve, Dominant Reader, spanking, domination
Summary: Steve finally gets to experience giving up control.

A/N: I’m sorry this took so long but I’m not sorry you got a cool Sam Series out of me while you waited. The next chapters are going to be shorter to take some of the stress and pressure off of me. Thanks for sticking around!!

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Previously on Good boy, Stevie // Part 3 

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Is That Her?

Prompt: Hi! Your writing is amazing x)! I was wondering if I could request a one-shot where Steve and the reader are dating and they’re both heroes but they don’t realize the other person is a hero, if that makes sense, and they only find out the other is a hero when they’re working together to fight a common enemy. Thank you so much if you do decide to write this :)

So I did it a little differently than the prompt asks, but I did my best! Hope you like it  xxsound-and-silencexx


“I can’t, Nick. I have a date tonight!”

Nick Fury lets out an exasperated huff, “I don’t really care what you have planned. You are a SHIELD asset and I need you at SHIED. I’m going to introduce you to the Avengers. Your skills are going to be needed on their next mission”

You let out a huff and debate on just hanging up on him, but eventually decide against it, “Fine. I’ll cancel my date, but next time I want at least 24 hour notice. You know that I hate last minute shit”

“You aren’t in the place to demand anything, Sparrow”

“Funny, Patchy. I think it’s you who can’t demand anything of me. I’ve already paid back my debts to SHIELD. I’m only a contractor at this point” You snap. You hate it when Fury forgets that you’re a private contractor now. Your SHELD days are officially over, but sometimes Fury will call in a favor to try and get you back on the payroll.

You can almost hear Fury grit his teeth, “You were one of SHIELD’s greatest assets. I would greatly appreciate it if you would come in this afternoon”


This time Fury does growl, “I will endeavor to give you more notice and not interfere with your plans”


“I apologize for the short notice”

“Thank you! God! It’s like pulling teeth to get an apology out of you!”

“Be here at 1800 … please”

You roll your eyes, “I’ll be there, but I’m not wearing my suit, and I don’t want them to either. I’m not doing the whole pissing contest thing with a bunch of spies, super soldiers, and geniuses”


“Good. I’ll make sure I’m there, and I swear that if I get stopped by security again I won’t be as nice as I was last time.”

“Understood, Sparrow. I will give them fair warning”

“Goodbye, Director”

Once you hang up with Fury, you quickly put in a call to your date, Stevie. The two of you had met on an online dating site and had instantly clicked. He was on because his friends thought that if he met someone it would help him get reintegrated into society, and you were on because it was difficult to look for dates while being a superhero. The two of you talk every day, both over the phone and video chats, but had never met in person, today was supposed to be that day. Now though, you would have to cancel.

Stevie picks up on the first ring, “Hey, Y/N! I was actually about to call you.”

You can’t help but smile, “Oh really, couldn’t wait for tonight?”

He chuckles, “That’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about, doll. I’m afraid that I have to cancel. Something came up at work, and I’ll be there until late”

Letting out a breathy chuckle you close your eyes in relief. You really hate to cancel plans, and now you won’t feel guilty, “That’s fine, babe. It’s actually what I was gonna say too. An old boss of mine needs my help tonight”

Stevie chuckles, “Well at least I don’t have to feel guilty for canceling! We’ll just have to reschedule our date”

“Yeah, Stevie we definitely will! I’ll text you after my meeting tonight, alight?”

“Alright, doll. I’ll talk to you later. I really am sorry that we can’t go on out date tonight”

“You’ll just have to make it up to me then, won’t you?”

“Of course, doll”

“Bye, Stevie”

“Bye, Y/N”

You stroll into SHIELD at 1755, and make your way to Fury’s office. “Hey, Nick!”

Fury is standing by his desk, “You are late”

Checking your watch you smirk, “Not late. You said that the meeting is at 1800, it’s 1758, technically I’m early”

Fury just rolls his eyes, “Let’s go. The Avengers are waiting for us”

You smirk and fall is beside Fury, “So what is their next mission?”

“We need to track down the last of HYDRA, and the files on the Winter Soldier. I need you’re ties with HYDRA to do that”

Immediately you freeze, “No. I told you that I will never infiltrate HYDRA again. Last time I did that they captured and tortured me, not again.”

Nick stops and turns to look at you, “Their mission is at the base where you were captured. You have intimate knowledge of the areas and layout of the facility that they will need if they are going to be successful in their mission. I would like you accompany them, but at the very least I need you to be on the comms with them”

“I’ll be on the comms with them, but I just … I can’t go in there again, Nick”

He places a hand on your shoulder, “I may be an asshole, Y/N, but I would never hurt any of my assets on purpose.”

You nod stiffly, “I know. Now” You shake off the phantom pain from your time in the HYDRA facility, “Let’s go meet your newest pet project”

As soon as you walk into the conference room you freeze, “Stevie?”

He looks up, “Y/N? What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to help the Avengers on their next mission”

Suddenly two men lean toward Stevie, “Is that her?”

From their voices, they sound like Sam and Bucky, who are constantly shouting the background whenever you’re video chatting with Steve. “Yeah, that’s Y/N” Steve turns back to you, “I didn’t know you worked for SHIELD”

“I’m a private contractor, actually. Nick just calls me in when he needs my help, and on this particular mission I think I’ll be of use to you guys”

Fury steps forward, “Yes. This is Y/N, code name Sparrow …”

Suddenly a blond man shoots up in his chair, Clint, your mind supplies, “No way! You’re a legend here! The only one to survive …”

“As I was saying, she will be providing inside information on HYDRA facility that is known to have the last information on Project Rebirth and on the Winter Soldier”

The only other woman present, who you assume is Natasha Romanoff speaks up, “Why do we need her? James was a HYDRA asset for 70 years, why can’t we just use his knowledge?”

Fury locks his one eye on her, “Y/N has an intimate knowledge of this particular facility, and according to the files we have the Winter Soldier was never brought there.”

Steve is still staring at you, assessing you, “Why do you have such an intimate knowledge of this facility?”

You tense, but Nick steps in, talking quietly, “You don’t have to tell them”

“No, I do” You square your shoulders and look up, meeting Steve’s eyes, “One year ago, on my last SHIELD mission, I was sent to infiltrate and steal top secret HYDRA files. Unfortunately, my handler at the time was a HYDRA spy, and gave away my position. I was captured and tortured for three months before SHIELD was able to figure out what happened. By the time I was rescued, I had valuable information on the layout of the HYDRA base. The others that were captured with me … they didn’t make it. I tried to keep the scientist’s attentions on me, but sometimes the experiments they would run on me, would have a different effect on the others. So yes, Agent Barton, I am the only one to survive in Croatia, and no, that isn’t something that I’m proud of”

Everyone is quiet when you finish your explanation, Fury is the one to speak up, “I’ll leave you here, Y/N, to get to know your new team. Tony has already said that you can stay at his tower in order to get to know everyone”

You stiffen, “That is a very kind offer, Mr. Stark. However, I have my own apartment”

“You will be staying in Avengers Tower. I want you all to be running smoothly by the end of the week. You can’t do that if you stay in your apartment”

“Director …”

“No arguments. SHIELD is currently your employer, and this is part of your mission parameters.”


The Avengers look on, amused, and Tony has been surprisingly silent through the whole thing. You wonder if he actually offered you a place to stay, or if he was ordered to house you.

Once Fury leaves you turn back to face the Avengers, “I promise that you don’t have to let me stay at the tower. I really do have my own place. I don’t want to encroach on any of your space, and I know that having a stranger stay in your home is not fun”

Tony waves away your concern, “I have an entire floor for guests, so it’s fine. Anyway …” Suddenly he smirks, “so you’re the girl who has Capsicle all hot and bothered.”


Steve’s protests are waved off, “I also know that this is the first time you’re seeing him in person. So did you know that the guy you met online is Captain America?”

You let out a chuckle, “I didn’t actually! That’s usually something that comes up on the first date, and we haven’t managed to have one of those yet”

Steve chuckles, “At least I don’t have to worry about you only dating me because I’m Captain America”

Bucky snorts, “Don’t get cocky, punk. You still haven’t actually sealed a date with the girl”

Steve snorts, “Jerk.” Then he turns to look at you, “Will you take a walk with me?”

“Oh no!” Sam shouts, “Don’t try and run away now!”

Steve flushes red, and you can’t help but wonder how far down that blush goes. Pulling your head out of the gutter, you tune back into the conversation. “Sam, I don’t want to put her on the spot! Y/N …”

“Will you go on a date with me?” You interrupt, “After the mission of course”

Steve stares at you in shock, “Y-Yeah. Yes, I’d love to go on a date with you”

You grin, “Good! Now that that’s settled maybe you guys can show me the tower? If I’m gonna be living there I need a tour, and to go get my stuff by tonight”

Everyone gets up, officially introduces themselves, and you all head out and make your way to the tower. Steve hesitantly takes your hand as you walk to the cars, and you smile up at him happily. As you watch the Avengers playfully shove each other and joke around, you have a feeling that you’re really gonna like working with this band of misfits.


If you guys want to be tagged in any of my works just send me a request and i can add you!


Love Letters And Scribbles of Hope

Soulmate AU in which soulmates can communicate by writing things on their skin

Newt Scamander x Reader

Warnings: none 

Prelude -Love Letters and Scribbles of Hope- Uncommon-Leta

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Throughout the entirety of your life, you’d never met someone quite like your soulmate.

You didn’t know his name, nor could he tell it to you. For some reason, that wasn’t allowed. 

It was things like this that made you often wish you were a No-Maj. They didn’t have to experience the painfully annoying process of finding a soulmate. 

Your soulmate, whom you often referred to as “N.S” (his initials), is perhaps the most sweet people on the Earth. 

He enjoyed to read, did his best to avoid crowds, and studied profusely the creatures of the Wizarding world. Incredibly smart and kind, you wanted nothing more than to meet him immediately. One drawback of the incredibly odd part of the Soulmate Charm was the fact you, nor him, could ask any questions that could be used to find his location. 

It didn’t stop you from figuring it out, though; he was from Britain, something clear by the way he spelt certain words. That was half away around the world, wasn’t it? 

You didn’t know. You didn’t want to know, really, because that made it feel all the more impossible to find him. 

Nonetheless, you talked with each other constantly. There were never any huge fights you had had besides the one where you found out he had a crush on a girl with the initials of “L.L.” 

You ignored him for about a week before apologizing. 

Some of the toughest times for him included L.L and his expulsion from his school. He drifted from you after that, not talking to you as often as before. 

You supposed there wasn’t much to be done in that sense. 

You graduated from Illvermorny in 1920 at the bright age of eighteen. Your elder sisters, Tina and Queenie, had picked you up from the train station with bright grins and loud laughs. 

The entire way home, Queenie went on and on about how happy she was you were going to be living in the new apartment. You hadn’t been back home such a long time and Queenie assured you it was “absolutely comfy as can be.”

You took her word for it. 

N.S congratulated you on your graduation, saying he wished he could send you a present or give you a kiss at the very least. 

You simply blushed at that and replied with “Oh, hush, it’s fine.”

That night, you unpacked in your bedroom. It felt odd, knowing that once this summer ended you wouldn’t be going back. In a way it was exciting and comforting; living in the Big City at eighteen years old. 

“So,” Tina sang as Queenie set a cake down in front of you. “Make a wish, buttercup!” 

You closed your eyes, biting your lip in thought. “Queenie, no peeking,” you reminded her. 

You blew out the candles and your sisters clapped. 

And now, you thought, I wait for my N.S to come.

December 8th, 1926

N.S. I hope you are feeling a bit better. Safe travels.

The message faded away instantly, telling you he saw it on the palm of his hand. It hurt when he didn’t reply. 

“It’s okay, hun,” Queenie said soothingly. “He’s probably just busy, what with goin’ out overseas and all!” You sighed but nodded. “I suppose,” you said, though you weren’t sure. 

Tina sent you a sympathetic gaze. “It’s going to be okay, [Y/n]. At least you have a soulmate.” 

You frowned. “You guys might have soulmates, you know. Maybe they’re a No-Maj or somethin’.”

Tina raised her eyebrows. “You know that law strictly prohibits No-Maj and Wizard relationships.”

“But, Tina, even if they’re a soulmate?” you emphasised. “Look at the President. Her soulmate was a No-Maj.”

“Yes, but they didn’t get married,” she argued. “They also didn’t have any relationship after that because it’s the law.”

You huffed, standing up with your hands on the table. “Alright, you win for today, but only because I’m too tired to argue with you.” 

December 15th, 1926

I’ve arrived safe and sound. 

These were the only words you had heard from N.S since he told you he was going on an adventure of some sort. 

You had no time to reply when a fresh stack of paper-work got plopped on your desk. You glared at the man, Henry, who walked off with a smug smile. 

That man enjoyed ruining everyone’s day, you knew it. 

Without really thinking, you signed off on every page that needed signature, sorting them into piles. 

“Hello, doll,” a voice sang. You peered overtop the stack of pages, only to roll your eyes. 

“What do you want, Stevie?” you sighed, gearing up your typewriter. “How’s your N.S doin’?” he asked with a cunning grin. 

“He’s doin’ just fine,” you replied with a bittersweet smile. Honestly, that could have been a lie for all you know, seeing as N.S wouldn’t talk to you.

 “Aw, honey, just come get dinner with me, just once!” You stood up, collecting the first layer of papers. “Don’t call me ‘Honey’,” you responded, brushing past him. “I will get a date with you, [Y/n]!” he called after you. 

You only groaned as you stepped into the elevator. “Wand registration, please,” you asked the operator with a polite smile. As you waited, you peeked at the palm of your hand. 

No response. 

The operator noticed your disappointment. “Don’t worry,” he assured you when the elevator came to a stop. “My wife never replies to me.”

You laughed and thanked him before stepping out. “Tina!” you sigh, slowly walking about. “I have those applications you asked for, although the one for the foreigner is blank because I couldn’t get a name.” You strolled around the corner only to see her desk empty. You frowned, going over and finding a note left for either you or Queenie. 

Out. It was urgent. See you at home

-Tina G.

You shrugged and set the stack of applications down on her desk. 

You checked out of work a little while later. The weather was frigid and cold. 

You walked home, forcing your hands to stay inside your coat pockets; you couldn’t let yourself become attached to a man you didn’t even know. 

“Queenie,” you called, walking through the doors of your home, “I’m home.”

Queenie ran to you immediately and grasped your hands. “Go do up your hair!” she whisper-yelled. “Why?” you replied in the same tone. 

“We have visitors! And one of them is your soulmate!” she squealed happily. 

Your eyes went wide. “Queenie, stop yankin’ me,” you say with a wobbly voice. “I’m not! I swear on my life, I’m not, honey-pie,” Queenie said, putting her hands on your cheeks. “I read his mind!”

“Queenie,” you said warningly. “Oh, I know, I know,” she said, pulling away. “I know what you’re going to say but I just couldn’t help it. He feels so bad for ignorin’ you, actually.”

You went rigid. Maybe it was him. 

“What’s his name?” you demand first. 

“One Newt Scamander. He has a cute friend, too.”

“I don’t care about the friend, Queenie. What is his soulmate’s initials.”

“[1st initial] G. I’m assuming the G is for Goldstein and the [1st initial] is for [Y/n],” she sang. You glared at your sister before ripping your coat off and hanging it up. “Whoever that man is, I can promise you it won’t be my N.S. Loads of people have his initials and my initials, that isn’t a valid reason to assume something.”

“B-but honey-pie, he’s a Brit!” Queenie said desperately, grasping your wrist as you walked away. “[Y/n], I know. I know. That’s your soulmate just there, sitting at our dining table. You have got to trust me.”

You stare at Queenie questionably, examining her. “Fine. I believe you.”

She went to clap her hands together. 

“But! I look like complete trash. The wind ruined my hair and I wasn’t exactly expecting to meet anyone so I didn’t wear a nice outfit. How long are they going to be here?”

“All night, I suspect.”

“Fine. I’ll…I’ll talk to them later. Don’t say anything about me to him!” you added, pointing a finger at her. “I won’t, I promise I won’t say anything about you again…”


“Shush!” Queenie exclaimed. “Tina is still in their with them and she doesn’t like when we yell.” 

“Oh, please, she isn’t queen of the world,” you grumbled as you trudged up the staircase. “Ah,” you heard Queenie sigh, “what a fine job that oughta be.” 

You paced your bedroom, staring at the quill and bottle of ink that sat on your vanity. 

With a short curse, you sat down and seized the quill in hand. 

reply, please. it’s an emergency you scribble down on your palm. 

Newt turned his hand over and looked around at the others in the table, frantic. “I need a pen!” he exclaimed, cutting off the rather awkward dinner conversation. “Hurry up, I need a pen!”

Tina, startled by his outburst, stands. “Alright, just calm down, I’ll be right back.”

Queenie gives him a knowing wink from over the brim of her teacup. 

Tina strolled back in and set down a fountain pen for him to use. 

They all watch as he begins to scribble on his hand. “Stop watching,” he said sheepishly, sliding down in his seat to hide his message. 

“Er…what’s going on?” Jacob asks quietly. “He’s talkin’ to his sweetheart,” Queenie says with a dreamy smile. 

“Oh, alright,” he says as though he understands. What the hell? 

I’m here

You stare at your hand and sigh. He replied. 

My sister is telling me you’re in my dining room you write.

I’m in a dining room…what does your sister happen to look like? 

Cute blonde you reply.

I see a blonde

You roll your eyes at his answers. Now ISN’T the time 

Alright, fine

What does that mean?

You wait patiently for a reply, chewing on your lower lip. The ink fades and no reply comes. 

Please don’t ignore me

Once again, the ink fades and he doesn’t reply. 

You stand up and angrily run a hand through your hair. 

“What does that mean?!” you shout to no one, wishing you could just hear what he had to say.

“It means that I’ve finally found you,” a gentle voice says. It’s his.

You’ve never felt happier.

Play Dates: Part Two. [smut]

A;N: So Chloe @writing-obrien wrote the first part of this collab and she killed it! I’m hoping I did the same! Huge thanks to the lovely @wydobrien for proof reading and making sure it didn’t suck too hard. I love ya’ll and Enjoy! xoxo

Pairing: DaveHodgmanxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut.

Word count: 5,387

Listen to me.            Read Chloe’s bomb ass part here! 

Originally posted by dylanobrienthingss

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Business and Pleasure - Part 5

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,231

Warnings: Swearing, slight violence

Originally posted by marvel-freak

Steve was there in mere minutes. He must have rushed over from work, as he was still wearing his usual suit and tie.

Without a word, he enveloped you in a tight hug, his embrace comforting. You couldn’t help the tears that escaped your eyes, trickling down your face. The two of you stayed like that for a few moments. Steve was silent, waiting for you to speak first. You hadn’t been very coherent on the phone. All he had really understood was when you asked him to come over. The pain in your voice was evident, making him panic. He had just been leaving work, so he grabbed the first cab he found and made his way to your new home. The fare had been expensive, but he didn’t really mind. It was the quickest way to get to you.

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Mess with them - Part 9

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: This is a re-write of Chandler and Monica’s secret relationship.

Word Count: 1,021 (slightly longer than a drabble but come on)

Warnings: none 

A/N: I’m back from the dead so I’m giving you the penultimate chapter of this fic. Hope you’ll have fun reading it :) (Dialogue from s5ep14 and I don’t own the gif)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Epilogue]

“Steve, seriously, you’re really going to wear that?” You gestured at his plaid shirt and his grey khakis. The big belt and high-waisted khakis looked good on him, but he still looked like a sexy grandfather.

“What’s wrong with my outfit?” He pushed his shirt sleeves up to his elbows and gave you a quizzical look.

“Wanda will never want to have sex with you if you’re dress like a-”

“Careful,” He warned, wagging his index finger at you. “Do not use the G word.”

You pressed your lips together and pretended to zip them shut. Steve turned to look at his reflection in the mirror behind him. He tugged on his shirt a little, smoothing down invisible wrinkles and sighed.

“I’m not sure I want to do this.”

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Jealous//Steve Randle

requested by @toobloodybrilliant


Me and my boyfriend, Steve, were walking home from the DX gas station where he worked. We were just casually talking, mostly about the rumble tonight. He was excited, as all the guys were, but I was terrified. I wasn’t fighting, I never did, but every time I was sick to my stomach that something would happen to one of them, especially Steve. But, that’s part of having a greaser boyfriend, I guess.

Suddenly, a large group of Socs strolled up behind us. They usually didn’t try anything if a greaser had a girl with them, but sadly, that wasn’t always the case. I heard one of them give out a long, slow, whistle. Great. They were gonna try to pick me up. I hated when they did that. Even if they didn’t like the girl, they would try to flirt with her to mess with her boyfriend. It was a real nasty thing to do, but they seemed to think it was okay.

“Hey there, baby,” one with a red Madras shirt said to me, putting his arm around me. I pulled away and Steve pulled me close to him.

“Please, leave me alone. I have a boyfriend, and besides, you know the rules, no jazz before the rumble,” I said as confidently as I could.

“Oh, c’mon babe. Why don’t you ditch this greasy piece of trash and come with  us?” he persisted.

“C’mon,” Steve whispered, pulling me with him as we walked back to the Curtis house.

I noticed that all evening Steve had been unusually clingy towards me. I mean, he was always kind of clingy, but now he refused to let me out of his sight.

“What’s going on, Stevie?” I finally asked, fed up with it.

“What do you mean, baby girl?” He asked. Now I knew something was up. He never called me that.

“You’ve been acting weird ever since those Soc guys were flirting with me. Could it be- Steven Lucas Randle! Are you jealous?” I asked in sudden realization. I was stupid not to notice it before.

“Maybe,” He said, refusing to look at me.

It made me let out a soft giggle. Why would he be jealous? I guess it had to do with his cockiness.

I was sitting on his lap now, and turned his face up to meet mine.

“Baby,” I said, “I would never choose those sleazy Soc guys over you. Besides, they were just trying to get a rise out of you. You can’t let things like that affect you. I love you more than anything, and you know that,”

“I love you too. The thought of losing you is just too much for me, and it bothers me when-” I cut his rant short with a passionate kiss on the lips, which eventually turned into a full-on make out.

“I love you,” I said.

“I love you too, babe,” he said back.

Relocated [2/10]

Pairing: Modern!Steve Rogers x Reader AU

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,586

Author’s Note: Hey guys, here’s chapter 2! This chapter is more about Steve’s side, so there isn’t any Steve x reader interaction in this one, but I hope you guys like it nonetheless!

Read Chapter 1 here

Originally posted by hongcha8129

Your name: submit What is this?

Steve sat on the leather desk chair in his hotel room and stared at the laptop placed in front of him, trying to recall specific details from yesterday’s conversation. He folded his hands, his elbows resting on the table, head leaned against his interlaced fingers, and his eyes closed tightly. He scrambled through his brain in hopes of finding a clue as to how he could reach Y/N again.

“Cable car, clam chowder bread bowl, ice cream,” Steve mumbled to himself as he filtered through everything they did.

“Merry-go-round, bookstore, sea li – bookstore!” His head jerked away from his hands and his eyes lit up. He fumbled around the hotel desk, pushing away a bottle of water and a book before he found the notepad he was looking for.

“Okay, she works at a bookstore. She said local, so I can drop the chains. This shouldn’t be too hard. San Francisco can’t be that big,” Steve scratched at his head.

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I Don't Love You: 3

A/N: So, here is the third installment of what was originally a oneshot. You can read the second part here and I hope you all enjoy this part, too!
Warnings: Angst, swearing, crying, fluff.

“What did he want?” Steve asked as you sat back down beside him, chewing on your lip. “I think he might be a little jealous.” You confessed, and Steve looked at you with a strange expression on his face. “Why would he be jealous?” He wondered, and you shrugged. “He thinks that I’m going to try and sleep with you for some sort of revenge.” You told him honestly, and he shook his head slowly. “And he apparently has a surprise for me that involves me meeting him in his room in ten minutes.” You continued, and Steve let out a long sigh. “Y/N… you know he doesn’t deserve you, don’t you?” He asked softly, and you let out a sad chuckle as you pushed your hair back. “I just can’t help but wonder what went wrong..” You whispered, and you suddenly felt Steve’s arm wrap around your shoulders.

“Why do you assume it was something you did, doll?” You could feel tears stinging the back of your eyes and you took in a shuddering breath. “It has to be something I did, right? Why wasn’t I enough for him?” You asked, your voice breaking. Steve’s grip on you tightened as he pulled you into his chest, his lips pressing to the top of your head. “And when I left, I thought I could just forget, move on.. but I wasn’t who I wanted to be, without him. I was a fucking zombie, Steve. I-I agreed to marry someone on a whim because I didn’t want to be alone, and then I-I just destroyed him, too.” You admitted, and Steve stayed silent, waiting for you to continue. “Is this what I’m meant for? Constant destruction and heartbreak?” You breathed, and he pressed another kiss to your head.

“I can deal with it, the pain, when I’m around other people.. I’m fine as long as I’m distracted.. I can pretend I’m happy..” you paused, wiping a tear from your cheek. “But when I’m alone, and I turn off the lights.. I swear it could kill me.. I would give anything to just go back in time and fix whatever I did, do whatever I could to be enough.. I’m so tired of sleeping alone, Steve.” You whispered, tears falling from your eyes quickly. “Y/N, doll.” He gripped your chin gently, turning you to face him. His eyes searched yours for what seemed like hours before he spoke. “You deserve to be happy. Really happy. And one day, you’ll be loved like you’ve never known.” His thumb rubbed your cheek tenderly. “I swear to you, you were meant for so much more than this.” He whispered, and you smiled up at him through your tears, placing your hand over his. “What would I do without you, Stevie?” You asked hoarsely.

He let you rest your head on his shoulder for a few moments so you could calm down. You couldn’t deny the way your heart fluttered when he pressed soft kisses to your temple and nuzzled his face into your hair. “I should probably go see what he wanted.” You told him softly, and he nodded reluctantly. You stood slowly, straightening out your sweater. “Y/N?” He asked, and you looked down at his puzzled expression. “If you need me… for anything.. don’t hesitate to come to me, okay?” He told you, and you nodded. “Thanks, Stevie.” You whispered, leaning down and pressing a quick kiss to his cheek before you turned to head back inside the building.

You took your time walking to Bucky’s room, your heart racing the entire time. What could he have planned for you? Was this some sort of sick ploy to get you in his bed again? Because that definitely wasn’t happening.

When you finally approached his door, you knocked softly, jumping when the door opened almost immediately. “Y/N.” Bucky breathed when he saw you, and you forced a small smile. “Hello.” You whispered. He opened the door further so you could step in, and you had to stifle a gasp when you saw what was in front of you.

He’d laid out dozens of candles around his room, that being the only light inside. There were several vases of roses placed strategically around the room, and you could also smell that he’d been burning incense. He closed the door behind you before coming over to stand in front of you. “What is all of this, Bucky?” You asked him softly, and he smiled shyly. “We never did.. celebrate our anniversary, you know..” he told you, and you felt a pang in your chest. “Bucky.. we.. I don’t want to do this with you.” You whispered, feeling the familiar sensation of tears forming in the back of your eyes. You could see his heart break in his eyes as he stared at you.

“Is this because of Steve?” He asked, his tone harsh, but quiet. You shook your head, wrapping your arms around yourself. “This has nothing to do with Steve. This is about us.” You told him, regretting the words as soon as they left your lips, and hope lit up his eyes. “Us?” He wondered, taking a step towards you. You swallowed, hard, digging your nails into your arms through your sleeves. Just get it over with. “Bucky..” You started, clearing your throat. He was now only mere inches away from you, and you had to close your eyes so you could control yourself.

“I.. I don’t think this is going to work out, like you want it to.” You told him softly. “Y/N..” He started to speak, but you cut him off by holding your index finger up. “Let me get this out, please.” You breathed, and you heard him huff. You opened your eyes, tears shining in them as you looked up at him. “I’m never going to be enough for you, Buck.. and I’ve come to terms with that. It took me a long while to understand it… but I know that’s why you cheated on me. There was something missing, with us, that you found with her..” You told him, and he shook his head, gripping your shoulders as he pulled you closer. “What I did was not your fault, Y/N. I was a fucking idiot, okay? Don’t you dare blame yourself.” He practically growled, and you let out a sad chuckle. “You know, Buck.. you were the greatest thing that ever happened to me..” You breathed, and his eyes softened as he bit into his lip.

You wiped your cheeks quickly, blinking a few times. “I would’ve married you, you know.” You whispered, almost inaudible. You heard him suck in a breath, and then his hands cupped your face, forcing you to look at him. “We can get back to that. We can. I’ll do anything, Y/N, please.” He begged, but you shook your head. “You lost me, babe.” You told him, and he slowly sank to his knees in front of you. “There’s.. there’s nothing I can do..?” He asked you slowly, and you sunk your teeth into your lip as you looked down at him.

You could see the tears that threatened to fall from his eyes, and your heart ached for him. You did love him, so much. All of your feelings were still there, you just weren’t sure what to do with them, now. He gripped your thighs right above your knees as his head fell forward, resting on your hip gently. “Please.. I’m.. I’m so sorry..” he whispered, and you felt a fresh wave of tears hit you as you placed your hand in his hair gently, missing the way it felt between your fingers. “You’ll be okay, Buck..” You told him softly, and he shook his head against you. “I waited an entire year for you.. I can wait a little longer.”

You let out a sigh as he stood up slowly, his hands coming to rest on your shoulders. “I don’t want you to wait for me, Bucky..” You insisted, but he shook his head before resting his forehead against yours. “I love you, Y/N.” You shut your eyes, letting out a shaky breath. “And I know you love me too.” He continued, and you shook your head, “How do you know that?” You wondered, and his hands made their way up your neck, to your jaw. “Because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t let me do this.”

He pressed his lips to yours softly, and you whimpered at the contact before you found yourself melting into it. He was so familiar, so comfortable. Your lips moved against his, your mouth parting open slightly as his tongue swiped across your lower lip. Your hands tangled in his hair, tugging gently as you felt fresh tears fall from your eyes. His left hand moved down to your back, pulling your body closer to his as he continued to kiss you, making you feel lightheaded and your heart swell.

You pushed him away from you after a moment, both of you struggling to catch your breath. “I.. I have to go.” You told him, biting back a sob. “Y/N.” he came towards you, his beautiful eyes shining in the candlelight, but you shook your head, turning and walking out of the room.

You hurried down the hallways to your room, your vision blinded by your tears. Why did he do this to you? Why did you let him do this to you? You were so stupid.

You were so caught up in your own thoughts, stumbling through the dark, that you didn’t even notice someone walking towards you, and you collided with them suddenly. “Y/N?” It was Steve, and as you looked up at him, the dam containing your tears broke. You threw yourself into his arms, sobbing loudly, and he immediately wrapped his arms around you, picking you up. “Shhh.” He soothed as you wrapped your legs tightly around his waist. You heard more footsteps in the hallway, and felt Steve’s muscles tense under you. “Is she okay?” Is was Bucky’s voice that spoke. “Does she look okay, Buck?” Steve asked, his voice as cold as steel. You sniffled, hiding your face in the crook of Steve’s neck. “You know, Buck. I think it might be best if you leave Y/N alone.” Steve spoke again, a warning in his voice as his grip on you tightened.

“I think we both know that isn’t going to happen.”

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sassy little sister of steve meeting the gang

-She was excited when her mom finally forced Steve to take her with her.

-She loved Sodapop and wanted to meet the rest of his friends.

-She stole her moms lipstick and wore it as they walked to the Curtis’s house.

-Steve didn’t notice until they got there and demanded for her to take it off.

-“I’m a woman, Stevie! You can’t tell me what to do!”

-Steve had to pick his battles with her and decided to let the lipstick go.

-Steve sighed a lot when he was with her.

-The gang loved her.

-She liked that she could make them laugh by being extra sassy to Steve.

-Like when he told her she couldn’t go out with them later.

-And she’d say the first insult that came to mind.


-“Don’t say butthole.”

-“Shut up, butthole.”

-They’d all laugh at that, especially Two-Bit.

-“Yea butthole,” He’d laugh and punch Steve’s arm.

-Steve would just glare at him.

-Two-Bit would give her cake.

-Ponyboy loved that this little girl could put Steve in his place without fear.

-She had like a mega crush on Dally when he showed up.

-And kept trying to hang on him and he kept pushing her off.

-When Dally went out for a cigarette Steve told her to back off.

-“I can’t! He’s a mega babe!”

-Steve’s eyes would bug out of his head and the other guys would lose it.

-“A mega- What? You are eight years old!”

-“Oh please your just jealous because I’ve found true love before you.”

-Steve would be about ready to lose his mind.

-So Darry would set her up in the kitchen with some paper and crayons.

-And she would make love notes to Dally.

-She could pretty much get Steve to do whatever she wanted.

-She would cross her arms and purse her lips.

-And the gang pretty much wanted her around at all times.

Y/N’s Party

Hope you like it darling @cartersbarnes

Bucky has created a chatroom

Bucky added Steve, Tony, Natasha, Wanda, Sam, Peter, T’Challa, Scott, Thor, and Clint

Bucky: Okay guys, let’s go through this once more.

Steve: Geez Buck, we’ve been through this at least 1000 times, we won’t screw it up.

Clint: Speak in your name.

Nat: Seriously Clint?

Tony: You had to, didn’t you?

Bucky: Okay, so we obviously need to go through this once again.

Bucky: Pay close attention because I won’t repeat this again.

Thor: I am fairly confused. If I remember correctly, you have said that every single time.

Wanda: Well Thor, don’t worry he will repeat that at least 100 times more.


Tony: Someone didn’t take their chill pill; Steve I will take you as responsible one for it.

Steve: I ain’t his mama.




Sam: Tic Tack, stop yelling through the house, or it will be the last thing you did with your teeth in.

T’Challa: Are we finally going to hear that plan again or am I free to go?

Steve: This is a free country, you can go whenever you want.

Nat: Well not anymore.

Steve: What do you mean?




Sam: Seriously?

Tony: Stop yelling, or Y/N will hear us and then we will really screw everything up.

Steve: I wanna know what Nat means

Steve: And don’t sing Bieber again.

Steve: It’s enough that I can’t get Company out of my head, I don’t need another song stuck in my head.




Steve: So Nat, what did you mean when you said this isn’t a free country anymore?


Thor: Which ones?


Nat: Didn’t you watch the new? The election? Does that ring any bell?

Sam: Find purple ones, she adores them.


Peter: They are called Orchidaceaes.



Thor: We have plenty of those in Asgard.


Tony: Congratulations Nat, you upset Steve.

Bucky: Oh, and try not to be late.


Nat: Jerk

Nat: Oh nooo Stevie, no there won’t be another war.

Wanda: Bitch, we ain’t twelve.

T’Challa: You wish.

Tony: I am truly and deeply offended.

Clint: Oh T’Challa c’mon.



T’Challa: Whatever.

T’Challa has left the chat.


Steve has left the chat

Tony: No, can you please repeat that?

Sam: Yeah I am not sure what I have to do.

Clint: And then they say I am the impossible one.

Nat: Well Clint you still are.

Y/N has joined the chat



Bucky: Shit

Bucky has erased the chat history.

Clint: Good move

Y/N: Okay, now why did you delete everything?

Y/N: What were you doing in here?

Tony: Absolutely nothing.

Tony has left the chat.

Y/N: Oh so that’s how it’s gonna be huh?

Peter: I have some homework to do. Nice chat all.

Peter has left the chat

Scott: Wait I will help you with that.

Scott has left the chat.

Y/N: I wonder what kind of homework Peter has if he needs help from Scotty boy.

Thor: Well Loki is causing trouble in Asgard.

Thor: I better stop him.

Thor has left the chat.

Y/N: I wonder how he is making mess in Asgard if he’s right here by my side.

Y/N: Weird.


Sam: Clint we gonna practice, uh that shooting you told me about?

Clint: On my way.

Sam has left the chat

Clint has left the chat

Y/N: Oh just hanging out.

Nat: Wanda I need a haircut

Wanda: Let me just grab the scissors.

Wanda has left the chat

Nat has left the chat.

Y/N: You could’ve at least make a better excuse.

Y/N: And Bucky, what will be your excuse?

Bucky: Don’t have one.

Y/N: Good, so why did everyone escaped like I have AIDS?

Bucky: Um, I don’t know

Bucky: They have work to do, probably, you know how it is.

Bucky: Busy with missions

Bucky: It really takes the best out of you

Y/N: Bucky

Bucky: Yes Y/N?

Y/N: Stop lying and I tomorrow I will pretend like I didn’t know anything.

Bucky: But how do you know?

Bucky: It was supposed to be a surprise.


Y/N: So you’re preparing something, it makes sense now.

Bucky: You’re a real bitch sometimes.

Y/N: You still love me

Bucky: I really do.

Bucky has left the chat

Y/N has left the chat

I haven’t posted in a while, i know, but school is a bitch, but now winter holidays are close and i will have more time to write.

Teach You A Lesson [A Stucky One Shot].

A/N: Hello, my lovelies! I’m here with another Stucky fic, I’m obsessed okay? Don’t judge me. I love them too much. 

Anyway, this one is based off a headcanon by the wonderful @stevestuckyonbucky (thank you, again!) and this post (I hope it’s okay that this has inspired me, I did like and reblog your post with a message! If not, just let me know). And because I know she loves Stucky, I’m going to tag @undiscl0sed-desir3s! Enjoy <3 

Pairing: Stucky. 

Warnings: Angst, an almost fight, some swearing and smut. NSFW. This is explicit, so please, like all other NSFW things, only read if you’re an adult. 

Disclaimer: All Marvel characters go to their original creators. The headcanon idea belongs to @stevestuckyonbucky and the ‘elbowing in the face’ OTP post belongs to @generalklineski

P.S: This has been edited and checked, but please forgive me for any mistakes. 

Steve hadn’t meant for it happen.

He never means for things to happen around him, they kind of just do.

Still, he hadn’t wanted to do this.


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Savages (9)

Bucky&Steve x reader

Warnings: swearing, angst, stress, threesome(s), graphic male-female and male-male sexual acts, SMUT.

(The moment of truth)

Short one! Enjoy!

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Savages (1) Savages (2) Savages (3) Savages (4) Savages (5) Savages (6) Savages (7) Savages (8)

Summary: As a high-end fashion designer you’re living an extensively comfortable life. When your relationship of six years ends, you’re not too happy to see your newly-ex on the arm of another woman directly after; which is part of the reason you don’t mind running in to two men, who seem to have some exciting plans with you. As a woman who always gets what she wants, you immediately recognise men who are used to that exact same thing, and you’re more than happy to be the one to put them in their place.

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tiostyles  asked:

(for the blurb starters) 31! ❤️

This took so long, I am so sorry! I’ll be doing more this afternoon :)

31. “You need to be quieter”

 It took you a moment to register what had just happened. Your brain finally caught up with what your ears had heard, and you started screaming. 

“What do you mean ‘Stevie Nicks is going to sing a few songs with you when you’re in LA’?” you shouted, it coming off a bit accusatory.

Harry started to laugh, looking around quickly to see if any heads had turned, as you were both out for a quick breakfast that morning. Your eyes grew wide and cheeks red.

“You need to be quieter, love,” he said, eyes motioning to the tables within listening range, “I’ve only just found out myself, it’s still a pretty big secret.”

You nodded your head and whispered a hurried “sorry”.

His stern eyes quickly softened and he smiled. You could tell he could hardly contain his excitement.

“How did you make this all happen? What kind of madness did someone have to pull to get Stevie Nicks?” your voice started to raise again, purely out of disbelief.

“Can’t be too sure, but I’ve got myself a pretty good team, tha’s for sure.”

You smiled – Stevie was Harry’s number one idol, like he was to some of his fans.

“I’m sorry for yelling, it’s just really exciting!” you apologized.

“It’s okay, love, I know,” he was laughing again, “I was screamin’ when I found out, too.”

try-a-little-tenderness-x  asked:

What do you think of Stevie working with Lana Del Rey on a song for her record ? & would you like stevie to do a duet with anyone particular (besides anyone she sang with already) from today's music? :)

I love the idea, I’m looking forward to hearing the song, I imagine those voices working really well together. I would love Stevie to work with someone like Florence Welch or First Aid Kit or even Beth Ditto, that would be cool. As long as it isn’t some country artist, or Ed Sheeran.

Steve, marry her

Pairing: Pre-Serum!Steve x Reader

Word Count: 1829

Category: Fluff

Warnings: Badass female reader, 1940s Steve and Bucky, sassy reader, kinda insecure Steve, 

Summary: Steve defends your honor, so you invite him and Bucky to go dancing with you. But all is not as it seems.

Your name: submit What is this?

“Melanie, I need a huge favor,” you beg as she rounds the corner.

“What Y/N?”

“You know Steve and Bucky? They live across the street? I need you to agree to go on a date with them. Please.”

“No way. I don’t want to go on a date with Rogers. Have you seen him?”

“No, you’d be going with Buck. I want Steve to come dancing with me. But he won’t go unless Buck goes.”

“Why do you want to dancing with him?”

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Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

@monstacookieshere’s that other fic rec list I promised I would make for you because you are lovely and wonderful and gorgeous and i’m so happy we discovered each other. Happy reading. 


1.  Of Superheroes and Super Tantrums by starspangledsprocket 

After Steve makes a bad call on a mission, Tony and Bucky are de-aged into three year olds. It goes about as well as can be expected.

Super cute, super fluffy. 

2. And You Needed Someone To Show You The Way by sailorchibi

Tony knows what the team really thinks of him. It’s a delicate balance: they tolerate him because of his money and his toys, and he gets to stay on the team and fight with them. He’s okay with that. So long as he hides the fact that Steve’s and Bucky’s names are written on his skin in the most embarrassing act of one-sided love affection ever, everything will be fine.It just figures that a fantastically stupid villain, a kidnapping plot and a video camera will bring Tony’s well-kept secret out into the open.  

Heavy on the feels. Sorry. 

4. It’s Not An Epic Romance (it’s a love affair) by ErisDea

They come together at the worst possible time.

(And to be fair, the writing on his back and her unmarred skin literally promises that they will never have the romance of the century.)

There is so much threesome porn my head spun a little. But it’s also pretty fucking cute even though it’s kind of hate-fucking and competition for a while. 


5. Salami by L1av

Everyone hears stories about the idiots who have to go to the ER to get random objects removed from their asses. If someone told Bucky he’d be spending his weekend in the hospital for one of the most embarrassing occurrences of his life, he’d probably laugh in their face and tell them to go fuck off. But here he is, in the ER with eleven inches of packaged, cold salami stuck up his ass. To make matters worse, his nurse is really hot. Really hot.

Join Bucky for one of the most awkward and yet comical experiences of his life that leads to self-discovery, trust and maybe even love.

I laughed so much reading this, not as cringe-y as I thought it would be (going to the ER because you’ve got salami stuck up your ass sounds mortifying) and I honestly think more people need to read this because it’s amazing. 

6. Bucky Barnes Has His Shit Together (and Other Lies He Tells Himself) by betty days (sadrobots) ***

You’d think a guy who owns one of the most successful bakeries in Brooklyn, has a million-dollar smile and that antiquated good ol’ boy charm, blond hair and blue eyes and biceps for days, would know what’s what.

But don’t let that fool you: Steve Rogers is a mess


7. Critical Feline Mass by Kryptaria, rayvanfox ***

Adjusting to civilian life is hard for any military veteran — especially for one ex-sniper with a cybernetic arm, a classic Harley, and friends who keep trying to ‘help.’ When Sam Wilson at the VA sends Sergeant Barnes to rent a room from the hottest guy in the DC area, Bucky thinks maybe civilian life is worth it after all. And then he finds out Captain Rogers is everything Bucky’s not: a real hero, a Medal of Honor recipient, and an all-around nice guy. Bucky doesn’t have a chance in hell with him.

Sam was a huge help to Steve Rogers when he left the military. In the spirit of ‘pay it forward,’ Steve decides to rent out his basement room to a vet in need. But when Sergeant Barnes shows up on his doorstep, he knows he’s in for a world of trouble. Barnes is exactly what Steve never knew he wanted, from his bedroom eyes to his wicked innuendos. And he’s Steve’s tenant.

A love story in twelve chapters, including two Harley-Davidsons, a guardian angel, multiple snipers, the only woman who can scare them into behaving themselves, spontaneous kittens, and one attacking sheep.

Bucky’s makeup and dressing habits actually break Steve’s brain. It’s adorable. 

8. Itsy Bitsy Yoga by wearing_tearing

Bucky teaches a Parent & Toddler Yoga class. Steve and his two year old son are his students.

The absolute cutest shit. Steve’s kid adores Bucky. 

9. The Art of Standing by eadunne2

Steve and Bucky have perfect chemistry from their very first scene, and it leaves them both wanting more. But they’ve both learned the dangers of wanting, and for people that practice good communication so regularly, they kind of suck at it.

So they’ll fuck and tease and talk dirty and even dance. They just can’t kiss

Why yes, I’d love a BDSM fic with fluff and feels. 

10. Click Here to Read Full Article by thecommodore_squid***

“You’re losing public favor at a dramatic rate.”


Fury glared. “Fortunately, I am smart enough for the both of us and have created a narrow pathway of recovery. This option has a little bit of opportunity-cost, but I’m eighty-three percent sure that it’ll be worth it and it’ll work in the long run.” Nick paused, then amended, “Eighty-two percent.”

Steve and Bucky are famous and pretend boyfriends until the moment they’re not. 

11. Lights, Camera, Action by AustinB***

Steve gets a job as costume designer under Nick Fury for Shield Studios, where he meets movie star Bucky Barnes, and it all unravels from there.

Pining. So much pining and adorableness on set. 

12. Run Your Fingers Through The Knots of My Soul by caelestys

Sometimes Bucky thinks it would be really cute to meet someone in a coffee shop, like in those silly romantic comedies Clint makes him watch. But there is a reason why meet cutes in cafes don’t happen in real life, and it’s because customers suck. And besides, love fades. But coffee? Coffee is forever.

This is a story about love and life–and coffee, which Bucky would’ve argued was probably more important than either of the first. But that was before Steve Rogers came along. 

A nice steady burn. Everything’s on fire. This is fine. 

13. Never Say I Don’t Get You Anything Nice by TheMeaningofHaste

“Buck up soldier, it’s time to get you laid for the disabled kids of America!"Steve groaned, wishing he had taken Tony up on his earlier drink offer. "There will be no getting laid,” he grumbled, his voice hushed in case someone might hear. “This is a charity dating auction, not a prostitution ring!"Peggy smirked at him through the mirror. "Don’t say that before you see who wins you,” she teased with a wink. “You might get lucky and land a fella who’s crazy about you.”

Saccharine sweetness. Seriously. I have a cavity. 


14. Hard Time Forgiving, Even Harder Forgetting by lunacanislupus_22

It takes walking down a crowded street in Brooklyn hours later to realise what the emotion is. He’s passing a small child with its mother, smacking their small hands demandingly against the glass of an icecream shop. The child’s eyes are wet with tears. He shies away from it. Particularly sensitive to the sound of children screaming. It’s only after he’s out of hearing that his head clears enough for him to realise. What he’s been feeling around Steve.


Even when Bucky doesn’t know himself, he takes care of Steve. FUCK. I’M NOT CRYING UR CRYING. 

15. Got Me Going Crazy by FawkesFlame123

“Do you have any idea what you do to me, Stevie?” Bucky growled, his voice deep and husky, straddling Steve’s hips, pushing him down onto the sofa, pinning his arms above his head. “Bucky, what is – oh,” Steve frowned, then, thankful that this was Bucky, not a lapse into the Winter Soldier, and he smiled cheekily, “no.”“God, baby doll,” Bucky growled in Steve’s ear, rolling his hips against Steve’s, so that he could feel just how hard he was for him, “you’re so perfect, fuck, gettin’ me all hot and bothered. Do you even know what you’re doin’ half the time?” Steve arched his back instinctively and melted in Bucky’s touch, in his voice, in the lips that were mouthing along his jaw, nipping lightly at firm skin, making him whine, before, “I’m not doin’ anythin’.”Bucky tightened his grip on Steve’s wrists above his head, rolling his hips again, grinding down on the blond, both of them straining in the restrictions of their clothes, “oh, yeah, then what’s caused this?”

Basically, the one in which Steve is an oblivious sweetheart and Bucky doesn’t know how to deal with that.

Ah, yes, some lovely porn. It’s stupid how much Bucky adores Steve. Fuck me up. 

16. Nothing’s as Sweet as Supersoldiers in Love by heartsdesire456

Informally titled: Bucky Barnes Loves The 21st Century Almost As Much As He Loves Steve Rogers

“Captain America’s mystery lover! That’s what everybody’s talking about.”Bucky turned around as soon as he heard ‘Captain America’, only to see Tony had on some entertainment news report and his latest photo of sleeping Steve was flashed up on the screen beside the person talking. “Hey, what’s that?” he asked, hopping over the back of the couch to land beside Stark.“Your Cap lovin’ gone viral, I guess,” Tony said, turning up the volume.“Rumors spread like wildfire with the first photo of Steve Rogers, Captain America himself, was posted to a comically named Instagram called ‘GodBlessAmerica36’.”

Bucky is that boyfriend. 

17. Super Soldier Drug Reactions and Other Engineering Failures by AgressiveWhenStartled 

Beside Natasha, Steve’s phone buzzed facedown on the table. After the last text, he’d hastily flipped the screen over and stared straight ahead like he’d been caught talking in church. Clint nudged him with his elbow. “Better check that,” he murmured. “Could be important.” Everyone at the table pretended they weren’t looking as Steve hesitantly turned his phone over, blushed so hard his ears looked like they’d been boiled, and slapped it back down again.

Covert missions. Stupid guy is stupid. Nick Fury is so done. 

18. Never Someone Else by Kellyscams

Prompt: ok. sub!bucky post catws, D/s universe where bucky is learning to be steve’s sub again. ((with clarification from prompter: Steve was Bucky’s Dom in a D/s world before the war and before the fall. PostWS Bucky is now recovering and learning to be Steve’s sub again))

KELLYSCAMS IS AMAZING OH MY GOD. Read everything they write. Everything. Set yourself on fire. It will hurt less. 

19. Redefinition by manisseta

They took their time to talk about it, both at home and at increasingly surprising places, like that time Steve had asked Bucky, “But would you want me to tie your feet as well or only your hands?” on a rooftop during a recon mission in Finland, and Nick Fury had gently scolded through the comms, “Gentlemen, surely there’s a better time to discuss that?”

I’m always a slut for Stucky nonchalantly discussing shit on missions. 

20. There is a Church Where They Whisper Your Name by bazanite

What you want and what you know to be true are battling up against each other like animals, tusks locked, breathing heavy into the twilight.

I’m not normally into Second Person but this one is perfect. 10/10. 

21. Persistence of Memory by hollimichele

It’s a nondescript sort of a Wednesday morning when the Winter Soldier walks into SHIELD headquarters, bold as brass, and announces his intention to surrender.

This is honestly one of my favorite fics and I’ve read it about 500 times. 

22. Steve Rogers Versus The Classics by thecommodore_squid

Steve narrowed his eyes. “I’m beginning to suspect I’ve been set up.” “I would never,” Natasha said, feigning shock. Steve sighed.“God fucking dammit,” he heard someone say and looked up.

An AU in which Steve is still Captain America and Bucky is the unfortunate history professor selected to help him understand those references.

Quickly becoming a favorite of mine, simply for the way this person writes Steve’s struggle with the 21st century and how some poop culture would affect him. 

23. Young Heart, Out Our Minds by junko

Bucky posts a selfie of the two of them in bed to his instagram. He hashtags it #goodmorningamerica. Sam Wilson and Pepper Potts retweet it to their twitter accounts.

Steve and Bucky acting like the young men they never got to be. 

24. Shyest by biblionerd07

SHIELD discovers that HYDRA took a DNA sample from Captain America and a DNA sample from the Winter Soldier and tried to breed a perfect supersoldier. Steve and Bucky suddenly find themselves the parents of a three-year-old boy who won’t speak.

The cutest kid fic ever. No mpreg (not that I have anything against it, it’s just nice to see an alternate version of these two meatballs having a kid that is genetically theirs) but IT’S SUPER SWEET AND ADORABLE. 

25. Just Hold Me by shanology

Bucky Barnes is living in Avengers Tower, and all he wants in the world is to be cuddled. He sets out to get his new friends to give him the snuggling he needs, because it’s not something he can ask of Steve yet. Steve doesn’t see it in quite the same way. Also, there are Avengers movie nights, possibly with a showing of The Covenant. Just saying.

These two idiots I stg. 

26. My Soul to Keep by hitlikehammers

They’ve had more second chances than anyone has a right to. They’ve survived the unthinkable, and emerged not only breathing, but together. So they don’t risk it; they don’t play games with fate. Every night, they lay everything out: the good, and the bad. The life-altering and the mundane. The bad haircuts and the shitty cologne. Every night before they go to bed, they make damn sure nothing’s left unsaid between them.

Just in case.

I really like this idea of complete opens with ones partner, just laying it all out on the table every night. 

27. Dream of Caramel by gwyneth rhys (gwyneth)

But none of that explains why right now Clint’s pants are literally on fire and Barnes is pitching an entire five-pound bag of pastry flour straight at Clint’s crotch with his metal arm.

Clint’s POV is what I live for. Super cute. Bucky and Steve are such oblivious idiots, but Clint and Natasha love them anyway. 

28. It’s Always Been You, Stevie by FawkesFlame123

Bucky smirked, his blue eyes light in the evening darkness, his short, dark hair lighting up whenever the streetlights fell upon them, “told ya, punk. Now, spill.” “This really isn’t the time to – “Steve, fuckin’ tell me,” Bucky demanded, cupping Steve’s face now, all humour gone, replaced by worry and fear, “what’s wrong?” “I’veneverhadsexbefore!” Steve said, all in one go and managed to slip out of Bucky’s hold, as he went slack, just staring at him. “There, are you happy?” Steve huffed, his voice was shaking, eyes wide and fearful, worried that Bucky would turn and run, “that’s what’s been botherin’ me. ‘Cause, I-I, you know what, forget it.”

What better way to end this list than with a Virgin!Steve fic? 

anonymous asked:

what do you think of those stevie "fans" who only care about white album to bella donna stevie, maybe wild heart, pretty gypsy rock fairy witch princess stevie and disregard everything after?

I think they’re missing out one a whole lot of good stuff. Their loss, tbh.