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Masterlist: iconic rock songs (by men) covered by cool(er) women

Nouvelle Vague - Blister In The Sun (The Violent Femmes) (All their songs are 80s covers but this is my favorite. But look up the rest. Seriously.) 

The Donnas - Dancing With Myself (Billy Idol) 

Cat Power - Paths Of Victory (Bob Dylan) 

Stevie Nicks - Free Fallin (Tom Petty)

 Patti Smith - My Generation (The Who) 

Sleater Kinney - Fortunate Son (Creedence Clearwater) 

Siouxie and the Banshees - Dear Prudence (The Beatles)

The Breeders - Happiness is A Warm Gun (The Beatles)

Fiona Apple - Across The Universe (The Beatles)

Mika Miko - Attitude (The Missfits) 

The Butchies - Your Love (The Outfield) 

Rasputina - Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd) 

Tribe 8 - Rise Above (Black Flag) (Not totally sure how the lead singer of Tribe 8 identifies now, lmk if u think i should remove this.) 

Corinne Bailey Rae - Since I’ve Been Loving You (Led Zeppelin) 

Karen O - Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin) 

Shonen Knife - I Wanna Be Sedated (The Ramones) 

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (The Ramones) 

L7 - Suzy Is A Headbanger (The Ramones) 

Babes In Toyland - All By Myself (Eric Carmen) 

Dresden Dolls - War Pigs (Black Sabbath) 

The Raincoats - Lola (The Kinks)

Holly Golightly - Tell Me Now So I Know (The Kinks) 

Tori Amos - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) 

Cibo Matto - About A Girl (Nirvana) 

Janelle Monae - Heroes (David Bowie)

Warpaint - Ashes to Ashes (David Bowie) 

The Lunachicks - The Passenger (Iggy Pop) 

Tegan and Sara - Fool To Cry (The Rolling Stones) 

Bjork & PJ Harvey - Satisfaction (The Rolling Stones) 

St. Vincent - Emotional Rescue (The Rolling Stones) 

Frente! - Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order) 

The Raveonettes - I Wanna be Adored (The Stone Roses) 

Kristin Hersch - Wave Of Mutilation (The Pixies) 

The Runaways - Wild Thing (The Troggs)

Joan Jett - Roadrunner  (Jonathan Richman) (she obviously has billions of covers & hers are all more iconic than the originals but i had to include one) 

Dessa - I’m Going Down (Bruce Springsteen)

Downtown Boys - Dancing In The Dark (Bruce Springsteen)


Nearly finished my females of rock zine! There are so many more women I wanted to put into this but these are the ones who have influenced me the most. I’m really happy with how it’s turning out. The quotes are from Riot Grrrl and varying artists through the booklet. 


Do not turn…away my friend…like a willow…I can bend…


(With Stevie Nicks at the Prudential Center. Photographs by Riff Chorusriff. April 2, 2017….

After finishing “Stand Back,” Nicks interrupted the show. The late Prince Rogers Nelson was on her mind. While she clung to a scarf tied around her mic, a single spotlight stilled the auditorium. She still couldn’t believe he was gone. When she feels nervous before a performance, she admitted that she often calls on him to be with her. And he is. 

Nicks met Prince at a party in 1979 where she regretted advising him to be more social. She was grateful he didn’t mention it years later when she had to get in touch with him. Would he mind listening to something she just recorded in the studio? Prince said sure, he’d be right over. As fate would have it, he was only 20 minutes away.

After hearing his “Little Red Corvette” on the radio, Nicks was so inspired she substituted her own lyrics and composed a whole new song. She played it for him. Prince thought it was great. He even added some synth to the verses and a guitar part in the middle–the finishing touches to what became track six on her “Wild Heart” album: “Stand Back.” An hour later, she walked him to his car. As she recalled, it was an appropriately hued purple Camaro. 

Over the years, they grew closer. Prince used to call her up when he was worried about her. They’d speak for hours. In the midst of Nicks’ well-chronicled drug addiction, he was there for her. She wishes she could have been there for him too. Continuing to tug at another scarf, she asked the audience to do her a favor. Whenever spinning “Stand Back” or “Little Red Corvette” in the future, notice how they dovetail. And, most importantly, remember her friend.

When she resumed the concert with “Edge of Seventeen,” Nicks honored Prince with a slideshow. It rendered him floating across the stage again like a white-winged dove. The whole thing was bittersweet and transcendent. I snapped the images above from the tribute.)


Keeping the Tenth Doctor’s Hair in Top Form (Part Two of Two)

…with heartfelt thanks to Steve Smith for making sure the Tenth Doctor’s hair always looked so stunning!

Part one available [ here ]

                   🍰   🐇 The Wonderland Play List 😺 🍄

          (Otherwise known as all my favorite Wonderland related songs) 

It’s just a small collection of Alice in Wonderland Related songs, I tried not to add too many songs from the Almost Alice soundtrack since most of you probably already know them. Let me know what you guys think, and message me if there’s anything you want to add! 


Power Of Women

Fun little playlist celebrating the voice of the amazing women from the world.

Featuring songs from Halsey, Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Rey, Joan Jett, Melanie Martinez, and many, many more amazing women


It was my fault, my move, my game
If I’d known a little more, I’d a run away
It was dark out and I held the cards
I was the dealer and it wasn’t hard


[With Stevie Nicks at the Prudential Center. Photographs by Riff Chorusriff. April 2, 2017….

I’ve been watching Nicks perform since 2003 and each time I’m reminded of three things. One, she somehow continues to renew that tremulous upper octave of her voice that for years was unreachable. When she strives for a note from that arsenal now she really rings it. 

Two, her unraveling delivery of “Gold Dust Woman” never fails to assert itself as one of the most affecting moments in rock theater. You can’t miss it. Whether her character’s gradual exorcism is encouraged by the jarring sonics of Lindsey Buckingham or Waddy Wachtel, she always goes through with it. 

And, three, the kindness she extends to her fans is given with an unparalleled authenticity. It’s the hearth from which her behind-the-music stories spark, her bashfully repeated “thank-you-all-for-comings” arise, and her music keeps on warming you long after the glitter fades. 

Nicks’ setlist for the night was Gold and Braid, If Anyone Falls, Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (with Chrissie Hynde), Belle Fleur, Gypsy (Fleetwood Mac), Wild Heart, Bella Donna, Enchanted, New Orleans, Starshine, Moonlight, Stand Back, Crying in the Night (Buckingham/Nicks), If You Were My Love (Fleetwood outtake originally from Mirage), Gold Dust Woman (Fleetwood),  Edge of Seventeen, Rhiannon (Fleetwood), and Landslide (Fleetwood).]

March Playlist

I don’t know if you guys have realized. But the caption of my pictures are song titles. Every end of the month I will post the playlist here :D (Let me know if you prefer me making a Spotify Playlist)

Arctic Monkeys: Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But…Dancing Shoes

Bad Books: Forest Whitaker

Barry White: Never Never Gonna Give You Up

Bomba Estereo: Sintiendo

Caravan Palace: Glory of Nelly

Dido: White Flag

Deluxe: Pretty Flaws

Franz Ferdinand: Auf Achse

Foals: Alabaster

Goldfish: Three Second MemoryChoose Your Own Adventure

John Mayer: Vultures

Metronomy:  On Dancefloors

MGMT: The Youth

Muse: Uprising

Neon Indian:  Ephemeral Artery

Parov Stelar: The Fireface

Phoenix: S.O.S. in Bel AirDakkar NoirDefinitive Breaks

Queens of The Stone Age: 3′s and 7′s

Stevie Wonder: Sorry

Shaggy: Island Lover

Sly and The Family Stone: Sing a Simple Song

The Kooks: Young Folks

The Rolling Stones: She’s A Rainbow

The Police: Walking In Your Footsteps

The Wombats: Lost In The Post

Two Door Cinema Club: Something Good Can WorkWake Up

Vampire Weekend: I Think Ur A Contra

Will Smith: Don’t Say Nothing

Muhammad Ali, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Harold Smith, Stevie Wonder & Marlon Brando at the concert at the end of the Longest Walk, a 3,600-mile protest march from San Francisco to Washington, D.C., in the name of the Native rights, 1978.

Remember when Marvel superhero books were about characters as much as story and given room to breathe so we could have occasional recurring characters like black physically disabled dancer-turned-instructor Stevie Hunter, who didn’t help anyone fight anything except their own teen angst and poor muscle tone.


Behind the scenes of The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End (Part 2 of 8)

Excerpts from Doctor Who Magazine #398, behind the scenes of The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End as reported by Benjamin Cook

Production on Doctor Who has ground to a halt.  Tools have been downed. Cameras abandoned. And for why? Because make-up artist Steve Smith has arrived on set, in the Nobles’ living room, carrying a mongrel puppy dog called Jack.  “What is it?” asks Bernard Cribbins.

“It’s a dog,” explains Steve.

“Well, I can see that.”

He belongs to the lady across the road.  “She just threw it at me,” explains Steve, “and said, Catherine would like to see Jack, wouldn’t she?”

“Oh, I do, I so do,” coos Catherine Tate, taking Jack in her arms.

“Can we get all puppies off set!” pleads Simon Morris, the First Assistant Director. But no one is listening.

“Aww, he still smells of his mother’s womb,” says Catherine, taking a sniff.

“That’s disgusting,” exclaims David Tennant.  “Just wait til he pees on you.”

“Nah, I couldn’t have a dog that’s smaller than a cat,” reasons Catherine. “He is lovely, though.”

“Tell people it’s a hamster,” suggests David.  Meanwhile, across the room, Phil Collinson is ripping up today’s shooting schedule.

Previous parts are available here:  
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The rest of the behind-the-scenes photosets are available [ here ] 


Still through the sunlight days I wait
Track a ghost through the fog–sun is burnin’ me–and
You come runnin’ out in the wind with me
The ocean is your blanket


(With Stevie Nicks at the Prudential Center. Photographs by Riff Chorusriff. April 2, 2017.)