stevie nicks journal

I think that’s [keeping a journal] really great because I think of my grandmother, my mom’s mom–I adored her.  And I spent every summer with her from when I was about 3 until I was 15, and I just loved her so much and I had so much fun with her.  She would let me stay up all night and drink coffee and watch movies.  And I just wish so much that she had been writing, because it she had written it down, I’d have it. I keep my journals in those big leather-bound journals because I find that those don’t get lost. I like to tell all my fairy god-daughters and my niece Jesse that when I’m gone … which is not a bummer, it’s just fact … they can sit on the floor and go through all these journals, and they can walk through my life, and they can smell the gardenia perfume on the  pages.  They can have it in their hands … who I was.
—  Stevie Nicks

“Once in a great while, a friend comes along, that perfect person that simply brings joy to your life and never asks for very much in return. Those friends think they give you nothing because what they do give you is SO precious that sometimes it can hardly ever be seen. And so it goes the way of all beautiful things, sometimes unappreciated for their souls, because after so many years there aren’t even words anymore. We simply wear tiny crystal antennae at all times. (I hope our Lily of the Valley understands this someday)”

Click the link to read the seller’s description which gives much more information and few more images. Really fascinating stuff. And if I was EXTREMELY rich, I wouldn’t hesitate.