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playlist for nostalgic car rides/one person kitchen karaoke parties

All I Want - Joni Mitchell
California - Joni Mitchell
Late Bloomer - Haley Blais
Facing West - The Staves
My Old Man - Joni Mitchell
Virginia - Haley Blais
Mexico - The Staves
Turpentine -Brandi Carlile
Landslide - Fleetwood Mac
Left Handed Kisses - Andrew Bird/Fiona Apple
Blackberry Stone - Laura Marling
Ghosts - Laura Marling
Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell
Who Knows Where the Time Goes - Judy Collins
Beautiful Child - Stevie Nicks
Crying Over - Patty Griffin

What Comes From A Kiss

Summary: You meet your ex in a bar and ask your friend, Bucky Barnes for a favor.

Pairings: Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader

Warnings: College Au, Innuendo, Swearing. Really awful insults. was supposed to be fluff. It’s not fluff. I’m so mad.

Word Count: 936

A/N: for my lovely @theassetseyeliner follower celebration. with the prompt: Can you kiss me, please, my ex is across the bar. 

Can you kiss me, please, my ex is across the bar,” you half shout at Bucky.

His eyes widen comically. “What?” he yells back, a fetching blush rising in his cheeks.

You were a second-year college student, celebrating the end of your finals with your close knit group of friends. Wanda, Nat, Sam, and Bucky had all coerced you into joining them at the local student bar for a night out.

Your heart had flipped in your chest when Bucky had uttered a soft, “Please, darlin’? It won’t be the same without ya.”

You were powerless to refuse Bucky.

His smile could light up the darkest of nights. He drew eyes wherever he went. His features were striking, all hard edges and sharp lines. But it wasn’t just his looks which made your heart leap and butterflies erupt in your stomach.

It was his kind heartedness. His shyness. The way he would blush when you would stutter out a compliment or hug him spontaneously. He would go out of his way to help those who needed it, often working himself to the brink of exhaustion.

You had fallen hard and fast, descending into a tongue tied, blushing mess whenever he would be near you. It was a problem.

So, you had done what you thought you needed to do. Dive headfirst back into the dating pool. Doing your best to forget your ridiculous crush on Bucky, a man so far out of your league it was nearly embarrassing. Your serial singleness was a point of contention between your girlfriends, and they had done their best to set you up with what felt like every single man on campus.

Which is how you met him. Steve. The Quarterback of the football team.

Blond and blue eyed, rippling muscles pulled taught underneath his tight shirts. He was quick witted and smart, athletic and sweet. But, as you found out shortly after you began dating him in earnest, he was also a serial skirt chaser and made no secret of it. He seemed genuinely surprised when you ended the relationship.

You’d found him tonsil deep in a cheerleader. What the hell did he expect you to do?

“You’re overreacting, (Y/N).” He grins a Cheshire cat grin, his lopsided smile sets your nerves ablaze. “We were never exclusive,” he adds, making a grab for your waist, attempting to pull you in close.

You sidestep him, shooting him a vicious glare. The urge to slap his perfect face makes your palm itch. “No, we weren’t exclusive, Steven! You could at least have told me that you were seeing other people!”

He sighs in exasperation, flings his hands into the air and turns away from you. “You’ll never find anyone like me, sweetheart, I was it.”

You scoff condescendingly, a wicked grin gracing your face. “Bitch, please! My phone battery lasts longer than your relationships.”

He turns to face you, his face set in a smirk. “Jealous, sweetheart? We all know I was the best you ever had.”

You throw your head back and let out a loud laugh. “I would agree if you were capable of lasting more than two thrusts. Half the campus knows you’re a two pump chump, Stevie.”

His face turns bright red before he grits out, “You’re making a scene. Leave!”

You smile in triumph, turning on your heel. “Sure thing, sugar plum. Oh, and Steve?” He grunts and rolls his eyes. “Your mother should have swallowed you.”  

The laughter which rang out through the dorm had you warm for days.

Steve was now smirking at you from across the bar while Bucky stood open mouthed in surprise. Caught completely off guard by your request he had yet to respond, and you resort to desperate measures.

“Bucky please!” you plead. “I can’t have Steve thinking he was right. Please do this. I swear I’ll make it up to you!”

Bucky hesitates for a second before he roughly pulls your face to his. He captures your lips in a frenzied kiss, his tongue invading your mouth. Your hands shoot into his shirt, bunching the material. His hands tangled in your hair, obliterating the hours Nat had put into it. To your horror, you moan, causing Bucky’s grip on your hair to tighten.

You stay that way for what feels like hours. Mouths working in tandem with each other, hands wandering, exploring uncharted territory. You forget Steve and your anger. All that matters is Bucky and how good he feels pressed against you. It was pure bliss, and you never want it to end.

Bucky breaks the kiss, breathing ragged, his eyes hooded and dark. His lips swollen and red from your reverent kisses. Your own mind is drunk on lust, your breath matches his as you stare at him.

“Wow,” he says, his surprise makes your heart drop into your stomach. He pulls away from you like your touch burns him and runs a hand through his already messed up hair.

Oh god, you think. You’ve gone and screwed it up. You were sure you had blown up your friendship.

He would never look at you the same way again.

You look away from him. Your eyes scan the crowd for Steve only to find him gone.

“Yeah, wow,” you reply.

Bucky clears his throat and spots Sam leaning against the pool table chatting up a pretty woman who didn’t stand a single chance against his charm. “I’m gonna… uh… see you later?”  He doesn’t wait for your answer, disappearing quickly, leaving you standing alone and rejected at the bar.

Way to go, (Y/N)!


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gay things bucky barnes has done:

- kicked a guy literally up the ass for hurting steve
- bragged about getting into the 107th unit to impress his boyfriend
- wrapped steve up really, unnecessarily close after kicking a guy up the ass
- brought steve on a blind double date to “the future” and checked up on him more than he did his actual date
- got really worried when steve wasn’t there
- and left his date to go on a manhunt for his bf (bro friend)
- found steve, read him like a book, told him to stay safe, and hugged him
- (which is somehow still a lot gayer in context)
- he checked steve out the first time he saw him after the super-serum
- was visibly uncomfortable when he saw how steve swooned over peggy
- “you’re keeping the suit, right?”
- literally followed steve right back into the arms of his abusers because he trusted him so much
- followed steve home after his mom died and offered to sleep next to him for comfort
- gave stevie a lil neck massage and basically told him “til death do us part”
- which is apparently such a powerful, meaningful statement that it pushes past years of abuse, torture, and conditioning to completely override his programming and stop him from killing steve
- and it doesn’t just stop him from killing steve–it pushes him to actively prevent steve’s death
- fondly reminisced about steve wearing newspapers in his shoes
- got so distracted by steve’s biceps that he literally flew a helicopter in the wrong direction
- stood staring face-to-face to stevie in an elevator and lowkey started blushing
- kept a picture of captain america in his diary
- like hold on i just want to stress that bucky kept a picture of steve rogers in his diary
- why would he do that? you might ask
- because he’s gay and loves steve rogers, i answer

anonymous asked:

ok but Bucky giving his baby beard burn tho when he's in between Steve's legs. ahaha. PS keep studying !!!!!! <3 u r the best (; PPS saw someone requested jealous steve tho ... hope u try it most likely steve is jealous bc he's used to Bucky giving all his attention to him.

WARNING!!: NSFW things ahead! I have put the “keep reading” thing in place to hide it, but for some reason it’s not working. Stupid Tumblr.

So, if you don’t like what’s been asked or are not of age, please keep scrolling, do not read and ignore this post. Thanks!

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