stevie benz


Here are just a few more pictures from the show last week. I am so incredibly happy I decided to make the 4 hour journey to Columbus to see Bryce again. it was totally worth it! Not only was it an amazing performance and show, as always, I also got to meet a bunch of really awesome TRS fans and have a really funny and encouraging conversation with Bryce. He is seriously such a gem! I have so much respect for him. It was also fun to chat with Stevie and Teddy again and reminisce about our sketchy but fun time hanging out in Detroit the last time I saw them. Overall, an incredible night. TRS concerts are unlike anything else and unique each time. It was definitely the highlight of my summer so far :)

There’s this small band that broke up last year called Between the Trees. I honestly fell in love with their music, thanks to my friends Roxanne and Jenni, and havent stop since my freshman year. Stevie, the one who replied, was the guitarist and as you can see, my friend Sam and I are on the verge of jumping up and down for joy haha.