stevie aiello


Jared: What are you laughing at?

Shayla: Nothing.

Jared: You never heard that song? What the fuck is so funny? What is Shayla laughing at? What are you laughing at? What’s the gig? No, you have to tell me now.

Shayla: I don’t know, nothing.

Jared: I’m not gonna stop in front of thousands of people. What’s so funny?

Shayla: Nothing.

Jared: What’s so funny? What’s she laughing at? I have to know? I’m not gonna stop until you tell me. You gotta tell me now.

Shayla: Nothing. Just…

Jared: You gotta tell us.

Stevie: Someone’s saying something inappropriate on a text?

Jared : No, I think she was laughing at grandpa Leto for some reason. What’s so funny, Shayla? … Shayla, what’s so funny?

Shayla: Nothing.

Jared: I’m gonna turn the camera to you. What’s so funny ?

Shayla: Nothing.

Jared: You gotta tell everybody. Everybody is asking what’s so funny.

… Fucking Shayla.


between his cold hands tucked behind his fannypack, to the group’s giggles over Stevie’s very astute observation that Jarè was giving us Ukrainian Woman Realness, to that final little headtilt to Robert - i just give up.

Life is beautiful. And Life is Jared Leto.

jaredleto // vyrtcom // COM LONDON EXTRA // 8/12/15