stevie aiello

Truth In Who We Are (100 Suns Trilogy: Chapter 12)

(A/N: things are getting heated 😳🔥)

Tom carefully placed his arms around Zoë’s hunched figure, pulling her closer to him as she sobbed against his shoulder. He didn’t know why this was happening or what had reduced his girlfriend to tears and frankly, it was a little frightening.

He rubbed her back in comfort, placing kisses of support to her forehead as the American sobbed quietly into the man’s dress shirt.

“It’s okay baby.” Tom whispered, tears welling in his own eyes, wondering why she was like this. He knew she could be distant some days and it always had him curious as to why but never anything like this. “It’s okay I’m here baby, whatever’s the matter you can tell me.”

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I love this with all my heart 💜💜💜💜💜