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Bucky watching you come downstairs in a sundress, your 7 and a half month baby bell sticking out and you're waiting to dance with him on the roof of the tower and he can't help but to cry a little because he's been dreaming of this l ever since the 40s and you just hold his face with a smile and rub your nose against his

You were sure you looked like a beached whale. Sighing, you smoothed the blue sundress as you walked down the stairs. Bucky waited for you a boyish grin on his face as he walked to meet you. He gently pecked you and took your hand in his. “You look as beautiful as the day as I met you” he whispered in your ear. You blushed and followed as he guided you to the helipad.

“Where are you taking me?” you asked before you noticed Steve’s record player out on the roof.

“Don’t tell Stevie” he grinned, placing the needle on the disc. The smooth sound of jazz started and you recognised as the song from your first dance. “Dance with me, doll” Bucky said, offering you his hand.

You smiled softly before wrapping your arms around eachother. Well, as much as you could 7 months pregnant. You swayed to the song for some moments before you noticed tears in Bucky’s eyes.

“Bucky, what’s wro-” but before you could ask he shook his head.

“They’re happy tears. I just never thought I’d have this” he whispered, his hand drifting to your belly.

“I love you” you nudged his nose with yours before kissing him as he whispered back.

“I love you”

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He did such an AWESOME job with this! <3

Female Fronted Bands and Things He Wasn't Supposed To Hear | Steve Rodgers x Reader

Fandom: Captain America

Pairing: Steve Rodgers x reader

Requested: Yes!

        “ 89 with Steve rogers please? “ 

          89: here’s a little song I like to call “I cherish our friendship so I won’t tell you I would totally have sex with you if you asked

Summary:  You, Avenger and lead singer of a band, and Steve Rodgers are great friends, but will a drunken slip of the tongue ruin that? 

Warnings: SMUT, swearing, alcohol

Words: 3636

A/N: My first smut! Ill put a ‘read more’ right before it so I don’t subject anyone to anything they dont want to see. Bare with me, this story is a bit rough and choppy and I am not very happy with it at all. Comments, reblogs, and feedback are super appreciated and encouraged!

“Stevie, I didn’t know you were home!” You grin as you get up from your bed and walk over the doorway where he stood to hug him. He had just gotten back from a week long mission, and much to your satisfaction, you were the first person he went to to tell he was home.  You had been scrolling away on your computer while laying on your bed when you heard a knock on the door. After yelling a ‘come in’ you were met with a smiling Steve.

             “I just got back,” He laughed, squeezing you tightly and lifting you off your feet a bit in the hug. You loved Steve hugs, they were always long and meaningful and he always held you tight against his chest.

             “How’d the mission go?” You ask as you pull away, motioning for him to enter your room to sit down to talk. Steve was one of your best friends, and you were one of his, so you never told him about the small crush you had had on him since the first time you had laid eyes on him.

             “Good, we got the information we needed, but it was really tedious.” He shrugged as he sat down on the end of the bed where you joined him. “I’m sorry I had to miss your concert.”

             Before your cover was blown that you were actually a world class assassin and recruited to join the Avenger’s in exchange for no charges filed against you, your day job and alias was as a lead singer in a band. When you first joined the team of superhero’s, the musical group disbanded, but once you got more comfortable with your role you decided you could still do music on the side, performing in bars around New York. And what was better for publicity than being a superhero?

             “Don’t worry about it,” You said with a dismissive wave of your hand, you understood why he couldn’t be there so weren’t upset with him. Though it was a bit disappointing when you looked out the crowd while up on stage and didn’t see his smiling face looking up at you from the mass of people.  “We’ll have more,”

             “I know, but it still made me sad that I had to miss it.” He shrugged, giving you a warm smile that made your heart melt. There were dark bags under his eyes, and he was pale, no doubt from fitful sleep, if any, on the mission.

             “Stevie, you look exhausted, you should get some sleep.” You frown, concern evident your face, reaching out and squeezing his arm.

             “I know, I just wanted to come by and tell you I’m back before heading to bed.”

             You smile at this and he returns it with a bashful one before standing up.

“That’s sweet, thank you. Goodnight, I hope you can catch up on some of the sleep you missed.”

             Standing in front of the stove, clad in an oversized one of Steve’s shirts over a pair of shorts, you yawn as you fry half a dozen eggs. Two for you, four for Steve. It was a tradition between the two of you, whoever woke up first made the other breakfast, and since it was a fifty-fifty chance who woke up earlier considering you both woke up at the crack of dawn normally, you figured the favor would even out. This morning though you were unsure whether or not he would be awake in time for the food to still be hot when he arrived, considering how tired he had looked the previous night. Though your worries were eased when he walked in just as you were putting them on a plate and the toasted popped from the toaster.

             “Breakfast? For me? You’re so sweet.” He teased as you handed him a plate. Every morning that you cooked, he’d say those same six words, and every morning, it never ceased to make you smile. You loved mornings, mostly because you got to see Steve in his pajamas, which consisted of grey sweatpants hanging low on his hips, and a white t-shirt at least one size too small that hugged him in all the right places. He sets the plate down before going to the fridge to get himself something to drink. You were also fond of this angle so you made sure to put the orange juice on the bottom shelf before he arrived. “What are you up to today?”

             “Training then band practice,” You say before taking a bite of your breakfast, swatting away Sam’s hand when he tries to steal your toast after he walks in. “Hey, don’t take that, I made those for Steve,” You snap good naturedly at your friend who then attempted to take Steve’s food while his back was turned since you wouldn’t hand over your toast.

             Before Steve looks up, ready to defend his food from Sam, the breakfast thief shoots you a look that says ‘oh sweetheart, you’ve got it bad,’ and you flick your middle finger up at him, which Steve does see.

             “Y/N, language,” Steve warns as he sits down next to you.

             “I didn’t even say anything!” You defend, gesturing wildly with your hands.

             “You know what I mean.” You get an elbow to the side and you glare at him before you both break out laughing.

             Later when you were sitting on the couch with Steve, resting your feet on his lap while he sketched, lounging between training and band practice, Wanda and Natasha came in, standing in front of you and blocking your view of the TV. Granted, you were watching more of Steve than you were the screen, but it was still annoying.

             You sigh dramatically, looking up at the two women, “Yes?”

             “Girls night, tonight. After your music thing. No excuses.” Natasha’s tone of voice left no room for debate.

             “Going out or staying in?” You ask after you chuckle because of Nat’s demanding rather than asking.

             “Staying in.” Wanda answered.

             “Face masks, nail painting, and alcohol?” You ask, eyebrow raising

             “Face masks.” Nat nodded.

             “Nail painting.” Wanda said next.

             “And alcohol.” You all finish together.

             “I vote Natasha picks out the vodka this time because she’s Russian and the last time we let Y/N pick out the alcohol she bought Fleishman’s and I swear that was the nastiest shit I’ve ever tasted.” Wanda glared at you dramatically, hands on her hips.

             “Listen, it’s cheap and I went to state university. Fleishman’s is a nostalgic comfort drink for me.” You put your hands up in resignation, scrunching up your nose. “But I agree, Nat, you do have fantastic taste.” All the while, you hadn’t moved your feet from Steve’s lap, and you kept noticing him glance over at you, but you figured it was the silly conversation that was calling his attention so you ignored it. The other two woman stood around and chatted for a moment before leaving you and Steve to your own devices again.

             “Whatcha drawin’? You sit up quickly and peek over his shoulder, not giving him any time to pull the sketch book away. Your bottom lip was clamped down between your teeth but it was quickly let go when your jaw dropped. On the page in front of you was your own likeness, leaning back on the couch, looking up, and smiling. There were two rough outlines of your two female friends where you were looking up at, but all the detail was reserved for you. “Wow, Stevie, this is fantastic.” You breathed out, looking up at him.              

             He shifted uncomfortably, a heat rising to his face, “You think so?”

             “If it’s not vain to say, then yes.” Laughing, you flick your eyes back and forth between the drawing and him. You had been so in awe of the sketch you had completely disregarded personal space and you were just realizing how close your faces were. His eyes were set on yours when you stopped looking between the two and settled on him, that is, until he glances down at your lips.

             At first you second guessed yourself, he hadn’t really done it, telling yourself that your eyes were obviously off or something, that is, until he does it again. All you could think about was how much you wanted to press your lips roughly against his. You bite your bottom lip, moving forward slightly to close the distance, just enough that if your suspicions were wrong, it wouldn’t be obvious what you were thinking about.

             Before Steve had a chance to respond to your movement, your phone blared loudly from your back pocket. You could have screamed in frustration. More than one type of frustration, if you were being honest.

             “Y/L/N,” You answered in an official voice, expecting it to be about Avenger’s business since none of your friends really called.

             “Y/N!” Your bandmate, Jess, screamed into the phone so loud you had to pull it away quickly from your ear with a grimace. “Practice was supposed to start ten minutes ago, where are you?!”

             “Shit,” You mutter only to receive a poke to the side from Steve, who could obviously hear what you friend was yelling into the phone, “I’m on my way, sorry about that.”

             “I swear to god if you’re late because you’re busy lusting afte-“

             “Bye Jess.” Slamming your thumb down on the red icon, you end the call before she could finish.

             “Lusting after who?” Steve asks as you get up and quickly grab your keys.

             “Johnny Storm, obviously,” You point toward the TV, which was currently playing The Fantastic Four before you waved goodbye and sped to band practice.

             Your nails still wet, you tried to balance a shot glass between your fingers carefully to not smudge the polish. “Okay, Natasha, how do you say ‘I can kill a man with my left thumb,’”

             “Ya mogu ubit’ cheloveka bol'shim pal'tsem levoy ruk,” She said easily with a laugh, cheeks flushed from the alcohol. The two of you were sitting cross legged on the floor, you with your back to the door.

             “God that’s so hot, I swear if you weren’t in a relationship I’d jump your bones in a heartbeat.” You joke, kind of, before tilting your head back and downing another shot.

             “We all know whose bones you really want to jump.” Wanda said as she came back in the room after running to the kitchen to grab snacks and leaving the door open behind her. You were all to drunk and having too much fun to notice.

             “Shut up,” You warned as you dramatically pointed a scolding finger at her.

             “As if it isn’t honest you’ve got the hots for the resident super soldier,” Natasha scoffed, taking a bag of chips from Wanda’s hands. “You should tell him.”

             You lay back down on the floor, throwing one arm out to your side and the other over your eyes dramatically. “Tell him, how do you propose I do that?”

             “You could ask him out at a show, like set dedicate a song to him.” Wanda suggested with a shrug, though she quickly shut her mouth as he eyes were drawn to the movement at the door.

“Oh yeah, ‘this one goes out to my favorite star-spangled teammate, here’s a little song I like to call “I cherish our friendship so I won’t tell you I would totally have sex with you if you asked  and could probably spend the rest of my life with you,’” You flail the arm that wasn’t over your eyes theatrically before letting it plop back down to the floor as you sigh.

             “Y/N.” Natasha said quietly and gently put hand on your leg and you knew something was up.

             You sat up quickly, frowning at her, but it was only after you followed her and Wanda’s gaze to the door did you realize the situation.

             “Well, shit.” You manage out, eyes meeting Steve’s. “Stevie, listen,”          

             “Y/N, you’re drunk, and I don’t want you to say anything you don’t mean, we can talk in the morning.” He said quietly but firmly, grabbing onto the door handle and closing it before walking away.

             “How bad did I just fuck up.” You ask, scrunching your face up and closing your eyes as you turn back to face your girl friends.

             “On a scale from one to ten?” Natasha asked, glancing to Wanda.

             “About an eight.” They say in unison.

             “An eight as in I just ruined one of my most treasured friendships or an eight as in I just fucked up but it can be fixed.”

             “Too early to tell.” Wanda answered.

             “There is another option.” By the gleam in Nat’s eye, you knew it wasn’t going to be good. Or really good, depending.


             “He could be considering it.”

             “Shut up Natasha, as if.” You push her shoulder lightly and she laughs before you fall back down dramatically. “What the hell am I going to do.”

             “Just talk to him and hope for the best is all you can really do.” Wanda shrugged, hoping being nonchalant would help.

             “You’re right.” You nod, “All I can do is wait, sober up, hope I don’t have a killer headache tomorrow, and talk to him.”        

             After making sure you pushed liquid for several hours after the incident with Steve, you were pleasantly surprised when you woke up with only a mild throbbing behind your eyes that was quickly taken care of by some ibuprofen and a cold shower. You were in your robe, toweling your hair when you heard a knock at your door.

             “Come in!” You shouted, feeling comfortable enough with anyone in the tower to feel okay with them seeing you in your robe. Rifling through your drawers, your back was turned to the door, so when you heard the door creak open but no one said anything, you turned around with your brows furrowed.

             “Stevie, you can come in if you’d like.” You do your best to sound normal when you see him leaning against your door frame, arms crossed. You’ll never understand how someone could be so effortlessly gorgeous, you think to yourself. Not because of his muscles and fantastic figure, but you truly loved his eyes. Their color and the way they always perfectly projected his emotions, showing just how much he truly cared for everyone. His attractiveness for you wasn’t rooted in his physique, no, it was rooted in his heart and mind. Though his fantastic body was a perk. But you distinctly remember when you were sitting with him while he showed you photos of himself before the serum, you swore that, if you knew him then, you’d be just as much in love with him as you were not.

Forcing a smile at him, you turn your back and shuffle through your dresser again but slower this time so you’d stall having the conversation you knew you’d have to have.

             “How much do you remember from last night? You were pretty drunk.” He asks while stepping in and shutting the door behind him.

             “Enough,” You sigh, squeezing your eyes shut as you pinch the bridge of your nose and turn to face him. “Look, Steve, I’m sorry, I get it if you don’t wanna hang out with me anymore.”

             “Y/N, don’t be silly, even if the feelings weren’t mutual I’d still want to spend time with you,” He shook his head, laughing as if it was the most unreasonably idea in the world.

             “Okay good,” You let out a sigh in relief, only to quickly take it back in as you replay his words in your head again. “Wait, if the feelings weren’t mutual? Are you saying they are?”

             He nodded, his eyes amused and smiling, “Considering we almost kissed on the couch yesterday I hope they are.”

             “Why didn’t you tell me?”

             “You think I wanted to risk our friendship?”

             “I supposed not.” You leaned back against your dresser, playing with the hem of your robe and avoiding eye contact with the man in front of you, “So, where do we go from here?”  

             “I have an idea,” He crossed the floor, closing the distance between you two in a few strides, and before he placed his hand on the back of your neck and brought his lips down to meet yours you noticed the slight pink tint on his cheeks and you wondered how someone could be so confident yet bashful at the same time.

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People try to tell me that the internet is great for music and give me lectures on streaming and Spotify. However, I still don’t even know what half those things are because I don’t have a computer and I’m not on the internet. I don’t think it’s good for the music industry all all, but it is what it is – just because Stevie Nicks doesn’t like the internet or computers doesn’t mean people are just going to throw them away. I’ve finally come to the place where I understand and am comfortable with what it now is.“
I know all the people that love them will disagree with me, but I just think it is such a very unromantic world now because everyone is either always on their phones, always on their computer, or always on their iPod. And I think, ‘are you living your life? Living in the minute? Do you have to film everything? Take a breath and look at how beautiful it is around you’.
—  Stevie Nicks, August, 2017.

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Jazz for the head cannon thing?

Four other anons asked this, for you guys as well! <3

1. Loves all music with a passion, except for country music. Don’t bring that shit near him, it’ll make his ears bleed. 


2. Figured out that bots can, in fact, intake human alcohol if you mix it with energon. Vodka tastes particularly good with engex. It doesn’t do much to make them overcharged, but Jazz likes the taste. (If only he didn’t keep breaking the bottles every time he tries to pour it in)

3. Stepped on and crushed a Stevie Wonder cassette tape, later cried about it.


4.Isn’t really interested in reading books, but he really likes human comic books.

Particularly marvel, because of Black Panther.

5. Hates doing reports with a passion, Tries to pass them off to his insubordinates (and Prowl) often. 

6. An avid procrastinator, so bad the reports pile up, and so do the angry messages from Prowl. “I’ll do it later.” “Liar.” 

7. Works  better if he has something to fiddle with, his mind tends to wander during meetings, when someone is talking to him ect, but if he has something in his hands to fiddle with it helps his concentrations, Developed a habit of picking up random objects (styluses, wax containers) and fiddling with them as he talks.

8. Hates human racism on earth with a passion, and (while he was on earth) would go to protesting marches so white racists don’t try anything.

9. Can juggle like a pro. Not just three balls, but like five. He can do it with anything, too. Prowl almost lost his shit when he saw Jazz juggling five datapads with unfinished reports on them. 

10. Thinks the character ‘Jazz’ from Fresh Prince of Bel Air was named and made after him. 

[Stevie] was going through a bit of a hard time too because she was the one who axed it. Lindsey was pretty down about it for a while, then he just woke up one morning and said, ‘Fuck this, I don’t want to be unhappy,’ and started getting some girlfriends together. Then Stevie couldn’t handle it!
—  Christine McVie about the Buckingham Nicks break up, Rolling Stone Magazine, 2017

MTV: You mentioned that Prince is on the wax…but he doesn’t get credited. Why is that?

Stevie: Well…Prince leaves no clues. We have an understanding, we’re friends, and whatever he wants is fine. I just wanted him to play.

MTV: Did he say, “Stevie, I don’t want credit. I just want to play piano with you”?

Stevie: Uh-huh. We did…just one track. I’d never met him. He was in L.A., and I just called him up and said, “I’d like it if you came.” He said, “Yes, ma'am,” and he actually showed up, not long after, and put on this…awesome part. He’s quite amazing, actually. He picked me up at 9:00 in the morning, and we went to his house and recorded a song, and I was back at 2:30 to get on a plane. We made, like, a 45-minute drive in 20 minutes, going about 110 miles an hour.

MTV: In a little red Corvette?

Stevie: No, a black, sporty car. And the two of us aren’t miserable, either. Once we’re there, he just wrote the song, playing the piano, saying to me, “You’re writing the words.” It was amazing. Then the air conditioning broke down, and I’m sitting in front of a fan telling him, “You have to make me a cassette—I’m not going back without it.” He did, we left, and the recording studio broke down completely. But the song’s really neat. It was interesting, because it was real…disciplined. Neither of us felt like rocking and rolling at 9:00 o'clock in the morning with no air conditioning, but we just…did it, and we’re real proud of ourselves.

—  Stevie on the recording of ‘Stand Back’ - MTV Interview with Stevie Nicks,
Fall 1983.

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Any fic with suicidal Bucky? Thanks!

yes, heed the warnings etc etc

fear not the ghosts by endofadream (implied self harm, suicidal thoughts/ideation)

“Couldn’t sleep.” Bucky’s voice is thick. When Steve turns he sees, in the dim light, that Bucky’s eyes are shining. His cheeks are damp. His next words are impossibly small: “I, um. I’m havin’ a real bad night, Stevie. Please don’t make me be alone.”

G.I. Joes and 2AM Diners by OhCaptainMyCaptain

They look nothing like what they used to. Time and life have completely changed them. But as they sit there in silence, eating two halves of one cupcake, letting Brooklyn remind there where they came from, and enjoying a sky full of stars… They are those same little boys, somewhere deep down. For just a second, you’d be able to see them again.

And Bucky thinks to himself that maybe it’s little moments like these – fleeting as they may be – that remind him why life is still worth living.

You and a Test of Will by thepinupchemist

Bucky Barnes suffered from depression before he joined the army, and when he came back, he suffered tenfold. Steve Rogers painted his nightmares and didn’t talk about how he lost his leg. Natasha believed it was possible – just maybe – that broken people could help heal one another.

Living easy, living free
Season ticket on a one-way ride
Asking nothing, leave me be
Taking everything in my stride
Don’t need reason, don’t need rhyme
Ain’t nothing I would rather do
Going down, party time
My friends are gonna be there too

I’m on the highway to hell
On the highway to hell
Highway to hell
I’m on the highway to hell

No stop signs, speed limit
Nobody’s gonna slow me down
Like a wheel, gonna spin it
Nobody’s gonna mess me around
Hey Satan, paid my dues
Playing in a rocking band
Hey mama, look at me
I’m on my way to the promised land, whoo!

I’m on the highway to hell
Highway to hell
I’m on the highway to hell
Highway to hell

Don’t stop me

I’m on the highway to hell
On the highway to hell
I’m on the highway to hell
On the highway
Yeah, highway to hell
I’m on the highway to hell
Highway to hell
Highway to hell

And I’m going down
All the way
I’m on the highway to hell