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clexabusers love playing saint but this was too far you bitches gave us hope only to crush it its wrong and its baiting and heterophobic you went too far

Wow that’s so much stupidity in only two lines (and one sentence!) that I just had to answer despite my no-answering-hate rule. Let’s do it in parts, shall we?


Honestly, send me a Clexa sex rick roll and I’ll laugh my ass off. You seriously need to learn to take a joke. It wasn’t malicious. Grow up.


Omg really? You guys are still using that? I’m not even mentioning the fact that if there is a manipulator in this relationship, that one is Clarke, not The Evil Gay™ Lexa. I’m not even going to address this one because it’s just… acephalous. Imbecilic. Obtuse. Preposterous. Nonsensical. Asinine. Moronic. Cretinous. Doltish. Simpleminded. Numskulled. Unintellectual. Witless. Feebleminded. Unintelligent. Stupid. Do you need more?


Do you mean as in ‘straight baiting’? You clearly have never been queer baited, you clearly have never been an LGBT+ person watching a TV show and wishing, hoping, desiring, begging that your ship will become canon. Yet having little to no hope that it will happen because everybody knows that the queer ships never become canon. The queer ships are never happy. The queer ships (unless they are in purposely created shows or in Shondaland) are always destined to be simple baiting or a bump in the road to heteronormativity and that pairing with the dashing male lead and the gorgeous leading lady.

THESE are queer baiting ships: Destiel, Sterek, Johnlock, MerlinxArthur (which was described as “a love story between two men” BUT NEVER ACTUALLY SHOWN), possibly Princess Rover, Rizzoli&Isles, Cartinelli, HannibalxWill (though this one became kind of practically canon in the last episode, it was more blatant gay subtext than queerbaiting), Xena&Gabrielle, Swan Queen, StevexDanno, HousexWilson — and these are the obvious ones. I probably forgot many more. If you join queer bait couples and canon queer couples in a jar, you will see that 80-90% of all those couples are queer bait. Sad, isn’t it?

And even in canon universe: Calzona-divorced; Clexa-(still) not together, Lexa betrayed Clarke; Naomily-Naomi died of cancer; Sam/Cat (and then Frankie)-Cat died; Willow&Tara-YOU KNOW; Kate&Carline-Kate died; Eve&Annalise-not together; Sara&Nyssa-not together; Maxanor-shit I don’t even know how to describe this; Emison-Alie got married; Paily-Paige left; Emaya-Maya died; Samara&Emily-Samara left; Talia&Emily-Talia left, I think; Emily&Sarah-well, you know (honestly, Emily’s track record is honestly terrifying); Barbara&Renee-not together; Danny&Ethan-not together; Jenny & the world-not together (well, she died); DANA&ALICE-DANA FUCKING DIED; Cophine-not together (still not ready to say you-know-what); Karmy-not together; Reamy-not together. Honestly, I could go on and on and on about this.

“In 2011, LGBTQIAP+ characters made up a measly 2.9% of all characters on television, and let’s be real, it was mostly just the L and the G being used.” (x)

Unless you’re a person of colour, do you ever turn on the TV and think, “I don’t see myself in there. Why am I not in there? Why don’t I get to be in there just like everyone else?”

THIS is a pretty great definition of queer baiting:

“Queer-baiting is what happens when a series wants to attract a queer audience without alienating their homophobic/transphobic audience. They introduce a character that queer people can relate to. They use the details and feelings common to queer people’s lives to make it very obvious to anyone who is queer, that the character is also queer. They know that because there is very little queer representation in media, queer people are going to latch onto this character, and therefore latch onto the series.
However, they never let the character actually come out. When the homophobic/transphobic part of the audience starts to realize that the character is queer, the writers add something to reassure them that no, of course the character is straight.” (x)

So tell me, are show runners ever afraid of confirming a character to be straight on their shows? Hell, Red and Kit are straight on OITNB and TLW respectively. Take Flash, for example. Barry is supposedly endgame with Iris, but he has already kissed Caitlin (sorta) and Patty. Where is the queer person on that show? Oh that’s a cool game! Spot the (canonically) queer regular. Lucifer. NCIS LA. Agents of SHIELD. Supergirl. Flash. Agent Carter. iZombie. Jane the Virgin (remember Luisa is only recurring). Elementary. Teen Wolf (Jeff Davis has implied that Stiles is bi but still no show on the actual show). See what I mean? And it’s not like genre shows (like TWL and FI) don’t have straight characters!

Thus if you want a canon straight ship™ then simply go watch ANY OTHER FUCKING TV SHOW and you will find it. Honestly. Literally. Not even kidding. Which leads me back to: there is no such thing as straightbaiting.

So piss off because you know nothing — NOTHING — about baiting.


Yeah I can’t even write the whole word. And you know why? Because as well as insulting, IT DOES NOT EXIST. Have you ever been oppressed in your life? Have you ever been told that you’re worth nothing because of who you love? Have people ever spat on you, hit you, insulted you, disdained you simply because you love someone of the same sex? Have you? Have you?!

Racism, sexism, homophobia, it’s all based on an oppressive system.

Have you ever been called a dyke? A faggot? A spawn of Satan? I doubt there’s any equivalent to those words for straight people. Have you ever been told you could not enter a church because you were holding the wrong person’s hand? Have you ever been side-eyed for dressing the wrong (aka gay) way? Have you ever been told not to kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend in public because it’s ‘inappropriate’? Do people use ‘straight’ or ‘heterosexual’ as an insult? Do people ever say ‘that’s so straight’? Do people ever say ‘no hetero’? Do people ever look at you strangely when you say you’re straight? Do you have to come out as straight? Did you ever fear repercussions for loving the opposite gender (and announcing it to the world)? Do people ever say “I don’t mind straight people, as long as they act gay in public,” or “I’ve accepted that you’re straight, but I don’t know why you have to flaunt your lifestyle like this,” or “of course I’m okay with you being straight, as long as you don’t make a pass at me,” or “how do you know if you’ve never been with someone of the opposite gender,” or “who’s the guy in the relationship?” or “oh yeah, I have straight friends, they’re okay,” or “I wish I had a straight best friend,” or “you know, I once had this straight adventure in college… so spicy… but I’m not straight.”

The only “phobia” there is, is us being fucking terrified of you because we’ve been treated like cow shit for hundreds and hundreds of years. And yet…

…I’ll say it again for the people in the back: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HETEROPHOBIA.

Thank you.

And fuck you.