Placing Bets

SUMMARY: As Captain America and yourself walk into the kitchen to get some coffee after “a long night,” you become bombarded by the rest of the team.

WORD COUNT: 994 words


NOTES: by far one of the cutest and definitely a favourite of mine. enjoy!

Clint and Natasha sit at the kitchen table in the Stark Tower, cups of coffee in one hand and their phones in another. Clint scrolls through the news, checking out all the new headlines, while Natasha watches a small video from a few nights ago. They chit chat, turning and showing each other something every now and then, but are otherwise quiet.

When Steve can be heard walking down the hall, both of them peak down the hallway. He walks into the kitchen with his shirt in his hands and his hair a little messy, his eyes sleepy. Natasha smiles at him and looks back at her phone but Clint keeps his eyes on him.

When Steve gets to the counter to get a cup of coffee as he puts his shirt on, Clint catches the tiniest of glimpses of his back. It’s scratched up, claw-like marks tracing his skin. Clint’s eyes go wide and he taps Natasha’s leg from under the table, making her look up. But Steve has his shirt on by now, getting a mug down from the cabinet.

Natasha shoots Clint an accusing look and he opens the messaging app on his phone, texting her what he had wanted to show her. As she reads the message, she shakes her head.

“Steve? No way” she texts back and Clint rolls his eyes.

“Whatever” Clint responds, going back to the news. Natasha takes an extra second to look at Steve, squinting her eyes at the man who pours some coffee into his mug.

Quiet footsteps are heard from the hall a few seconds later as Steve puts the coffee pot back. Natasha and Clint look up again and see (y/n), her hair in a very messy bun with tangles throughout it. She wears shorts and a large white t-shirt, her black sports-bra slightly visible. Only thing is, the shirt isn’t one of hers.

Clint slowly turns to Natasha with wide eyes again and her eyes are stuck on (y/n), who grabs a coffee cup. She quickly looks at Clint and nods once, her eyes going back to the others. She notices the way they act, how Steve doesn’t mind standing close to her, their arms touching, and how (y/n) stares at him just a second too long.

Natasha quickly turns to her phone and messages Clint. “Don’t say anything yet” she texts and he just nods, setting his phone down. Natasha crosses her legs and leans back, drinking form her coffee to disguise her smile that threatens to slip free.

Steve leans against the counter, drinking his coffee as (y/n) finishes making hers. She stands next to him, holding the mug with both hands wrapped around the epicenter of warmth. She blinks some sleep from her eyes, taking a tiny sip.

Clint wants to laugh, and Natasha can tell. She stops him with a warning by slowly pressing her foot on his toes under the table, his smile quickly fading. He looks at her and she shakes her head, the grin still wanting to show.

Shuffling is heard form the hallway a moment later and Tony walks out in sweatpants and a t-shirt, rubbing his eyes. He stops as he walks in, looking from the two at the table to the two leaning against the counter. The silence is unsettling.

He drops his hands and freezes, turning to Steve and (y/n). “You two banged, didn’t you?” he asks with no warning, pointing to them.

Clint bursts out in a fit of laughter like a child, Natasha finally letting that trademark deadly smile shine. Steve drops his mug but (y/n) is fast enough to catch it, no coffee being spilt. Slowly she hands it back to him, looking to him with wide eyes.

“What would make you think that?” Steve asks, trying to keep his voice and expression even. (Y/n) tries the same, quickly drowning herself in coffee.

Tony rolls his eyes, grabbing a mug and pouring coffee into it. He sets his mug down and turns to (y/n). He pulls the top of the back of her shirt down, her eyes going wide. He looks at the tag and nods, stepping back.

“Because she doesn’t wear a large,” Tony mutters, walking to Steve. He pulls the collar of his shirt down, a small hickey being revealed, sending Clint into another fit of laughter. Tony doesn’t say anything else, but he brings a hand up and smacks his upper back, Steve flinching from the slight sting of the impact.

“And you shouldn’t have reacted like that,” he finishes, stepping back and grabbing his coffee. Clint is still laughing, his head thrown back and his hands on his chest. Natasha just smiles at them, drinking her coffee. Steve stares at (y/n), who looks up at him with wide eyes again. He just drinks his coffee, avoiding Tony and Natasha’s gazes.

“Natasha, you owe me twenty dollars,” Tony says as he leans against the counter a few feet from Steve and (y/n). She laughs and (y/n) turns to him.

“Why?” she asks, setting her empty mug down.

“Because I said that you two would end up in bed together by Sunday,” he says with a shrug. “It just happens to be Friday.” (Y/n) shoots Natasha a mean look and she smiles more. Clint can finally breathe again, the laughter slowly dying down as he sits up.

Bruce walks into the kitchen out of nowhere. He stops and looks at everyone, his eyes landing on Steve and (y/n). He turns to Natasha. “You owe me ten dollars.” (Y/n) throws her hands up as he grins and she walks back down the hall, Steve following her.

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anonymous asked:

(for the cahrecter kink meme) how about sub steve and bondage? (Can be stucky, Stevexreader, or stevex whoever you want, depends on what you want to do)

Attending Needs.

A/N: sure thing! I went with reader because why not? I do have a weakness for sub Steve though so y'all can probably expect more and a plethora of pairings. Enjoy my sin!

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, language, pure porn, sub!steve, Dom!reader, nipple play kinda, oral, bondage, orgasm denial, unprotected sex(WRAP UP YO DINGY DONG KIDS), dirty talk


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Let's Hurt Tonight

Summary: You have to face the after match after another fight with Steve.  You have to deal with your bad habits and with the true. ( I still suck at synopses.)

Pairing: Stevex Reader

Words: 1050

Warnings: Angst so much angst a little bit of fuffy.

A.n: This was heavily inspired by the onerepublic song and every single sad song on my playlist.

Thanks to @drinkfantasy to be my beta.

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You look at the door in front of you; you know that the moment you pass through it you are going to have to deal with things that you are not ready to just yet. You know that Steve is inside waiting for you and he knows that you are outside gathering the courage to get in.

This is too familiar, every time that you two have a fight you always walk away leaving him alone and every time you come back he is inside waiting for you in the living room.

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Agents of SHIELD Imagines:

X   Imagine being part of Coulson’s team, and them finding out you’re part-dragon when you lose control and take down a bunch of Hydra agents
X   Imagine being best friends with Hunter, and he knows Fitz has a crush on you, so he purposely flirts with you to see his reaction
X   Imagine being a vigilante with the power to manipulate weather and teaming up with Coulson’s team after saving their lives
X   Imagine Fitz’s face when he realizes you got a monkey for his birthday
X   Imagine having a water fight with Fitz
X   Imagine living on the Bus with the Agents of SHIELD team
X   Imagine being part of Coulson’s team and having the power of a necromancer, but keeping it secret because you can’t really control them. They find out when you have to use them to save Skye
X   Imagine teaching Fitz how to fight, and him getting frustrated because he can’t pin you, so you motivate him by saying you’ll kiss him if he can pin you at least once.
X   Imagine being a shapeshifter and saving Fitz from Hydra. He ends up taking you with him.
X   Imagine living on the Bus and being in a long-term relationship with Fitz
X   Imagine being an Avenger, and you were very close to Coulson before he died. You find out he’s alive again when you run into him while raiding a Hydra base
X   Imagine being on Coulson’s team, and them finding out you’re dating Thor when he comes down from Asgard to visit you
X   Imagine Hunter and Lincoln fighting over you whenever you leave them alone
X   Lincoln Campbell Imagine
X   Imagine being a rogue SHIELD agent turned mercenary, and May trying to convince you to rejoin SHIELD
X   Imagine having to choose between Trip and Grant
X   Imagine being on Coulson’s team and Jiaying throws a crystal at you in an attempt to kill you, but it doesn’t work
X   Imagine being a part of Coulson’s team, and they find out you’re an Avenger when you leave SHIELD to fight Ultron
X   Imagine being a SHIELD agent, and telling the team you’re a daughter of Poseidon when you use your powers on a mission
X   Imagine the Agents of SHIELD team discovering you’re dating Loki
X   Imagine leaving the Agents of SHIELD team in the middle of the night after discovering you have powers
X   Imagine going to the Playground with your boyfriend, Pietro, and he gets jealous when he sees you playing around with/sparring with Trip. When Trip grabs you, Pietro knocks him down and says, “You didn’t see that coming.”
X   Imagine being an Avenger and meeting Coulson’s team. Skye and Trip hero-worship you, Fitzsimmons asks you questions about your powers and species, Lance is just trying to be cool, and May and Bobbi want to spar with you
X   Imagine being Coulson’s daughter and in a relationship with Steve
X   Imagine you were one of SHIELD’s best agents with the power of pyrokinesis, but you left SHIELD and vowed to never go back after Hydra tracked down and killed your parents. Then May and Coulson show up and try to recruit you for the new SHIELD
X   Imagine spending Christmas with your fiance, Grant Ward, and you’re pregnant 
X   Imagine stealing the team’s food with super speed  
X   Imagine introducing your boyfriend, James Rogers, to your parents, Bobbi and Lance 

"I don't even know who I am anymore"  "That's okay because I know you. I know you better than anyone”

A/N: This was a request from anon: Hi! :) Could I request “I don’t even know who I am anymore.” and “That’s okay because I know you. I know you better than anyone.” for a Steve X reader please? Xx.
This was the first time that I wrote for Steve, I hope you enjoy it. Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes (pointers and tips about my grammar are appreciated since I want to get better). 

Pairings: SteveX Reader

Prompt: Reader helps Steve adjust to the modern lifestyle. Slight angst/fluff

Warnings: Don’t think there’s anything..

Word count: 941

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You were there when they found him. It was the longest moment of your life, waiting for them to bring him out of the ice. You weren’t happy when you were sent off to a mission the same week as he laid on  that hospital  bed waiting to open his eyes. You were constantly distracted thinking back to the time you knew Steve, before he crashed into that ice not to be recovered for years. You hadn’t aged a day since that, not look wise at least. You had become friends with Steve being another test subject of Abraham Erskine, both being quite shy and weak but full of heart. You would admit that you started caring a great deal about him, you sort of felt he could have been the one for you seeing as no one had ever made you feel the way he did again.

‘’He’s awake’’ your heart started raising over Nick Fury’s words on the phone. ‘’He’s quite shaken from the shock of being back, I thought it would be a good idea for you to meet him’’ Nick explained. 

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Steve Rogers Imagines:

     Imagine Steve saving you from Hydra:   Part 1   Part 2
X   Imagine decorating the tree with Steve
X   Imagine discussing the future with Steve
X   Imagine teasing Steve relentlessly at one of Tony’s parties, and when he can’t take it anymore, he pulls you away and makes out with you furiously
X   Imagine having a huge fight with Steve, and having him chase after you in the rain so he can apologize
X   Imagine Steve being protective of you because you’re so shy
X   Imagine going on your honeymoon with Steve
X   Imagine Steve getting angry when Tony makes his usual remarks about you
X   Imagine Steve returning to you after a long mission
X   Imagine you’re Steve’s ex-girlfriend, and you return to the team after the events of Age of Ultron
X   Imagine Steve coming to your coffee shop every day after he woke up from the ice
X   Imagine being assigned the mission to keep an eye on Captain America
X   Imagine dancing with Steve Rogers
X   Imagine Steve showing up in full uniform while you’re in labor
X   Imagine being “Mrs. Rogers”
X   Imagine Steve asking you about some bruises on your arm, and then going to teach your boyfriend a lesson
X   Imagine the media finding out about yours and Steve’s relationship