The Claw!

My desk/house is a mess, but my car must be clean

(Follow-up to that picture.)

stevewhitaker replied to your photo: Do you want to impress me? I’m absolutely…

Is this your desk? Is that toilet paper? Dude.

No, it’s a roll of paper towels. (There’s often a roll of toilet paper in there because I use it to blow my nose when I can’t find a box of kleenex).

  • Also, judging by the photo reply he left, I think quixotekid and I have the same monitor.

  • I should mention that while this is my desk, but I don’t actually use it all that often. I have a little folding table that I use with my MacBook Air. The monitor is mostly used to watch stuff on the Drobo (not shown). The TV is mostly used for watching stuff on TV. The rest of it is just assorted crap that piles up. There are similar piles in the dining room, and at my real office.

  • You wouldn’t even want to look in our basement.

  • When I took that picture I was looking for my cordless keyboard and trackpad. Which are clearly visible sitting on top of the closed computer on the left-hand.

Now, that I have told you all that… explain to me why it drives me absolutely nuts to have crap I don’t need in my car (or in The Wife’s car, which looks like my desk, except in a car)?

stevewhitaker replied to your post: Tom Hanks was in an episode of Family Ties. (S1:E14)

Drunk Uncle!

fireland replied to your post: Tom Hanks was in an episode of Family Ties. (S1:E14)

More than one! Every time I write about getting drunk on vanilla extract, it’s a shout-out to Uncle Ned.

bananacasts replied to your post: Tom Hanks was in an episode of Family Ties. (S1:E14)

He was in at least two. One he was paranoid. One he was drunk.

I totally forgot about Drunk Uncle. The episodes I watched yesterday are the ones where he stole money from his company in order to stop a merger that would have cost thousands of people their jobs. Alex P. Keaton was very upset. The FBI guy was hilarious. There was a lesson learned - I forget what it was.  I’m craving vanilla.