Tony/Everyone (sort of) being protective/rescuing:


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ThorTony (using his hammer)

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Tony @ all of them:

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“I forgive you,” Tony states upon the first time he and Steve are alone together. “And I’m sorry.”

Steve shakes his head. “If I had thought things through more, we would have never ended up the way we did.” He takes a couple of steps towards Tony. “And I forgive you, too. And I’m sorry, too.”

“When this is over, let’s talk. As in, really talk.” Tony pulls out his sunglasses, placing them on his face. “Just you and me. No Accords. No government. No UN. No creepy asshole hellbent on destroying the planet. Sounds good?”

“Sounds good.” Steve offers his hand.

Tony takes it. “Nice beard by the way. It really suits you.”

Steve grins. They were going to be okay.

12 Days of Stony: Day 7 As Sharp As Any Thorn by RurouniHime

As Sharp as Any Thorn by RurouniHime:  It’s four days to Christmas, there’s a city in shambles, and the nation is in mourning because of the actions of a single man.

Why I love it: This gloriously beautiful fic gets me every time.  The descriptions are so vivid.  Tony’s suit gets compromised and attacks Steve, and it just about kills Tony, who is having to watch. Steve is just so…God, Steve, he’s awesome in this. Smart and good and understanding, while trying to deal with an awful situation.  Plus, you get the whole waking up in the hospital thing.  Trust me, this is an amazing read, and if you haven’t tried it yet, maybe because the description doesn’t give much away, please read this.  It is absolutely beautifully written, full of pain and angst and pining, but with a happy ending that gives me chills every time.  It isn’t overwrought, though. That’s the thing with this one that I think keeps me coming back, because some fluff gets way too cloying for me, but this one reads like it is really them, you know?  Top notch.

Please remember to leave a comment and kudos for the author!

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TonyxSteve college library AU!

“He comes in here every day with a food - even though food isn’t allowed - and sits in the back corner doing whatever it is he does on his laptop and then he leaves behind crumbs!” Steve whispers angerly.

“What are we talking about again?” Sam asks Natasha while highlighting a quote in his textbook.

“Steve’s blatantly obvious crush on Stark,” Natasha replies, ignoring the hissing sound that Steve releases upon hearing her.

*send me a character/pairing, an au, and ill write you a three-sentence fic

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hey! any steve walking in on tony using a toy (or a machine...or his armor...) and moaning his name fics? or the other way around? thank you!

I do know a few caught-in-the-act/voyeurism fics that you might like.  They go both ways, so some Steve walking in on Tony, some Tony walking in on Steve.  I think the first one on the list is what you had in mind.  If anyone has other suggestions, let me know!


Fooling Around by @captainneverever:  Steve catches Tony using a Captain America sex toy. Tony thinks that Steve is going to be upset. But that’s not what happens. At all.

CDII by SevlinRipley:  Prompt: Steve’s been hit with sex pollen or maybe he’s just really horny and heads to the lab to track down Tony to help resolve his problem. He soon discovers it empty, much to his annoyance. However, he does spot a gauntlet resting on the work bench and is hit by all the fantasies he’s ever had of getting off with Tony in various states of dress in the armour. Knowing that he has to do SOMETHING about his little situation, he takes matters into his own hands and basically uses the gauntlet to jerk himself off. Of course, JARVIS being the sort of intelligence that he is, decides that it’s a good idea to send the live video feed to Tony’s phone. Tony, who just happens to be in a board meeting at the time. Obviously, the footage is MUCH more interesting than what he’s supposed to be concentrating on but it becomes hard to focus on anything when JARVIS links him up to the audio as well… link

The S.T.U.D. by @stark-spangled-lovers:  The unexpected and somewhat bizarre story of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark falling madly in love with one another…
…over an A.I. fucking machine.

Just a Whisper by @some-blue-jack:  Tony’s always had a little voyeuristic streak in him.

Blue Movie by BewaretheIdes15:  Alright, look, confession - Tony has been masturbating to Captain America since he was thirteen.

For Science by copperbadge:  Tony discovers top-secret footage of Steve Rogers pre- and post-serum. And discovers why it’s top secret.

Watching is Sometimes Better by someboys:  Tony catches Steve touching himself when Steve thought he was sleeping.

unintended results by theappleppielifestyle: Tony stares at the ceiling, white-knuckling his pockets. I will not get off to Steve jerking it. I will not get off to Steve jerking it. I will not-That thought is put on hold as something starts to buzz, and Tony has to bite down forcefully on his tongue to stop himself from groaning out loud when he realizes what it is.He shakes his head quickly, takes a short breath in and thinks, I will not get off to Steve fucking himself with a vibrator. I will not get off to Steve fucking himself with a vibrator, over and over until Steve’s whimpers, his fucking whimpers, drown out whatever Tony is trying to think.

Hypothesis by foxxcub: "A supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.“Or, Tony watches Steve watch porn.

Watching You, Watching Me by Skydiver_Tomyo: Steve was just going to talk to Tony. Yes, that’s what he was supposed to do.
Not standing there by the door, watching Tony jerk off and definitely have a daydream about it.

Hammer Dat Ass by @everybodyilovedies:  When hacking into Tony Stark’s satellites, Justin Hammer makes an interesting discovery, or three. That is, three satellites dedicated solely to one Steve Roger’s ass. (Hammer catching Tony being naughty, but it is really fun)

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stony mafia au!!!

The man tied to the chair stares up at him through swollen eyes, pleading for the pain to end, but Steve isn’t satisfied with merely roughing up this disgraceful creature after he attempted to lay another unwanted move on Tony.

“He wasn’t yours to touch,” Steve growls in his face, hands landing on the man’s shoulders; grinning when the man flinches away, a small whimper escaping a towel stuffed mouth.

Tony has been very clear since day one that he held no interest in any man that wasn’t Steve and, in a brief passing, mentioned being touched without permission several times by an unknown man, and Steve - with his building rage - is going to make sure this man never touches Tony again.

*send me a character/pairing, an au, and ill write you a three-sentence fic

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stony + new years eve :D

The countdown had begun with the loud ticks of the clock eating up every second. Numbers were screamed through the heated air as people clung together and laughed while holding their glasses of champagne, lifting them up to the ceiling. It was with a gentle look of soft blue eyes that drew Tony closer as well as the slightly roughened hands that cupped his cheeks. Thumbs smoothed over his cheekbones and pulled him closer and closer until soft lips pressed against his own.

Cheers of the new year rang throughout the tower and Tony smiled into the warm embrace of Steve. 

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superhusbands, they have kids au

Tony tries really, really hard not to smile at the adorable seen Steve and the kids are making despite the paint splattered all over the kitchen table, walls, and ceiling.

“Things go, uh, a little out of hand,” Steve tells him as he tries to clean up their son by the sink while their daughter - cute little Christine - smiles up at Tony and holds out her arms in a clear indication to be picked up.

“You’re lucky I don’t like this suit very much,” Tony tells her as he sweeps her off her feet and moves to join the rest of their family at the sink while the while using his tie to try and wipe away purple paint smeared across her forehead.

*send me a character/pairing, an au, and ill write you a three-sentence fic

BTW, I’m always on a lookout for SteveTony blogs to follow, with the slight catch of: they have to be Steve/Tony only, as in you just ship them with each other, no multishipping of either Steve or Tony. Other ships (other character/other character) I don’t mind. I could use more blogs on my dash is all.

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Stony. BDSM AU

Sweat slides down Steve’s quivering chest, slipping lower enough to touch his pelvis, before being licked away by a rough tongue and replaced with a painful nip that leaves behind a steady throb. 

Tony glances down at him, dark brown eyes glittering in the low light provided by the candles next to their bed, and grins; sharp teeth visible enough that Steve knows - he just knows - that Tony won’t stop with one bit.

“I think it’s time we try the candle wax,” Tony states while picking one up, “since you seem to be into that sort of thing,” and he tips it ever so slightly, grinning when Steve arches his back and cries out when the wax lands on his left nipple.

*send me a character/pairing, an au, and ill write you a three-sentence fic