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Neurodiversity advocates … suggest that, instead of investing millions of dollars a year to uncover the causes of autism in the future, we should be helping autistic people and their families live happier, healthier, more productive, and more secure lives in the present.

This process has barely begun. Imagine if society had put off the issue of civil rights until the genetics of race were sorted out, or denied wheelchair users access to public buildings while insisting that someday, with the help of science, everyone will be able to walk.

—  Steve Silberman, NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity

Regardless of how this venture actually turns out, I personally think MARVEL LEGACY is at the very least being successfully promoted as one crazy epic event or shift. First we had the amazing pieces of artwork by Joe Quesada and Alex Ross and now we have these outstanding piece by Mark Brooks! I love this so much!! 

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Imagine the team finding out Steve and Thor are dating (they are one of my favorite rare pairs)

Clint finds out first, actually, though Natasha claims she already knew. But Clint is the first one to actually walk into them. Not that they’re doing anything scandalous, but they’re curled up on the couch, Thor trying to figure out why his Starkpad is so laggy, and Steve napping with his head in Thor’s lap. 

Not even that that’s so damning, either, because they’ve found out Steve will nap on just about anyone he trusts. But it’s the way Thor’s thumb absently traces the shell of Steve’s ear, thoughtlessly intimate. It’s the way Steve nuzzles closer to him and Thor just shifts to accommodate him, like they’ve done this before.

“Uh.” Clint wishes he could shove his whole foot in his mouth. Uh, really, Barton?

Hello, Clint,” Thor says, looking up with a smile. 

“How long have you two been…?” Clint gestures.

“Oh,” Thor looks down and runs a hand through Steve’s hair. “I believe it’s been three of your months.”

“How did we not know?!” Clint demands and then wants the ground to swallow him again. Thor just chuckles.

“We have been keeping it…low key,” he says, trying the phrase out. Then he looks stern. “I trust you have no problems with it?”

Clint shakes his head frantically. “Nope, no problems, definitely not.” He pauses. “Um. I hope you’re both happy,” he says lamely and then heads back out.

Just before he closes the door, he hears a sleepy, “Thor?”

“Hush, little godling,” Thor says back to him. “Go to sleep.”

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Still don't know why people are still ribbing you about Steves foot thing. Why do we all think attraction to feet is weird? If you wrote Steve was attracted to toned arms no one would care. Feet are a body part. Some find them attractive, why do we all freak like there's something odd about it? Different cultures place emphasis on different body parts. In some Asian cultures the neck and shoulders are seen as very sensual parts. Every part of the human body is beautiful. Get over yourselves.

Anon, while I do appreciate the gesture and iT WASNT EVEN A WHOLE FOOT JOB YALL JUST A BIT OF ONE, most of the people who drag me are my buds so it ain’t that deep lol.

Read you can see that the gazing eye won’t lie if you too think that Steve Rogers would like a LITTLE BIT of a foot job.


Happy shipping ♥ to my beloved romanogers/stevenat squad/ship: @sunnie91, @thegraytigress , @heyfrenchfreudiana , @iavenge , @aesthetically-broken , @perfectioninc , @sassaspazz , @spanglecap@mssweetserialkiller , @vbprodz , @multifandom64 , @elcapitan-rogers , @rxgersrxmanxff , @romanogersarmy , @romanogersassemble , @chalantness, @chrisakameatball, @ym4yum1, @yvonne228, @lbs29, @from-wizards-to-soldiers @gaatarra, @lotsoflove115, @pleasesayitsnotso, @avengerwidow9, @liamsbabychimera, @mrshermionegranger, @faeryaeryn, @ladiestarks, @blakeilvely, @uncoolguy, @seaductress, @romnogerss, @bookmatcher, @barbavagordon@dresupi , @damadeltiempo, @remy-lebeaus, @i-wike-it-alot , @marvelousdorito , @crimsonxblaze , @multi-fandom-crazy-fangirl, @chrisakameatball , @agntromanff, @shieldandgun and everybody else I haven’t mention that is still on board of our beloved ship (I love you guys, I know is difficult when is not “canon”) sorry if I’m missing someone in the post, it’s because I can’t properly remember the names of accounts ;A; or if you changed the account name, please let me know x’D. 

Hope you like this AU gifset because in my head is canon ♥ ♥.
Love you all :).

operation:  it’s the great pumpkin charlie brown

Note:  I decided to write a longer version of the Halloween Story Featuring the Current Generation of Howling Commandos.


Imagine that you are eleven years old and it’s Halloween.

You’re not too old for trick or treat - in fact, this is just the right age for it to be fun.  You’re old enough to be trusted to run around the neighborhood with your friends and go trick or treating.  You get the safety lecture from your Ma, chapter and verse.  Don’t eat anything if you can’t tell what it is - there’s all these posts going around on Tumblr right now about weird candy looking things that are actually drugs and there’s always those old stories about razors in apples and poison in Pixy Stix.

You know how to Google.  The Pixy Stix douchecanoe was really a guy who wanted to kill his own kid for the life insurance money but parents will still freak out anyway.  So you nod and say “Yes, Ma” and you promise over and over that you won’t do anything stupid.  You will be careful.

And after that, you can all go back to the all important business of making your costumes.

It’s gonna be special this year.

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vampire: nice to meet you, sulo! my name is steve and i’m a 739 year old vampire. i promise i don’t bite… much! ᵃʰʰʰᵃʰᵃ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ⁿᵉᵛᵉʳ ᵍᵉᵗˢ ᵒˡᵈ

zombie: greetings, sulo. i’m morton but you can call me morty, if you care to. been working in IT for about 70 years now. oh, you wanted to know how long i’ve been undead? same thing

ghost: hello sulo! name’s brian and i’ve got a joke for you! why can’t male ghosts have babies? because they have hollow-weenies!

Eventually all of the Barnes Great-Niblings decided that ‘Cap'n Steeb or Cap'n 'Merica’ would be christened as Uncle Punk.

Because he was Uncle Bucky’s beloved punk and it made for a great nickname.

'Uncle Bucky’ laughed his ass off when he heard about it and shamelessly encouraged the Great-Niblings.

To Uncle Punk’s horror, the nickname spread throughout all of the Legacy Families and he was now and forever, their beloved Uncle Punk.“

—  Uncle Punk, a Blanket Fort Headcanon which is entirely tygermama‘s fault

1987. The Legacy

is the debut album by band Testament. It was released on April 21.  Prior to the album’s recording in 1986, Testament was known as Legacy. Their lineup consisted of singer Steve “Zetro” Souza, guitarists Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson, bassist Greg Christian and drummer Louie Clemente. Singer Chuck Billy was a member of another local band named Guilt. He had performed with Legacy on a few occasions and was asked to become the new singer after Souza left to join Exodus. In 1986, the band changed their name to Testament after finding out that there was a jazz band named Legacy. The Testament name was suggested by Billy Milano (from S.O.D. and M.O.D.), who was a friend of the band in the early days. 

This was the only Testament album to feature songwriting contributions from Souza, who was credited as the co-writer of all the songs, except for “C.O.T.L.O.D.” and “Do or Die”, which were co-written by original Legacy singer Derrick Ramirez and Billy respectively. The closing track, “Apocalyptic City”, was written by Skolnick and Peterson.

if you want to start with Testament, start with “The Legacy”. You’ll be ripped to shreds by the awesome work,This album remains one of the best thrash metal albums of 1987 and stands firmly as the ultimate Testament album to this day. Worship this or die!

Chuck Billy    Alex Skolnick   Eric Peterson    Greg Christian   Louie Clemente