Soda Jealous imagine (request)

knock knock knock

“Come in! I’m almost done!” I screamed from my door. I heard two people voice their approval, and went back to what I was doing.

I grabbed my well-worn leather jacket off a hanger in my closet. It’s the only thing I ever thing I ever bothered to hang up. Everything else? Scattered. In my kitchen, floor, bed, bathroom, you name it. I have a closet, it’s just I don’t use it. I smelt the sweet, dusty smell of the cracked hide. Sodapop Curtis had given this to me for my birthday two years ago. I’ve worn it each day since. I quickly put it one as my heart fluttered. Sodapop Curtis. Soda. I had a huge crush on him. I have since we met back in third grade. I remember getting jealous whenever I saw him with some girl at the DX, or at school, wishing it was me. It killed me when he dated Sandy, and killed me even more when she left him. But despite our hardships, we’ve always had contact with each other. Even when he dropped out, we kept in touch. I loved that crazy, reckless, carefree boy. But all I am to him? Just his buddy. His best girl buddy, as he said.

I sighed and brushed my (hair length+color) behind my ears, and looked in the mirror. For a split second, I wondered if maybe he did like me that special way. Then I realized how wrong I was. Too fat. Too ugly. Too fake. That’s what my mom and dad always say when I’m home. It’s true. I’m stupid for thinking he may like me.

In my thought, I didn’t notice Soda sneak in the room and lift me up by the waist, tickling me as he did so.

“Soda!” I squealed, “You’re gonna ruin my hair!” after a few more seconds, Soda softly set me down. I turned at looked at his movie-star smile. My stomach got butterflies as my heart dropped to it. His heart-breaking smile…

I saw his mouth move, and I snapped out of it.

“S-sorry, what did you say?” I stuttered out.

“I said, ya ready ta go, (Y/N/N)?” He maintained that perfect smile.

“O-Oh!” I blushed, “Y-yeah! Sorry…. let’s go.” I blushed and pulled my best smile, my imperfect smile.

As we were about to head out of the bedroom, I remembered something.

“Soda! Wait! I got you this…” I jogged my skinny-jean clad legs and converse-covered feet to my bed, and reached under it. I pulled out a small cardboard box and handed it to him. He gave me a curious look, and opened the box, a bright grin overtaking his face.

“A watch! How’d ya know I needed one, (Y/N/N)?” He pulled out a small silver watch, instantly clipping it on his wrist.

“I…I remember you had that old one for years, and you said you needed a new one a few months back… so I saved up for it…. Do you like it?” I looked up at him shyly, a small grin on my face.

“Like it? Ah love it! Thanks, (Y/N/N), you’re the best bud I ever could have asked for!” He pulled me in a tight hug. A heart-breaking hug.

Steve knocked on the door, a mischevious grin on his face. “‘Scuse me? What ‘bout me?” He waltzed over, and we pulled from the hug.

“Aw, shoot, Steve, ya know you are my best buddy too. She’s just my best girl bud, that’s all.” He punched Steve in the arm, and the two started punching one another. They then took out the door, me dragging just behind them. A girl bud. That’s all I’ll be, huh?

We arrived at the party, at none other than Buck’s house. We could hear the yells and hoots from two blocks down. We arrived, and smoke combined with a touch of alcohol filled my nose. I wasn’t much of a drinker- I had the occasional drink. Today may just be an exception, depends on the situation. For now, I settled for a coke. The three of us walked, three drinks in hand. We danced and sang along to Elvis, sat down at The Beetles, and drank cokes to everything else.

“Should we leave? It’s gettin’ late, and your brother’ll kill us if we get there too late.” Steve piped up.

“Yeah… Prolly. (Y/N/N), you dig?” Soda turned his face to mine.

“Yeah, I guess so. My parents’ll  skin me if I’m late.” We all stood and went for the door. On the way out, I felt a hard pinch on my butt. I spun around, angry. “What’s the big idea?” I yelled over the noise.

“Ah, fiesty one, are we? A hot personality with looks to match?” The man was a greaser I knew from school. A real douchebag, drunk or not. I could tell from his voice he was barely drunk at all.

“Ey, knock it off! I’m not interested! Go find some dirt of your own, kay?” I turned, but he grabbed my wrist. “Hey!”

“Playin’ hard ta get are we? Well, I’m  just gonna let you go tha’ easy. You’re too fine of a catch. Now, how ‘bout we go upstairs?” He leaned in closer.
“Stop!” I yelped, but no one noticed. He grabbed ahold of my free wrist for good measure. Tears started filling my (eye color) eyes. I was actually scared.  He pulled me closer, when I heard a  familiar voice call out.

“Hey! let’er go!”


“Nah, man, she’s mine. I got’er first, finders keepers, ya know!” the boy said in a song sing voice.
“Hey, seriously, she doesn’t like that. Let her go!” Soda stepped closer, putting a hand on my shoulder.

“You know what? Fine! Take that whore of a broad away! I’ll go find mah own, you’ll see!” He stated with a firm hiccup, then drunkily walked away.

Immediately, Soda gripped my hand, an angry look on his face, and yanked me out the door.

The whole way home, he wore that same expression on his face. He also was holding my hand with an iron grip, wanting nothing to touch me but him. Finally, I stopped us in our tracks and pulled my hand away.

“Okay, that’s it. What’s up? Where the heck did Steve go?” I crossed my arms.

“He went home. I told him I was going to look for you. Let’s go.” He tried to grab me, but I yanked away once more. “(Y/N), Let’s go!”

“No! Why are you so angry? You’re more angry about this than I am, and I have no idea why!” I stated, trying to make it positive I was going nowhere until he answered me.

“Because he tried to kiss you!” He tried to grab me again, but failed. I took another step back.

“Why does that bother you so much?” I was getting angry myself now.

“Well, because, I, it’s, complicated!” He screamed, stepping towards me. This time,I didn’t back up.

“WELL?” I took a step forward, trying my best to be intimidating.

“BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!” He said putting both hands on my shoulders. “I always have! Ever since we first met in third grade on that swing set when you couldn’t get on the seat because you were too short, an’ I had to go n’ help ya! I didn’ realize it until after Sandy wen’ ‘n left me, when you were there to comfort me that whole week! I hated what the guy was doin’ to ya’, because I don’ wan’ any other guy with you but me! I was jealous, okay?“

He dropped his hands to his side, and collapsed onto the ground. "I… I love you.” He put his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands.

I was shocked. Overjoyed. Depressed. I don’t know! I stood there for a second or two. He liked me back. Something I never thought would happen… happened. I went and sat down by him. I lifted his face from his hands.

“I… I love you too. I always have too, you know. I just… thought you didn’t like me back. That I was your buddy and only that. But… I was wrong.” I lent in, nervous, and so did he, and we kissed. It was like fireworks. We pulled away after an eternity passed. And we somehow knew we’d there, side by side, for an eternity after.

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Soda Christmas Proposal

(for Mrs. Sodapop Curtis! Go follow her, she’s great at imagines! Merry Christmas!)

Laughter filled the small Curtis house that Christmas morning. The entire gang was gathered in the Curtis living room around a small fireplace. A small-yet blazing fire burnt brightly on the hard logs, which Two-Bit occasionally poked with a stick. Despite the warmth of the hearth glazing over you, you still felt the chill of the wind from the cracked window that Steve broke last week, causing you to further bury into your boyfriend, Mr. Sodapop Curtis. Darry, donning the red velvet Santa hat you gave him, handed out the alleged last present of the morning.

“To ya, Soda, from me.” Darry handed him the medium box covered securely in newspaper and tape. Curious as ever, Soda reluctantly freed the arm he had wrapped around you to open his gift. As he tore off the last of the paper, he looked closer at the box and near instantly, his ears were a bright beacon of red.

“Darry—” He stuttered, not sure what to say. You peeped at the package in your lover’s hands. Soon, your cheeks became a deep scarlet. Condoms. Darry had given him condoms.

“Listen, I know you an’ (Y/N) are becomin’ real serious now an—”

“Darry, I—” Soda, usually reckless and bold, was sweating like a sinner in church.

“We just don’t need any babies poppin’ up and—”

“DARRY!” Soda bursted.

The rest of the gang was hootin’ with laughter! Steve and Two-Bit were balancing on each other for support, and Pony looked like he would become an icicle any second.

“Nevermind.” Darry stated firmly and sat on the overused, stuffed armchair.

“So, if that’s it, then why don’t we get started on breakfast?” I suggest, clearing my throat once the gang stopped laughing and Pony came out of shock.

The gang nodded in agreement, and Steve jumped up and left for the kitchen.

Soda cleared his throat. “Erm… actually, I got one… for Y/N.” Steve grumbled and sat back down on the floor. We all looked at Soda, curious expressions on our faces. He pulled me up off the coach alongside him, and fiddled with something in his pocket with a hand. “So…ugh… I ain’t exactly good at this thing…. I don’t think, so… Here goes nutin’…” He grabbed a hold of your hand with his free one, and looked you straight in the eye.

“(Y/N), I’ve loved ya since the day we first met at the Dingo and I spilt my shake all over ya. I know I ain’t got a whole lotta’ cash, but…” He knelt to one knee and pulled out a small box, “It’d do me a great honor if—” He didn’t finish, as you were already screaming yes when you crashed your soft lips onto his gentle ones.

He stood up and hugged you, slipping the small but elegant ring onto your finger. Congratulations were delivered with pats on the back, and that Christmas was the most memorable, because you spent it with your new fiance.