stevens point girls

Pearl regularly walks away from human men, including men trying to obviously flirt with her. Greg literally said “I knew how you felt about rose and I stayed anyway”. If Pearl just loved rose as a friend, why would greg becoming her romantic partner be anything to pearl? Pearl became visibly flustered trying to talk to a girl she found attractive. Pearl got a phone number from mystery girl. Steven pointed out that mystery girl looks a little like rose and amethyst immediately knew why pearl was flustered.
But there are still people trying to insist pearl isnt gay as all fucking hell. People watched pearl blush when a girl smiled at her. Pearl ran from the fucking police to catch up to mystery girl. Pearl has a big LESBIAN CRUSH on mystery girl. Pearl is a lesbian. The only way she could be more of a lesbian is if she pulled a garnet and turned out to be two more lesbians in a trenchcoat. Pearl is gay. Pearl is a big ass lesbian.
@ all Steven universe fans pearl is very obviously a lesbian literally how is it possible at all to deny that