This is a post about stevengerrrard (Priscilla)

Priscilla and I go to the same school. As soon as I saw her last post I went to her room and spoke to her.
Priscilla is okay now.
She’s speaking with one of the counselors and we’re going to make sure that she stays safe and around people who care for her.
So thank-you to everyone who has reached out and showed their concern on here.
(Putting this in the Liverpool and Real Madrid tags, so that all of her followers know.)

stevengerrrard replied to your post: so i’m dyeing my test strands blue rn and they’re…

take pictures so i can live vicariously through you

I didn’t dye it all the way up to my roots tho c:

the one on the left is just pure dye

and the one on the right was supposed to be pastely colored since they said to mix dye with white conditioner :c


My Message to Priscilla

sorry for the shaky-ness and randomness of this video lol

also watch it in 720 HD yeah? :P

Don’t have to watch the end part unless you are Priscilla ;)

if you do watch it, ignore my face and my voice coz ew

capitanfantastic asked:

oK where to start??

basically prisciLLA i fucking ADORE your voice like omg how arent you famous yet!? You’re WAY better than those amateurs like one direction or some others!! every time i listen to your covers i have to try not to cry because you really have a voice of an angel and i’m not exaggerating at all! and you’re so pretty like stop it,how dare you be pretty???? and you love E3 which is good bc i’m obv wes and you have to love me~~ and ya ily man i enjoy having you on my dash!!