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typical stevebucky 4/? (featuring natasha)
  • natasha: steve, are you there?
  • steve: what happened are you alright
  • natasha: we're at the junkyard for this mission and we're having a bit of an issue
  • steve: ...please don't tell me bucky stuck his metal arm into the magnet
  • natasha: ..bucky stuck his metal arm into the magnet
  • bucky, in the background: i'm okay!

Okay okay so once in my life I bingewatched Avengers Assemble (NO REGRETS!!!) and it recently came back to me and can I just??? Natasha and Steve??? THEY’RE TOO CUTE I MEAN HE’S THE FIRST TO REACT WHEN SHE FUCKING FALLS AND THE OTHERS JUST BE STANDING THERE AND AJDBDKSNAKABAKDBAKABDK

This scene pretty much sums up their relationship okay nobody can tell me otherwise



Romanogers Fluffathon #1 
I choose you. And I’ll choose you, over and over, and over. 

“Do you like it?” he asked opening the bathroom’s door. Natasha crossed her arms over her chest and smiled a little bit. “I like it… suits you”. They both look at each other for a few minutes before he asked “How long did the tint will last?” he wasn’t  used to the new hair color. Brown, like bucky’s hair (kind off). Natasha smiled and got closer to him, putting her tiny hand on his cheek. 

“I really like it” she whispers getting closer to him “we need to keep us low key in public, you know”. “I prefer your red hair” he whispers, touching her lips with his thumb. Her eyes shine for a minute. This new found passion between the two of them was… unexpected. For as long she remembers, Steve had been her best friend, her companion, her partner, but now, while they were running away from the government, becoming lovers was the next step, and it was so new for her.

She was scared, having a relationship (a real one overall) was strange, she was trying, keeping herself in touch with her past and the many paths she was curious about. All was so new and so warm.

He got close, his not shaved chin gives her chills. looking at each other eyes, she feels complete. It was unexpected but full and wonderful. For the first time in a long time, she was alive. Steve kissed her, savoring her lips, later, that night while they find each others body and keep learning about making love, there was so much passion in the little bed on the cabin.

She was warm, so damn warm