Renner Fan Girl Movie Guide presents The Renner Rewind!: Reviews of early Jeremy Renner works –  A Nightmare Come True (1997 TV movie)

Character: Steven Zarn, teenage son of the troubled Zarn family

Movie quality: 2.5 – This ultra-melodramatic TV movie follows the saga of a family after the mother inexplicably disappears. It’s your typical network TV movie from back when networks actually aired TV movies, all swelling music and hilarious overacting, fairly predictable and entirely forgettable, but good for a few unintended laughs.

Importance of role/screen time: 2.5 – Renner plays a supporting role as the brother of the protagonist. He doesn’t get a lot of screentime, but he does get some funny lines.

Performance quality: 3 – Renner brings a bit of levity to this cheesy melodrama, with clever little comments here and there. He seems to be the only character who doesn’t spend most of his screen time gazing ruefully into the middle distance (and for that we give him an extra point). Instead, he spends most of his time eating or drinking something (seriously, you could make a drinking game out of every time he appears at the breakfast or dinner table) and throwing incredulous looks at his fictional family members.

Hotness factor: 3 – In fact, he spends so much time eating, one wonders if that is why his wardrobe is about two sizes too big. Oh, no, that’s right – this was the 90s! Everyone dressed that way! Yes, this is another of Renner’s cute mid-‘90s puppy-dog roles – all floppy hair, gigantic eyes, big smiles, and adorable awkwardness. If Baby Renner is your favorite flavor of Renner, this is a must-see.

Total points: 11