SNM 20 (October 21)

I had no intention of going Friday night, but a number of alcoholic beverages and a bunch of texts from @moiraelegalservices assuring me that there were in fact tickets left convinced me to go out.  

I was immediately disoriented by feeling like I didn’t know half the cast that was on, so I thought I’d go hang with the Porter.  I found him sitting in a door way, very much not dancing, yet still managing to attract a crowd.  Finally, I gave up, because, no, and went upstairs.  Ida was on as Agnes, so I decided to see what she was up to.  I didn’t realize how soon her 1:1 was or that she does them back to back, so that hiccuped my plan to loop her.  Next time!

I watched the phone booth and loved everything about it.  Steven and Evelyn had the timing so spot on, and Steven and Tyler’s chemistry was just painful. I wandered a bit aimlessly for a while, caught the interrogation, like you do. I wanted to see the new guy who was on as Banquo, but somehow totally missed the timing for the luggage room, because I got stuck on the wrong side of the Lobby AND I couldn’t remember which stair took me up to that side of the Lobby, but I did catch the crypt.  Yes, thank you. 

At this point, I decided that the evening was just a little off and went to see Anabella in the Manderley, since I’ve never spent time with her before.  We had a great talk, and I’m keeping her gift close to my heart.

I went back in and tried to steer myself away from things that I have seen before, but again ended up with Malcolm and Agnes.  I love the way Ida somehow floats along that counter when she tries to get away from Malcolm.  I don’t know how she does it.  I stuck with Malcolm this time, and he took me into the room.  I cannot lie, after he left, I was very tempted to steal his eggs, but I let my better angels have their way.

I’m not sure why this cast change has me so out of sorts.  It might be because so many of my favorites are not in the Hotel right now, even if they may be coming back. And oddly, I’ve taken Olly’s absence pretty hard, even though he never gave me any love. Since I started coming to the show, Olly has always been there, and I feel like he has such a presence, and its familiarity was comforting, even if it was generally pretty sinister.

This is probably the last time I’ll go in 2016, since shows tend to be pretty full and I tend to be pretty busy from now until the New Year.  I look forward to empty January shows and near freezing to death in the line.

Rockstars in commercials

Iggy Pop: Car InsuranceSchweppes 

Alice Cooper: Staples , Sony, Callaway Golf, Marriott  

Bob Dylan: Victoria’s Secret 

The Rolling Stones: Jingle for Rice Krispies 

Steven Tyler: Burger King , Gap (along with Joe Perry), Sony camera 

Ringo Starr: Sketchers , apple juice , Pizza Hut (with the Monkees)

Mick Jagger: Monty Python (with Charlie Watts), showing off his gym shoes

Paul McCartney: JBL, Fidelity Federal  (kinda), Apple 

U2: Apple

David Bowie: Pepsi  (with Tina Turner), Louis Vuitton , ice cream (rare!), XM Radio, XM Radio 2005  !!!, Reality  

Robert Plant: Coca Cola

Slash: Mastercard , Volkswagen 

Gene Simmons: Dr. Pepper, Nike

Ozzy Osbourne: Best Buy , World of Warcraft , Samsung Propel, I can’t Believe it’s not Butter!, Brisk , Pepsi Twist 

Brian May: Ford

Roger Daltrey: American Express , Bulova, A Christmas Carol (he’s Ebenezer Scrooge!!!) 

Elton John: Pepsi

Feel free to add more!