Knock, Chapter 12

You return home from your day spent baby shopping. 


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Chapter 11

On the drive back from the baby store you’re tired enough to fall asleep but too happy to shut your eyes. Instead you find yourself gazing at Simon, strangely mesmerized by the way he’s concentrating on the road, his hands smoothing the steering wheel into every turn.

When he catches you looking, he smiles warmly and you realise right there and then that you’re in love with him. It’s not a question anymore, it’s not something that might happen, it’s something that’s been happening since the moment he forgot to knock on your door.

“Are you okay?” he asks as if he can read the very thoughts whizzing around your head but you say nothing, your mouth hanging open, your throat feeling dry enough to choke you.

Without your answer Simon goes back to looking at the road, his brow perplexed but not enough to warrant further enquiry. Afterall, you are okay, you’re not ill and from the outside nothing has changed in the past few minutes.

When he reaches for the can of rootbeer that sits between you, you snatch it from his hand, gulping it down and relishing the way the bubbles burn your throat as you try to ignore your new found feelings.

“Thirsty?” he says, giving you an odd look and still you don’t reply. In fact, you don’t say a single word until the truck is parked within the Sanctuary’s walls and Simon’s handing you a stack of baby blankets, asking, “can you manage those?”

“Yes,” you whisper, clutching them to your chest and biting back the tart response you would have usually given him for such a silly question. You might be feeling sheepish and have no idea how to actually act around him but you’re not so ridiculous that you can’t handle three baby blankets.

Thankfully Simon seems to be oblivious as he bends into the truck to slide out your new flat pack crib. The box is large yet he throws it onto his shoulder like it’s filled with helium rather than wood leaving you thinking two things. One, you wouldn’t mind him throwing you onto his shoulder and two, how the hell is this going to fit into your shoebox sized room?  

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Y’ALL. I was totally looking forward to this episode but it left me feeling so scared for Simon. I was sitting on my couch watching in the dark like…

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And since Eugene now knows that Dwight is the mole I’m so scared for him. As a reader of the comics I like Dwight and I dislike Eugene. I’m trying to give Eugene the benefit of the doubt like maybe he’s trying to work on something and he knows that if he escapes like Daryl did the Negan will just keep coming for him.

Also I liked that they’ve officially introduced some of Negan’s backstory. It hurt my heart a bit.

Rick and Daryl fighting had me rolling my eyes. Like c’mon boys let’s get it together.

But the tone in which Negan addressed Simon towards the end of the epsiode has me shook y’all.

ALSO Lisa Edelstein brought up an interesting theory on Talking Dead. So Negan tells Gabriel about when he first ‘took’ the Sanctuary the leader at the time was a mess and earlier in the episode Negan asks Simon if “we’re backsliding.” Lisa thinks Simon may have been the original leader and he knew he wasn’t doing a good job so that’s why he seems so content on being the second in command. There is a moment where he has to step up and if really seems like he doesn’t want to. But I’m listening to Lisa Edelstein lay out this theory like…

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Simon might be in trouble and I’m not ok with it.

P.S. - Steven made an adorable face on Talking Dead and as soon as I find a pic Imma post it.

A List of People Who Actually Deserve To Be Sexiest Man Alive

Khary Payton (!!!)

Idris Elba

Colin Firth

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Jordan Fisher

Keanu Reeves (again)

Tom Hiddleston

Chris Pratt

Taron Egerton

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Rami Malek

Steven Ogg ?

Chris Evans????



JuStIn TrUdEaU !?!?


Thought I’d make a better post of my new tattoo. Dedicated to my love of GTAV and hatred for that fucking stupid saying (I hate it almost as much as those family stickers on the back of mini vans). Go check out my tattoo artist while you’re at it, he’s a doll. 

Denise Huth  ||  Tonight is the night! Season 8 is here! #TWD100

Christian Serratos  ||  Back in my home town of Los Angeles. Can’t wait to celebrate the season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead with you guys.

Sarah Wayne Callies  ||  💯 🎉 ❤️ 🍾

Chandler Riggs  ||   woah twd comes back on tonight

Alanna Masterson  ||   Tonight 💀🕶🕷⚰️

Tom Payne  ||  The Walking Dead. Season 8. Episode One. Mercy

Seth Gilliam  ||   The long road to season 8 is almost behind us…tomorrow night…#TWD

Pollyanna McIntosh   ||  Tonight!!!! It’s on.

Steven Ogg  ||   Gooooood morning LA! 100th episode today!! Let’s do this!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan  ||  100 episodes. A big huge shout out to the entire cast and crew. Past and present, they, who bring their all every single day. Thanks to these two fellas for making me part of their family… and mostly… thank you to the fans. Without you, there would be no walking dead. No 100 episodes. Your passion is unrivaled. So… 100 episodes and counting! Thanks to everyone. Never been more proud to take part in anything. Enjoy season 8 everyone… here we go… see ya on the other side! Maybe… xojd

Norman Reedus || 🥂congrats everyone. Fans crew and cast. 100 episodes HOLY BALLS. ❤️ all y’all


The cast of The Walking Dead poses with former cast members onstage during AMC presents ‘Talking Dead Live’ on October 22, 2017 in  Los Angeles, California

Christian Serratos [kishserratos IG]  ||  She ‘Doubles You’ @me_is_boyd ❤❤ Happy Fathers Day

Alanna Masterson [lucytwobows IG] ||  To the greatest. 🙇🏻 @brickstowell

Steven Ogg [ogg_steven IG]  ||  The mind may go where it wants now,but the heart&soul remains the same. Thanks Dad for all! HAPPY FATHERS DAY y'all! #fathersday  #kindness  #love  #itsnotthereforever

Danai Gurira  [danaigurira IG]  ||  Happy Father’s Day! I have been blessed to have, truly, one of the best men on earth as my dad. Thank you Dad, for being such an astounding example to me. Much love always

Seth Gilliam [sethgilliam3596 IG]  ||   Happy Father’s Day! One of the two hardest, and most rewarding, “jobs” in the World. 😁

Norman Reedus [bigbaldhead IG]  ||  ❤️

Jeffrey Dean Morgan  [JDMorgan twitter via HilarieBurton twitter]  ||  Happy Fathers Day, to our hero @JDMorgan! Love Gus, Hil and ALL the furry kids. Xxx

Happy Father’s Day!