Still not over this exchange:
  • Danny: Let me explain something to you, you do not know. I do not like cats.
  • Steve: I love cats.
  • Danny: Of course you love cats.
  • Steve: Yeah, I love cats. Who doesn't love cats? They're awesome. They're like adorable little ninjas. They're smart, and they're fast, they're, uh, cute and cuddly at the same time.

Charlie calling Steve, Uncle Steven. Steve’s heart melting when he hears Charlie say it because he’s a spitting image of his father and sounds just like him. Anytime Charlie gets mad at him and says “"Uncle Steven.” Steve can’t hide the big grin on his face because he says it with the same tone and facial expression as Danny. Steve watching Charlie. Steve trying not to laugh when Charlie gets cranky because he literally sounds like a 5 year old Danny.