what the signs hate most
  • Aries:the amount of itv adverts
  • Taurus:price of freddos
  • Gemini:take me out
  • Cancer:phillip schofield
  • Leo:the voice uk
  • Virgo:supermarket self-serve checkouts
  • Libra:chavs
  • Scorpio:real life jay cartwrights
  • Sagittarius:steven gerrard
  • Capricorn:tea
  • Aquarius:bruce forsyth
  • Pisces:charlie charlie challenge
Regardless of which club you support:
  • Let's all show support for Steven Gerrard today. Let this day, his last game playing in the Liverpool shirt on the grounds of Anfield road, respect the legend Steven Gerrard. Liverpool Captain, England Captain. Today is for Stevie.