Here’s a music masterpost for all the Andy performances or covers I could have possibly found (though there are probably more out there somewhere)

If I’m missing a video or if you’ve found a new one please leave a link of it in my inbox! 

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Hit List live at 54 Below

If I Had You (with Jeremy Jordan): Hit List at 54 Below (x)

The Goodbye Song (with Jeremy Jordan, Krysta Rodriguez, and Carrie Manolakos) (x)

Calling Out My Name (with Jeremy Jordan and Krysta Rodriguez) (x)

Swim (with Eric Michael Krop): Hit List at 54 Below (x)

I Heard Your Voice In A Dream (with Jeremy Jordan) (he has speaking parts here) (x)


The Last Goodbye (x

Everybody Loves You Now (x)

Poprocks Concert

22 Parody (Dirty Mad Libs) (x)

Mirrors  (x)

For The First Time (with Michael Arden) (x)

With Cast Company

One Day More (with the company of Les Miserables): Good Morning America 2014 (x)

Bitch of Living (with the company of Spring Awakening) (x)

One Day More (with the company of Les Miserables): Tonys 2014 (x)

The World According To Chris (with the company of Carrie) (x)

Concerts (Solo)

Creep (x)

Growing Up: Miller and Tysen (x)

Wildflowers (with Our Lady J) (x)

Iris (x)

Videophone (x)

Lady (x)

More (x)

Part of Me (x)

The Lady Upstairs (x)

Barcelona, Cartagena, Anywhere (x)

I Wish I Were Blind (x)

Charlie Rosen’s Big Broadway Band (x)

The Song of Purple Summer (Intro) (x)

Lady of the Sea (x)

Concerts (Duet or Group)

Kansas Highway Sky (with Christopher Jackson and Kyle Dean Massey) (x)

Vegas (with Steven Booth): Kerrigan-Lowdermilk (x)

Touch Me (with Krystina Alabado) (x)

Duncan Sheik Ghost Medley (with Kayla Foster) (x)

With A Little Help From My Friends (with Kira Safan) (x)

Thunder Road (with Lizzie Klemperer) (x)

Valley High (with Blake Daniel and Gabe Violet) (x)

The Dark I Know Well (with Ben Moss) (x)

Runaways (with Elysia Jordan) (x)

Crazy, Just Like Me (with Andrew Kober and Lexie Papedo) (x)

This One Time In Junior High (with Chris Carlisle, Matthew Roscoe, and Wilson Bridges) (x)

In Between (with Carrie Manolakos) (x

Reasons To Run (with Andrew Durand, Kyle Dean Massey, Karen Olivio, Alyssa Umphress, and Barrett Wilbert Weed) (x)

Thunder Road (with Emma Hunton) (x)

Until This Night (with Alexandra Socha) (x)

Cabaret For A Cause  (with Steffi D and Kyle Riabko) (x)

Muddy Water (with Nikkieli DeMone) (x)

Different Kind of Man (with John Tartaglia) (x)

Personal (Solo)

I’ll Be (x)

Personal (Duet)

Falling Slowly (with Ben Moss) (x)

Use Somebody (with Christy Altomare) (x)

(submit any other videos or audio you’ve found here and i’ll add it to the list!)


#tbt performing Like Breathing from Edges (with Chelsea Krombach, Steven Booth and Natalie Weiss)


I Once Knew - Edges

Cause as I’m getting older,
I’m finding the holes I never wanted to see.
So, hold on, hold fast, hold tighter for me.


Caissie Levy and Steven Booth- “Rewrite this Story”

I’m now dream casting Caissie as Karen in SMASH… kinda like it!


Like Breathing with Tveit, Booth, Krombach and Weiss (by MidtownMoxie)

Is there just an audio version of this song I can download, I love listening to this song. Please help me out. :)


Aaron Tveit (NEXT TO NORMAL, WICKED), Chelsea Krombach (WICKED), Steven Booth (AVENUE Q, HAPPY DAYS) and Natalie Weiss (WICKED Tour) sing “Like Breathing” from Edges at Pasek and Paul’s sold-out NYMF concert at the Zipper Theatre on September 22, 2008.

Aaron Tveit's Broadway Boy Band
  • M: So, we always joke about the barricade boys being history’s first boyband. In light of that, I want you to pick four other theater actors to be in a boyband with you.
  • A: Well, the ladies love a guy who’s kind of a badass, and a country southern boy, so I gotta go with my main man Jeremy Woodard. And because he can sing his ass off, and it would allow me not to sing all the high harmonies, I need to go with Steven Booth. I’m trying to think… who’s got some good moves, man? We need somebody to do some dance moves. Curtis Holbrook, another one of my buddies, can dance his ass off! And then you always need one guy who can sing low notes. I don’t know, is there anybody who sings low notes anymore?
  • M: This is a tough one. You can pick West End actors if you have any in mind.
  • A: Yeah, you know what, I think Fra would be the last member of our boyband. Just cause he’s hilarious.