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Hundreds more scholars sign joint statement urging Japan to acknowledge sex slavery
#jsoccer #NaokiSakai [The Korea Herald]Hundreds of more scholars from around the world have joined their colleagues in a landmark joint statement criticizing Japan for distorting … for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences in Paris; Naoki Sakai of Cornell University and Steven Vogel and …

The Reference Council: Clae 10 Years Of Innovation In Modern Footwear

Steven Vogel’s The Reference Council interview Clae founder Sung Choi as they highlight the footwear label on its 10th year of existence. Since bursting onto the scene, Clae helped pioneer a new form of footwear design that brought together the worlds of both casual and athletic-minded offerings with the aesthetics and refinement of traditional shoes. A selection of answers can be seen below while the full feature can be seen here.