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But, well, a “sit there and look pretty” leader and a servant managed to poof several combat-designed gems


Honestly, I think the early gems were just too predictable going off fighting programming and the CGs exploited that


Oooh, good theory


I think that’s why soldiers later on were given more individual personalities, so they can change their technique

Hence why the rubies were the same early on but different later

Rubies in “the answer” vs rubies in “hit the diamond”


Yeah, I got it


neat idea

you could also chalk that up to a lack of “quality control” in the second Era

they can’t even make peridots as big as they used to, so maybe they don’t have time to ensure that everything is uniform




Okay, so let me just type for like an hour straight about this.

Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond. Or rather, Pink Diamond is Rose Quartz. Steven is Pink Diamond. All this time. The entire time.

She faked her death, alright, but I never even… I mean, I’d heard the theory, once before. I heard there was a theory out there that Rose was Pink Diamond. You know what I thought? I thought it was pretty stupid. Yet here we are.

Pink Diamond is still alive, and whole, and she’s been Steven the whole time.

This truly does change everything. Everything. Absolutely everything. I am dead freaking certain I can rewatch this show for the umpteenth time and it’ll all feel wildly different and brand new and absolutely insane now.

I have a lot to say about this. So let’s start at the beginning.

It’s no secret that Pink held some level of love for Humans. If she didn’t, the Zoo wouldn’t exist– and even if it did, it wouldn’t be a paradise. I suppose… It really couldn’t come down to Pink just stopping her colony being made. She may have been a Diamond, but to just put a complete hold on the plans for the super-hub would have tarnished the authority that is so important to the Diamonds. A change in plans means the Diamonds are fallible. Flawed. Yellow, Blue, and White wouldn’t stand for it– heck, they probably wouldn’t even understand.

So it appears that Pink invented Rose Quartz. Our Rose. She disguised herself as one of them, staged a rebellion, and then fought a faux war between herself and herself. Her intention was to give an excuse to stop the invasion and save Earth, but as we saw last episode, Blue and Yellow wouldn’t, couldn’t let her.

“Blue and Yellow don’t care. They never have. This is Pink Diamond’s colony. We can end it here, right now.”

That’s where Pink was wrong. So very, very wrong. Blue and Yellow cared quite a freaking lot. I… I think Pink was expecting to fade from history, and Earth would be untouched, and her fellow diamonds wouldn’t bat an eye at her death.

Instead, the Diamonds came together and wreaked their horrible vengeance upon the Earth. Her Earth. They broke the minds of countless Gems, and they tortured the bodies of countless more in the fusion experiments and the Cluster. So much was the Diamond’s love for Pink that they wrought every horrible torture they could on the Gems complicit in her apparent death.

Pink Diamond could never have wanted that, and I don’t think she saw it coming, either. How could she know the Diamonds loved her? They denied her requests, they spoke down to her, they were cold to her. She saw no love from them, and knew no love from them. She just… didn’t know.

Which makes Rose’s various speeches throughout the series so painful. It’s no wonder she knows the value of love, and recognizing love. She didn’t, and it brought down hell upon everyone around her.

In fact, good on Sapphire for bringing up that exact point. Pink suddenly up and deciding to free Earth did feel rather strange.

Which is why Pearl is now explaining the first attempts she made to appeal to her big sisters.

Pink asked Yellow if she could just stop it all. Yellow told her to finish what she started.

Pink told Blue that she wanted to perserve life on Earth. Blue made the Zoo and tossed some humans in (Well, guess that answers that question)


“She tried everything she could as Pink diamond, but her status meant nothing to Blue and Yellow.”

Either Pearl’s conveniently forgetting that White Diamond exists, or Pink literally did, in fact, try everything she could.

The implication that Pink Diamond couldn’t even speak to White Diamond… says a lot.

Peridot: From now on we’ll be using code names. You can address me as ‘Eagle One’.

Peridot: Amethyst is ‘been there, done that’.

Peridot: Lapis is ‘currently doing that’.

Peridot: Garnet is ‘it happened once in a dream’.

Peridot: Greg is ‘if i had to pick a dude’.

Peridot: Pearl is… ‘Eagle Two’.

Pearl: Oh thank god.