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So you’re telling me they knew right away about Timothy and Emily having sex but didn’t hear Mr. Gallant moaning as he was taking it from behind?

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Episode 3 Reactions

What the–hang on, I’m sorry. *clears throat* WHAT THE EVER LIVING FUCK

SO….Lol, everyone is dead. And then not. But mostly still dead. Did not see it coming that it would be Venable and Mead to do it, though. What a ride.

Michael Langdon

  • Looks like Michael thinks he killed all the witches??? But, like, he didn’t. Not by a long shot, apparently.
  • Also looks like he has contact with dear old dad. Anyone else notice how much he echoes Mary Eunice’s devil? Talking about creating chaos, getting others to do the dirty work, everyone having the potential for evil.
  • Sadly, I think we have to nix the theory that Misty brought those snakes back
  • Also, that “bomb” from the trailer? That was Mallory lighting the fire.
  • And DUDE LOOK AT HIS FACE when he confronts Mallory. Now THAT is some demonic power.

Miriam Mead

  • Looks like I was wrong–Mead is a full-on robot, and Venable knows. All her memories were fake.
  • Mead really thought she was loyal to Venable; and I definitely thought she was loyal to her. I did not think she’d do it. I liked Venable a lot.
  • AND, big theory of the night: Miriam Mead is Constance Langdon

The Coven

  • So, yeah, I was right, the witches didn’t show up until the end
  • And they didn’t even play a fucking Fleetwood Mac song. What is happening to the world?!?
  • But most importantly: I. WAS. RIGHT. About that clip from the trailer with Cordelia standing over Mallory, Coco, and Dinah. Everyone was saying they were performing Descensum, and I’ve been saying all along that no–that’s not Descensum, that’s Vitalum Vitalis. And I. Was. Right.
  • That entrance was perfection aside from the lack of Fleetwood Mac
  • Aaaaand Mallory, Coco, AND Dinah are witches??? Okay, hear me out, cuz I sort of have a theory. 
  • Mallory was talking about some other person inside her trying to come out, and then look at Madison’s reaction when she comes back, and how Mallory doesn’t have her glasses on anymore. 
  • I…kind of…think…she’s Zoe? I know it doesn’t make any sense, but I can’t shake the thought. Because I still have no idea how Misty and Queenie are going to come into this and we’ve conveniently got Coco and Dinah there, too. The set up kind of makes it seem like Misty would be in Coco and Queenie in Dinah. I really don’t want that to be the case though if it’s gonna mean our witches get replaced with new people trying to act like them. Adina, Leslie, and Billie are all in the main cast.
  • Alternatively: Dinah’s a movie star, Coco is an “influencer”, and Mallory is a personal assistant, all in LA. It’s plausible Madison knows them.
  • Speaking of Dinah–Michael doesn’t know she’s a witch, but he does know her
  • And I feel slightly better about Misty not being in that one picture of the Coven since Madison and Dinah weren’t in it either

Next Week

So, Brock is just kinda somewhere in the outpost still…

And it looks like Cordelia wants Michael to work with them, which Michael does not seem to want to do

We’ve got three new witches, but still no Misty or Queenie or Zoe, and this must be rectified as soon as possible. I think MAYBE the end of episode 4 could be when Misty comes back.

Wow wow wow I just can’t wait to see Myrtle and Cordelia in action. I want to see Delia be our beloved Supreme.

And we see Madison in a supermarket? With Michael? Is that her in hell? 


Nessun Dorma for Euphonium - Steven Mead


Not too shabby!


Steven Mead: ‘You Play the What??’ (by juudruud)

“If I ever write an auto-biography it will be called 'you play a what?"