steven bomb 7


- To see how the CGs broke it to Greg that Steven had given himself over to Homeworld for trial.
- To see Steven try to explain all of this to Lars’ parents and Sadie.
- For Rhodonite and Padparadscha to fuse. I really wanna know what their version of Sardonyx would look/be like.
- For Steven to question Pearl about Pink Diamond’s shattering. Specifically bringing up everything Blue Zircon brought up at the trial.
- To find out who Pearl used to belong to once and for all.
- For the Off Colors and Lars to make it back to Earth, but not for a couple episodes. That way, Steven has to travel back and forth a bit and maybe even learn the things that the CGs refuse to tell him. Because regardless of their reasons, it’s gone on too long to be anything but harmful to everyone’s best interests.

seriously tho with all the new characters introduced in the last few bombs, like the zoomans,  famethyst and holly blue, topaz and aquamarine, the two zircons, rhodonite, fluorite, rutile, and padparadscha sapphire, as well as lars (presumably) getting powers, it really seems like we’re building up to a second gem war. esp considering we know now jasper is getting redeemed, so the cure for corruption is coming. this will mean tons and tons of new crystal gems will be revived with plenty more added to their ranks. now that ‘rose quartz’ is home, i can imagine the diamonds will be setting their sights on planet earth once again, even if only to check up on the cluster

tldr gem war 2.0 is coming lads


xD I’m still doing Lars drawings, what the hell is wrong with me? I am just so hyped because I really like the character (I said it) so… I did this. I have something to say, I did this because the movie in latin american was translated like “Mi novio es un zombie” (My boyfriend is a zombie) but… in english isn’t the same xD that’s why I uploaded with the title in english and spanish. So… Hope you like it =) enjoy!