Saw a man refusing to let his pregnant wife off the porch because he “saw a rat the size of a dog and I will NOT let it bite you, please go back inside darling”. Made me wonder how protective the Maheswaran’s were of their baby.

Don’t you already have a gemsona? Yes
Did you really make another? Yes
Are you sorry? Very

Meet: Sodalite, my precious peace-keeping,never-stop-chilling rock child

I grew away from current Dr. Who because of partly the awful sexism and writing and partly because fo the superwholock stigma but i’ve been rewatching it on netflix (ignoring all the season plots and going strictly by filler episodes) and i realized would make it a better show in my eyes

fire steven moffat, put more diversity in it, get rid of the ‘doctor is a monster’ angst and the constant gallifrey bait-and-switch, and make it entirely filler episodes

‘monster of the season’ would be okay, but no more building things up that look really promising (missy looked REALLY interesting but then it was another master arc and the climax was disappointing af) and then making it another ‘oh look it was the daleks again all along! it was the master again all along! let’s kill off more female characters!’ THAT would make it a much better show

either that or just cancel the thing altogether and make a madame vastra spinoff that goes on for eight seasons

missoyashirou asked:

Doesn't Amethyst spend a portion of her time in a 'male' form, considering the Purple Puma? I sort of figured Purple Puma was shaped like a very short and stocky male body mode, compared to her normal short and stocky female body mode. That might be more because of just how the wrestling federation was set up though, since I remember her and Steven fighting mostly human male opponents until the end, so she might have devised Purple Puma to be male if they turned her down initially.

Well the thing on that is that with female body builders…the unfortunate catch is that they rarely retain much of a female appearance due to the sheer amount of muscle (unless they have a naturally slender frame).

but amethyst’s main thing about that particular form was muscle mass and looking intimidating, that was her main goal. plus, in that form she wasn’t actually that short, being even taller than ronaldo i think, and possibly on par with garnet. (the height thing wasn’t really that relevant, but hey. XD)

but the main thing with amethyst is that she grew up on earth, never really knew ANYTHING about gem society, at least nothing that wasn’t shown to her by rose, garnet, or pearl (the reason i’m not mentioning the homeworld gems is because i don’t think she was even in the fight, because her response was different and seemed more like someone that HEARD about them rather than saw them in action). so she’s seen a lot more humans than gems, at least i think so.

then you add in the fact that amethyst seems to have watched a LOT of television and watched humans while she was in animal form (why would her owl form be so close to the edge of the area? plus, she’s curious about humans, probably sees them as siblings). i think that her form is based on wrestlers that she SAW, she then probably stacked on muscles, more for herself than others, and then even threw in some slight animal traits (that almost mane like hair on her chest, her hair becoming even longer and more wild than before). the thing about amethyst is that she has an extreme LOVE and kinship with humans, after all, she was born on earth too.

plus, amethyst is also a rebel, and the only gems she really knows is, well, garnet, amethyst and pearl. we don’t know when she started adopting that form, but i would bet that she started doing it after rose turned into steven and garnet and pearl ended up being a bit more…over bearing. she grows annoyed with them, and starts rebelling against them, taking on a more human based form as part of her escape, distancing herself from garnet and pearl and bringing herself closer to the humans. :)

or at least that’s my observation and take on it, plenty of other people could disagree and even have their own renditions about how the Gem species works, what their culture is, and so on. hell, people could probably have a GEMderswapped steven universe AU, and that perfectly fine with me because, to each their own. :D

hope this maybe satisfied your question! and feel free to ask more. ^_^

i actually LOVE making observations (psych major~) and analysis of characters and cultures and so on. X3 (also a love for sociology and cultures, especially myths. X3)

anonymous asked:

Congratulations for making Attack the Light! It's a hell of a game! I have a question though, in the map section, there's a Steven drawing with a cape in the upper right part. What's that for? I thought it'd unlock after i complete the game with a 100% on everything but nope. Thanks for your time!

Thanks so much!

The little Steven in the corner of the map screen is just a fun little Easter egg that really only does two things: 1) makes our favorite noise ever, supplied by one of our animators (which we’ve been sneaking into all our recent games…) and 2) turns Gold after you 100% the game !


1960s vs. 2015. Cupertino, CA. Cupertino Crossroads Shopping Center at the corner of Stevens Creek Boulevard and De Anza Boulevard, looking East-Southeast. Photo No. 1 is a 1960s snapshot of Cupertino Crossroads, which included a Safeway. To the right was, at the time, an empty lot with nothing but dirt and weeds. Now, you can’t find any empty lot along this stretch of Stevens Creek Boulevard – all the way to Stelling Road, where De Anza College is located. When more buildings were erected in the 1960s and 1970s, Mervyn’s moved in to the space to the right of Crockers-Citizen Bank. Photo No. 2 is  a current view of the same shopping center. A new building, currently occupied by Boudin SF, was erected in the parking lot, obstructing the view of the shopping center in the background. Photo No. 3 is an unobstructed view, taken behind the Boudin SF building. Note the change in the skyline. The city of Cupertino has promoted rapid development over the past decade with more multi-story structures and shopping plazas, especially at this intersection.

We didn’t shop here until the early- to mid-2000s because we had alternatives closer to our home. The only businesses that drew us here were PetSmart, which occupied the premises long vacated by Safeway, and Pizza My Heart. PetSmart moved out and in 2015, Sprouts moved in. 20500 block of Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA.

Special thanks to: hmdavid flickr stream for the 1960s photo.