steven's trail


On The Lightning Trail: A Tale of Fool’s Gold and Glass Gems

                                   by  GwenhwyvarReads

Stranded alone in the wilderness, Ruby and Sapphire, a sheriff and the criminal they’d intended to catch, must try to maintain an uneasy truce until they can reach civilization again. Ever-optimistic, with a firm belief in humanity and justice, Ruby tends to grate on (and bewilder) the extremely jaded murderer, Sapphire. Sparks fly when two such opposing forces collide, but maybe they can learn from each other. That is, of course, providing they can survive the wilds and each other first. 

@jcstitches here! My very talented partner @empyrisan was kind enough to make some gorgeous cover-art for me, so now I just have to post my story on Tumblr and show it off! They were also behind the idea of making the title like an old-fashioned spaghetti western. <3