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On The Lightning Trail: A Tale of Fool’s Gold and Glass Gems

                                   by  GwenhwyvarReads

Stranded alone in the wilderness, Ruby and Sapphire, a sheriff and the criminal they’d intended to catch, must try to maintain an uneasy truce until they can reach civilization again. Ever-optimistic, with a firm belief in humanity and justice, Ruby tends to grate on (and bewilder) the extremely jaded murderer, Sapphire. Sparks fly when two such opposing forces collide, but maybe they can learn from each other. That is, of course, providing they can survive the wilds and each other first. 

@jcstitches here! My very talented partner @empyrisan was kind enough to make some gorgeous cover-art for me, so now I just have to post my story on Tumblr and show it off! They were also behind the idea of making the title like an old-fashioned spaghetti western. <3 

It’s genuinely everyone when they’re figuring out whether to canonize a saint like “We must defer to the holy father for the answer… he is informed and omniscient, he will be objective.” And rpl is like [through a mouthful of trail mix] “Steven do we like this guy y/n?”

12 Days of Christmas: Day Five- Pearl

(I got really carried away with this one because it cute.

This is a F/F fic, so I guess if you don’t want to read that you can skip over this. There’s really not any other warnings to it. Just two girls and a smol son making Christmas cookies for Beach City.)

Steven gasped when he heard the doorbell ring followed by two knocks at the door.

“They’re here!” he shouted, kicking off his blankets, “They’re here they’re here they’re here they’re here!”

He jumped off the couch and, after taking a brief moment to take pride in his achievement, ran to the door. He flung it open, only to see a person with their arms full of brown paper bags.

“Hi, Steven!” Y/N said, trying to peek around the bags.

“Hi Y/N!!” Steven said, “Did Sadie come with you?”

He heard Y/N say from behind the bags, “Nah, my cousin had to work. Lars called in sick, but I’m pretty sure he’s just faking it like he does every once in awhile, so it looks like it’s just you and me today. Is that alright?”

“Of course it is! You’re like the best baker I know!” Steven exclaimed, “Oh, and you can set the bags in the kitchen.”

“Okie dokey,” she replied, walking through the threshold. She skillfully slipped her shoes off before making her way to the kitchen and setting the bags on the island.

“Thanks for helping me make cookies, Steven,” you say, shrugging off your coat and leaning it against the chair, “Also, sorry we couldn’t do it at my place; the oven’s been kind of wonky recently. It either does its job too well or doesn’t do it’s job at all.”

“It’s okay, I don’t mind! Besides, doing it here means that I’ll be prepared in case there’s,” Steven said, glancing around as though checking if the coast was clear and placing his hand on the side of his mouth before adding in a low voice, “official gem business.”

“Ahh, I see,” she said with a wink.

“Hey Ste-van!” Amethyst said as she entered the room, “What’s with all the bags?”

“Y/N and I are gonna make cookies so Y/N can give them as gifts to the people of Beach City! She promised when we were done making everyone else’s we’d make a gingerbread house for us to keep, along with a bunch of other cookies.”

“Schweet,” Amethyst remarked, walking over to the bags to examine them.

“Do you wanna help, Amethyst?” Steven asked, adding in a tantalizing voice, “There’s a frosting bag with your name on it!”

“Gee, Steven, I’d love to, but…” Amethyst began. Y/N could tell that Amethyst was just trying to come up with a decent excuse, but before she had to Garnet cut in.

“Amethyst and I are going to make sure Malachite isn’t causing any problems,” the tallest gem said, leaning against the door frame.

“Yeah, that.”

“Oh, okay. Do you think Pearl would wanna help?” Steven asked. He noticed Y/N duck behind him and began unpacking things from the bag.

“I have a feeling she might,” Garnet answered knowingly.

“Have a feeling she might what?” Pearl asked, striding into the room. Suddenly she stopped, her eyes wide and a faint dusting of blue on her face as she noticed the person behind Steven.

“Hey Pearl! You wanna help Y/N and I make cookies? We could use an extra set of hands over here.”

“I don’t know, Steven,” Pearl mumbled, trailing off.

“Oh come on! She’ll even tell you what you need to do!” Steven pleaded, clasping his hands together. He fell to his knees and shuffled forward, “Please, Pearl! You’re our only hope! And you and Y/N get along really well so it won’t be awkward.”

Pearl’s gaze flickered from Steven to Y/N and back to Steven. She thought it over for a little while before she finally came to a conclusion.

“I suppose I could help,” Pearl concluded, nodding her head. Steven cheered and ran over to her, wrapping his arms around the lithe gem. After the crystal gems discussed a few things, Amethyst and Garnet left, leaving Pearl alone with Steven and Y/N.

Pearl was still unsure as to how Y/N suddenly became a part of Steven’s life. He had told her once, but she didn’t remember it all the way; something about her working at the Big Donut and being related the other girl that worked there, and how she was raising money to open up her own bakery in town, but that was about the extent Pearl knew about Y/N. She wasn’t too nervous about Steven and Y/N spending time with each other; she was very much like a babysitter, watching out for Steven and spending time with him when the gems could not. But there was something about her that reminded Pearl of why she began fighting for this planet, and why she started raising Steven in the first place.

She reminded Pearl of Rose.

As they started baking, Pearl noticed it more and more. Not only the way she helped Steven, but the way she helped Pearl. It was as though Y/N was guiding them and nudging them towards achieving a goal, instead of just ordering it. She was patient and kind and thoughtful, just like Rose was. Even the way she smiled reminded Pearl of–

“Are you okay, Pearl?” Y/N asked, smiling nervously at her.

“Yes Ro–Y/N. Yes I’m…I’m fine. Thank you.”

“It’s no problem,” the human chuckled. She turned around and pulled a spoon out of a drawer before turning her attention back to Pearl and the contents of the bowl. Pearl watched intently as Y/N scooped a small portion of it on a spoon and stuck it in her mouth.

“Y/N what are you doing?!” Pearl reprimanded, “There’s raw eggs in that! You could contract salmonella! O-or food poisoning or–”

“Pearl, it’s fine. I’ll live,” Y/N said lightly, “You might want to add some vanilla to that, but other than that it’s perfect.”

“Oh, umm, thank you,” Pearl mumbled, going back to her work.

“Oh and you have something on your face.”

Pearl turned back to Y/N, “What?”

Y/N pointed to her left cheekbone, “It’s right…here, let me get it.”

Pearl’s eyes followed Y/N’s hand as she wiped off the white smudge on her face. She could feel her face growing a deeper shade of teal and looked away, hoping that Y/N didn’t see her nearly lose her composure.

“Thank you,” she repeated. If she had looked up, she would have noticed that Y/N’s face turned to a bright shade of red.

“You’re welcome,” Y/N said, returning to her work.

It was about five o’clock in the evening by the time they had finished making all of the cookies and packing them into gift boxes. Technically they would have been done by four, but Y/N had kept her promise and, with the help of Steven and Pearl, made a gingerbread replica of the house and the temple, complete with tiny ginger-gems and a gingerbread Steven, along with several other types of cookies. Before they had started packing the cookies covered most of the house; cooling on counter tops and on the coffee table. Now, they were all in small-ish sized tins, each containing a couple of each cookie that was made.

“Thank you both so much,” Y/N said as she began placing the tins in the empty paper bags, “It would have taken me forever to make them by myself.”

“Well I must say that you make an excellent leader,” Pearl said, “And together we all make a pretty good team.”

Steven gasped at his own revelation, “We can be The Cookie Crew!!”

“Hmm…I do like the sound of that,” Y/N pondered, “What do you think, Pearl?”

“I think it’s terrific!” Pearl agreed, a little too quickly.

“Then it’s settled,” Y/N said, ruffling Steven’s hair, “We’ll call ourselves The Cookie Crew.”

“Yeah! Cookie Crew!!” Steven exclaimed. The sound of the warp pad caught Steven’s attention, and soon he was running into the temple, shouting the names of Garnet and Amethyst. No doubt he was telling them about everything that had happened.

Y/N headed towards the coat rack and shrugged on her coat. She slipped on her boots, and was about ready to grab her things when she noticed Pearl staring at her.

“Is there something I can help you with, Pearl?” she asked.

“Doyoufence?” Pearl blurted out, covering her mouth quickly before she could say anything else.

Y/N smiled, “I don’t, but I wouldn’t mind learning someday. Why? Do you?”

Pearl nodded. Y/N mimicked her and began picking up her stuff.

“I can teach you,” Pearl said, clasping her hand over her mouth again. Pearl mentally cursed herself. She was making a complete fool out of herself. Now Y/N wouldn’t–

“That sounds…great, actually,” she said, adjusting the bags in her arms, “I don’t have anything for it, but I suppose it’s not too hard to find. Just let me know when you want to start. Or, I guess, let Steven know and he can come to the Big Donut and tell me.”

Pearl nodded again, this time a bit more excitedly. She watched as Y/N called out a goodbye to Steven and the others. Pearl rushed over and helped her with the door, and after exchanging goodbyes Y/N made her way back home.

“Hey Garnet, I think Pearl might’ve found her Greg,” Amethyst snickered, elbowing Garnet in the hip as they watched Pearl and Y/N from the teleport.

Garnet smirked, full of quiet pride, “I think so, too.”

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Adventure Time

Title: sucky roommates

Pairing: RoyalChaos, TehFawkes, past GaZe

Rating: MA

Summary: "Wanna catch a movie on Saturday? I hear that new Marvel movie is good,“ Steven says when Anthony gets back from his last class of the day. The Bold and the Restless is on, and Steven isn’t even ashamed to admit that he’s been drawn into the soap opera ever since he first saw Sarah and Rick kiss in season three.

Notes: blowjobs, boys being silly, college au, lots of mentions of a soap opera, dating, not dating

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Dance at Twilight

A Steven Universe one shot–result of an assignment in my Fanfiction class!

Read on here [reposted from AAMFanFiction2015, my class account]

Summary: Steven and Connie decide to finish their dance from Alone Together – the way it should have been. StevenxConnie / Stevonnie appearance! Plus, some antics from Lars and Sadie!

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And now you’re blind!

I’m really hoping that if we ever get to see how was Rose with the Gems in the past, she get’s to be as dorky, clumsy and loveable as Steven. Some trails are hereditaryafter all.

Also, thanks to artemispanthar for the gif and some of the inspiration too  I suck at make them xD

Jasper’s Day Off

Connie discovers an unconscious Jasper washed up the beach while on her way to Steven’s house. When Connie tells Steven, they decide to try to help Jasper instead of reporting her to the Crystal Gems. Jasper is still too weak to fight back and is treated to a day of baseball, sightseeing and even a parade in Empire City. Jasper starts to warm up to Steven and Connie, but they must stay one step ahead of Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl, who are hot on Jasper’s trail.

Poly gems: Heat Of Battle

Sitting against the wall with the gun in her hand, Pearl couldn’t help but wonder how she had gotten into this situation. Steven hadn’t meant for this to happen, she was sure of that. He had had no clue this was what was going to happen. No one really could have seen this being the outcome. Well, besides maybe Garnet, but she didn’t get to count. She could see practically any outcome, and she had probably seen this one. Had probably been expecting it, to be honest, but hadn’t told them because she wanted it to go naturally.

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Maybe Today Isn’t That Bad

Summary- Lapis and Jasper are upset about the day unstable Malachite formed, so Lapis decides to try and cheer Jasper up in a more unexpected way.

Finally, a fic! Jaspis is my otp okay so expect more in the future

Words - 1,711

Characters - 9,847


This day. This awful day. A day that no one wanted to remember, a day that two specific gems wished never happened, or wished that they could completely forget about. This was the day the unstable Malachite formed, and was dragged into the ocean. This horrible day, two gems that were victims, Lapis and Jasper, tried to forget, tried to pretend it never happened, but…It was hard. It was hard when it was suffocating, it was hard when it was restricting, it was hard. But ever since that, the two have finally made amends…even got together in a healthy relationship. This was what should have happened in the first place, sometimes they’d think, as they spend some clear nights staring up at the stars and at Homeworld’s visible galaxy. Lapis wished not to remember that place…for she, Jasper, even Peridot, were free on this planet. No orders, no laws, no rules, nothing. They could do what they wanted…and it was amazing.

However. This specific day always made both Lapis and Jasper depressed, both remembered vividly everything that happened, both remembered the pain they went through, and both of them regretted their rash decisions. The two, currently, had been laying under the stars together, staring up at the blackened sky that was speckled with twinkling little dots, pulsating either slowly or quickly from red, to blue, and back again. Some of the dots, maybe like two or three, did not pulsate at all – those were planets. Out of the corner of her blue eye, Lapis saw something shoot across the sky and leave a white trail; didn’t Steven call those shooting stars? And that you were supposed to make a wish on them? Maybe that was what it was. She looked over at the butch gem beside her, a small blue hand resting on top of Jasper’s crimson red one.

“Jasper, that was a shooting star,” she said, pointing up at the sky, “I think Steven said to make wishes on them. What would you wish for?”

All was silent for a good few moments, Jasper slightly turning her head away from Lapis’ tiny, fragile figure before she spoke. Her voice was barely even there, almost a whisper.

“I wish unstable Malachite didn’t happen.”

Hearing this, Lapis felt her chest sink into her stomach. Holding the large hand tighter and sitting up, “…I wish so too, but…” She sighed, sat up, and scooted closer, wrapping her arms around Jasper’s build torso, resting her head on her shoulder, “Despite that, look where we are now. If that didn’t happen, and I myself wish it didn’t, we wouldn’t be…free. Happy. Together.” Leaning over some more, small, blue lips pressed a love-filled kiss to Jasper’s toned cheek, grinning a bit seeing it start to change to a darker crimson in color.

“…You’re blushing.” Fragile, stick-thin fingers poked at the blush on Jasper’s face. Jasper waved them away, and brought hair to cover herself. “No I’m not! Don’t assume something like that, you brat. It’s shadow. That’s all.” ‘Brat’ had become a term of endearment during their reconciliation. Technically, Lapis was one when she wanted to be, and Jasper knew that.

Lapis only smirked, jutting her chin out as her eyes narrowed. “Show me, then.” Jasper let out a stern 'no’ as she looked away.

A large smirk, one that would make even the Cheshire Cat himself jealous, spread across Lapis’ ocean blue face as she thought of what she could do. It was something so evil, something so torturous, but yet, it was something so childish and playful that almost everyone had almost a love-hate relationship with it. Those same blue, spindly fingers slowly walked themselves down to a build part of Jasper’s body, before nothing more than a mere poke was brought to it, a playful little 'boop!’ giggling itself out from Lapis’ mouth. The reaction was amazing. The large, buff gem emit a squeak, but covered it up by fake coughing to wave it off as nothing. However, Lapis wasn’t playing that game. She knew why Jasper squeaked. “Cut it out, brat.” Jasper only muttered, bringing her large arms to her torso to rest. But despite this, Lapis already had everything thought out.

“Aww, why?” She cooed, her small chin resting right on the thick bicep muscle with a single red stripe spreading itself upon it, “You’re not…ticklish, are you~?”

That tone of voice, that teasing question that everyone already knew the answer to, Jasper knew now that she was in danger.

“I swear to Homeworld if you even think about it-” She warned, turning her head to stare down at the smirking, water controlling gem that she’s come to love. Golden colored eyes hardened on her smirk, before moving to keep watch on those spindly fingers that Lapis dawned. The fact they were just resting there like that, it already unnerved her.

“What if I told you…the thoughts have already processed?” Lapis questioned, grinning only more seeing Jasper’s eyes, which dawned the eyeliner and wings that were sharp enough to cut through steel, widen.



Jasper, deciding not to be a victim of this assault, stood and bolted as fast as she possibly could, but oh, Lapis was in tow behind her, sprinting after the large, buff gem giggling. They were in a large, open field, nothing to stop them from running around at full speed to avoid one another from Lapis’ childish game. However, when Jasper’s head turned to see how far Lapis was away from her, she was horrified to see, and feel, Lapis grabbing her from behind, causing the both of them to tumble into the grass and flowers that were damp slightly from the late night dew (also because it was slightly raining a few hours prior).

Lapis wasted no time in burying those tiny, twig-like fingers into the ticklish skin Jasper bestowed right under her arms, pleased to hear a scream that descended into pure cackles as her large figure, twice Lapis’ size, wriggle around and claw and kick at the grass, only to bring those meaty claws to her face to muffle herself to try (and obviously fail) and make sure that Lapis didn’t have the satisfaction of hearing her be as loud as she was.

However, Lapis was more than satisfied. But that didn’t mean that she was just going to stop!

Her small fingers stayed there for only a moment or two more, before dragging themselves down agonizingly slow to the ribcage, pleasantly surprised at hearing a squeal, followed by only more cackling. However, Jasper moved her hands away from her face and instead, crashing her arms around her ribs as she tried to turn herself on her back to somewhat block it, but Lapis only allowed it, and attacked from the front. Because of this, Jasper’s booming laughter was loud and clear, and it was music to Lapis’ ears. Every so often, Jasper would cackle out either a plea or a, ahem, 'insult’ (Lapis knew that she wasn’t serious at all, but they only made her giggle more) despite knowing that it wasn’t going to deter Lapis away from her objective.

A minute or two pass and Lapis’ itty bitty fingers finally rose away from the covered skin, the culprit giggling down at her still-laughing victim that had still been wiggling around in the damp grass slightly from pure aftershock. However, Lapis wasn’t going to wait around and wait for Jasper to recover, because she knew without a doubt that she was next. Instead of waiting, she got up and ran, but it was only seconds later until the bara gem was sprinting right after Lapis – even cheating and using her spin-dashing in order to catch up. Lapis screamed playfully, however, summoning her wings of water and trying to fly away, but Jasper’s hands had grabbed her by the ankles, bringing her back down and into her large, buff arms. Nothing had even happened yet and Lapis was already laughing, from nervousness and from play.

“Nooo!! Nooooo~!!” She squealed out, Jasper’s left arm having trapped Lapis by the waist against her large body, as her other hand went to the front of Lapis, its fingers wiggling.

“Uh oh…Lapis…here comes the Claw…~” Fingers were poised and ready, Lapis trying desperately to somehow escape, but she just couldn’t. Just seeing the wiggling fingers right there in front of her was already getting her giggling!

“NO~!!” She screamed, holding her arms out to watch the large hand and try to prevent the inevitable, but both of them knew that there was no point, Lapis was doomed.

“Lapis, it’s hungry…it needs to be fed…~” Jasper’s grin formed into that signature slasher smile she was renowned for, Lapis continuing to giggle and squeal just from anticipation of the inevitable.

“No, Jasper, please~!” She squealed out, grabbing at the buff gem’s hand to try and keep it away, “Don’t, I’m sorry, I’m sorry~!”

Oh, but it was too late.

The large hand dove right in, five large fingers spreading and contracting against Lapis’ bare stomach, making her shrilly scream and soon fall into a mess of cackles as her smaller figure tried fruitlessly to push away the large hand that scritched and scribbled along her bare stomach and side area. But to Jasper, the sight and sounds were delicious.

Minutes ticked by so slowly for Lapis, and at an agonizingly slow pace, that large hand rose and instead slowly traced the teardrop shaped gem that rested between Lapis’ shoulder blades, and oh…Jasper honestly didn’t think Lapis could sound as loud and as high pitched as she was now. Fruitlessly, Lapis thrashed as wildly as she could, kicking at the grass, hitting at the arm that was holding her captive, everything. But again, it was pointless. There was no escaping, despite everything she tried.

However, Jasper finally gently lay the still giggling Lapis down in the grass, before laying with her, wiping away the tears of mirth that formed in the corners of her lover’s eyes that built up from her harsh laughing, but enough time passed for her to calm, look Jasper straight in the eyes…

…and kiss her. The same moment, a shooting star went flying across the sky. Maybe this day wasn’t so bad after all.

anonymous asked:

so during the stream someone asked chilled "when are you going to make out w/ ze" and he said something along the lines "when we get drunk enough". so what if they did get really wasted and ended up making out, and then one of them had a vivid memory of it while the other doesn't remember one bit?

so this was a fun one

- - -

“Ze, dude, buddy, Steven,” Chilled slurred, trying to get his friend’s attention.

Steven, who had had a lot less to drink than Anthony, turned to look at him questioningly. “What’s up, Chilled?”

“I have an amazing idea, Stevie. Like, it’s such a good idea that I’m not even sure why we didn’t think about it before,” he said, eyes wide.

“How drunk are you?” Ze asked, amused, and Chilled waved him off.

“Not important. But yeah, the idea.” Anthony grabbed Steven’s shoulders, looking at him seriously. “We should totally make out.”


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