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Some amazing cosplayers from Saturday of Fanime con 2017

If you see yourself, please tag yourself so I know it’s you!


Stop attacking other people for looking different than the character they’re dressed up as! We need to be nice and accept one another! ‘Cause in the end, we’re all just a bunch of nerds, looking to have fun, right?


I was able to get so many awesome pics… too bad my camera sucks. Don’t get samsung if you want good pictures. All my pictures were taken from my booth basically.

Here’s all my youmacon posts, I split them among 2 blogs..


Anime Expo 2016: Day 2 (part 1)!

Day 2 was a relaxed day so I got to take more photos that time! As usual, if you see yourself in here, please leave a comment and I’ll add your username to this post!

Eraserhead (left) - @eye-zawa
Tell Her You Love Her (Lars x Sadie CMV)
All characters portrayed in this video belong to Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar. Up All Night Cosplay claims no rights to the song: Tell Her You Love ...

Our first Steven Universe video! Check it out and let us know how we did!


Saw some super cool cosplays at AWA this weekend! I’ve seen a few of you on tumblr already so I’m tagging who I know, but I don’t know most of these people so tag yourself if you see you!

Pearl: @vulpismajor

Moana: @brianna-chan

Tracer: @digitaljellyfish Professor Porter: @mongrelmilo

nekocon photos pt 2 !! these are some of the shippy photos of me and Nez ( @commoners-coffee )as Adrien and Marinette along with a really pretty ladybug and another sweet Marinette. and then my friends little sister !! I’ll post photos from me and Nez’s photoshoot once I get them !!! I got to be ultimate edgy with ollie as my Gundam for the danganronpa photoshoot and the rose and amethyst were p e r f e c t !!!! the skeletor literally made my con though he was just so funny and in character and me and Nez couldn’t stop laughing. the Marceline and Hamilton cast were so great oh my gosh. best con ever, truly !

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Hey everybody! So I’m trying to save up money so I can audition at my dream school this year, and so I’m selling my cosplays! More info is below the read more. Most outfits are complete and barely ever worn! 

If you’re interested, please read more! And if you’re not, spreading the word helps immensely and I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!

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