steven you are such a bamf


THEY ARE ALL OKAY, and all those things could exist in THE SAME WOMAN. Women shouldn’t be valued because we are strong, or kick-ass, but because we are people. So don’t focus on writing characters who are strong. Write characters who are peoplea. How well you play? That’s up to you. [insp x]

we need to have a talk, fandom...

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Forget for a second that they’re actually fighting Tony Babbu and just focus on the supreme badassery of two WWII veteran super soldiers. 

So I’m going to repeat myself:  Steven Grant Rogers is a motherfucking BAMF. 

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We have had amazing meta about how much of a BAMF James Buchanan Barnes is, that he has excellent shooting abilities, tactical skills and probably could do trig in his head.  Let’s face it, the Winter Soldier is absolutely lethal.

This does not make Steve just a dumb blonde with a shiny frisbee. 

a.  Steve has had a 20 odd headstart on handling massive amounts of pain.  Perpetual illnesses, the ability to breathe, all his disablities?  This boy had an insane pain threshold even when he was bitty. 

That explains how he could still withstand the enormously painful transformation process into our favorite Big Galoot. 

b.  Steve did not go into the army ignorant of tactics and other skills.  There’s a brief scene in CATFA that shows the books he brought along to boot camp.  These are all military related.  Steve knows his shit, okay? 

c.  Think about The Howling Commandos.  Steve Rogers essentially led a special forces team against a dangerous Nazi faction that had dangerous alien technology with zero casualties.   Remember that this was World War II and we had companies of men returning from the front with a casualty rate of more than 50%.  Band of Brothers wasn’t fucking around when you had favorite characters suddenly die in the next episode.   

In universe, the only casualty was Bucky Barnes - who turns out to be alive. So.  Zero. Casualties.  

d.  Cap might have been rusty in the first Avengers movie but he still successfully led his team against an alien invasion and by the time we see him in CATWS, he’s taking down a fucking jet fighter with nothing more than his shield.    He also effectively scares HYDRA out into the open with nothing more than his small team of Nat, Maria Hill, Sam and Nick Fury and convinces the non-HYDRA affiliated SHIELD agents to take up arms.  

e.  Think about his early missions for SHIELD.  That rescue wasn’t the first time he was deployed with the STRIKE team.  Steve would have had to retrain and it’s more than likely he would have worked with SEALS, Rangers, Delta… take your pick of special forces teams.  He would have had to learn modern tactics and modern weapons. 

f.  I might like to remind everyone - just because we don’t see Captain America reach for a gun first doesn’t mean he can’t shoot for shit.  The fact that he can throw that shield around and somehow calculate its trajectory for maximum impact and maximum damage means there’s nothing wrong with his aim.  

TL;DR:  Steve Rogers is a lethal, dangerous super soldier. 

Therefore, we need more fics of him and Bucky being both lethally competent and BAMF together.  

Let’s get to it, fandom. 


I have been literally binge-watching all of Steven Universe, and I’m addicted you guys. So expect some fanart from me. In the meantime, here’s one of my favorite fusions.