steven you are such a bamf


THEY ARE ALL OKAY, and all those things could exist in THE SAME WOMAN. Women shouldn’t be valued because we are strong, or kick-ass, but because we are people. So don’t focus on writing characters who are strong. Write characters who are peoplea. How well you play? That’s up to you. [insp x]

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Do you have a favorite episode from this Steven Bomb?

“That Will Be All”–Patti and Deedee killed that song, Garnet was a bamf, #Famethyst, and Pearl just completely wrecked Holly Blue Agate at the end with the most iconic speech of 2017

You Broke Him | The Crystal Bamfs

Steven had a great time that day with his Diamoms and Pink. He had so much fun he was tuckered out and falling asleep in his food. He only ate about a quarter before he laid his head down beside his plate, struggling to stay awake. He was very close to losing the fight.

“Human needs are both fascinating and bizarre,” Yellow Diamond mused as she watched the pea sized child loll his face against the table top. “I don’t understand why they need to ingest organic material to keep surviving–especially since it apparently…exits them.” She made a face.

Blue was more at level with the child, her chin on the opposite end of the table. “Well…I find it interesting, amazing even that there’s so many different types of things to eat for humans and they all give them different benefits.”

“Hm, yes…” Yellow Diamond rose an eyebrow in mild concern as she watched the child fall asleep in his plate. “…But doesn’t the hybrid eat all of it normally before he does…that?”



I have been literally binge-watching all of Steven Universe, and I’m addicted you guys. So expect some fanart from me. In the meantime, here’s one of my favorite fusions.

so like you know how on steven universe all the crystal gems got their back stories as to why they joined rose

pearl fought for rose either out of love, admiration, respect and/or a combination of them

amethyst was created in kindergarten and was later found/recruited by the gems 

but garnets back story to why she join the gems has not been established. here’s my theory, garnet’s “Stronger Than You” song takes a peak at this 

This is Garnet.
Back together.
And I’m never goin’ down at the hands of the likes of you, because I’m so much better.
And every part of me is saying, “Go get her.”
The two of us ain’t gonna follow your rules.

now, jasper did not directly issue any rules on the gems durin their capture (besides the usual stay put dont resist sorta thing) so what could she possibly mean?

i think garnet did not direct that at jasper herself but the diamond authority and gem society, garnet fled from homeworld due to prejudice against fusion gems. lets think about this for a sec

jasper seems to have a strong prejudice/disgust towards fusion gems not only does she call it “a cheap tactic to make weaker gems stronger” garnet also describes jasper with this line

this line reveals jaspers prejudice against fusion, jasper doesnt hate garnet just for bein a crystal gem she also hates her for bein a fusion 

assumin jaspers pov is commonplace on homeworld, that leaves a very good reason as to why garnet would want to leave ruby and sapphire want to be garnet and theyre not going to let anyone stop them from bein happy

now doesnt this situation sound a little familiar? garnets big “fuck you” song could draw a parallel to lgbtq people acceptin themselves and fightin against a society prejudice against them

by garnet statin she is so much better she is saying that she will flourish despite the prejudices placed on her

TLDR: garnet joined the crystal gems due to the prejudices of fusion gems on homeworld and garnet is a BAMF

Why 'Time of the Doctor' was actually really great (spoilers for episode)
  • We found out so much shit
  • Steven Moffat filled his gaping plot holes
  • Why the cracks were there
  • Why the TARDIS blew up
  • Silence didn’t need to fall because his name was a horrible deadly secret, it was because it would start a war, THANK YOU 
  • We saw how the Silence developed
  • Tasha fighting a Dalek inside of her, what a BAMF
  • Clara being Clara
  • The Time Lords decided to, when it counted, actually do something for the Doctor considering that he saved their butts - so just a tiny bit less of the dicks they are/could have been
  • new life cycle, as we knew was possible when granted by the Time Lords, allowing the show to continue for another whole lot of regenerations (because seriously why the fuck would you make a limit anyway, do you WANT to end the greatest show in the universe)
  • Matt’s speech because tear-jerking and relevant to real life
  • Amy Pond being there for the end of him as well as the beginning, just like she said
  • Seriously he looked like an owl and it was so funny, what a face
  • Also, for the record, ‘kidneys’ is a great first word
  • And post-regeneration amnesia, haven’t had that in a while, should be fun! (yes, kiddies, it is very normal, stop worrying about the fact that he doesn’t know how to fly the TARDIS, it’s just a side effect)
Steven Moffat and BBC: Bring River Song back to Doctor Who

Mr. Steven Moffat We reach out in hopes you will hear our plea. In words written by a very wise man…. You’ve decided that the universe is better off…

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I want River Song in another episode of DW.

And I want River Song to have her own spinoff.

Jack Harkness got all that, so why not an equally BAMF female character?