steven x malese

yourdailydoseofcutestalkerchick  asked:

hi i just found your blog (because i've been living under a rock) and i love it its nice to know that there are other jeranna janna diehards out there,but i was wondering if you knew where i could find the one and only pic of malese and steven at eye con but with no edit at all,i would greatly appriciate it, if not thanks anyway and keep up the great work :)

lol!! not much of a rock- i’ve only been around for about two weeks ;) But, nevertheless, welcome to Jannamonium!

Now, as for your question, I’ve been wondering the same thing!! All the ones I’ve been finding have watermarks or some sort of edit to them :( My suggestion would be to head over to Susy or Sara, my Janna co-counsel to see if they have the original. I know they’ve both edited it, so maybe they have one clean one for your viewing/editing pleasure. :)

Love your blog as well, and let me know if you do find that picture!