steven x lauren


“I’m probably biased, but I’d say the best character on a date in my series would be Steven Yeun. Because he plays my husband. And he’s the funniest and I think that’s the most important thing on a date.”


Since we’ve been a couple on the show for some time, do you think that our comfort level is good or that it needs work? Oh, shut up. See? That’s me being comfortable.

I’m actually so excited for the Go On finale because in Matthew’s interview this week he said it was going to be really heartwarming and that he shed a few tears during it so it’s definitely going to involve Janie coming back one last time and telling Ryan to move on, then he’s going to get together with Carrie like I’ve wanted all along.

Meanwhile Steven and Lauren are going to kiss or have some sort of awkward conversation or something which will be great but I’m going to miss Wyatt because he really was awesome.

and last but not least Danny and Sonia are finally going to get together also because for god’s sake they’ve been teasing us with that for half the season and we’ve gotten NOWHERE and there wasn’t even a mention of it this week!