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A sparkle of kindness and a good heart that touched mine

I thought and thought and though before taking the virtual pen once again and write a few words. I thought of the fact that it seems like my thrive to write kindness and beauty is a never ending one, and one that I often do in a foreign language. Why in english when I am french and this is not my birth language? And why, some might ask, do I only take the virtual pen when I see something that moves me and touches me? Why do I still keep on wanting to write about beauty when this world is a mess? Why do I stick with those who strike me as kind and keep on thinking that I can portray them well in a few words?

Some of you might think that I have a super giant ego to even think that these words of mine could interest even one person in the world…but the truth is, I do believe that kindness is attractive to all, that beauty is light in the form of gestures, or talents, or hearts, and that everyone is in search for a little bit more air in this world.

I do not believe that my words are anything more than those of the next person, I do not pretend that every actors, or shows, or movies, or causes I talked about have found another dimension in the public eye thanks to my words. I do not believe that I hold anything more special in this writing form than you reading my words, or that girl in the street, or that woman there in a coffee shop, or this american dad, this french barber, this musician.

Why do I write? Because it makes me happy. 

I also write because I want to thank artists for doing their jobs. A job they do well so that all of us can smile at least once a week in front of a movie, a painting, a book, a tv show. I write to say: thank you, I appreciate your dedication in this artistic form. I write to thank them for hard work well done:

for the long hours, the tiring shoots, the dance of the brush that makes such beautiful colors on their canvas, for the back of the painter that hurts to make my eyes see beauty in a landscape, for the weeks of work where the ballerina who cannot stand anymore jumps yet another time to be sure that the ballet is flawless, for the eyes of this writer that are red after another night of writing to hand down in time her next great book. I write for all of them and the dedication to their craft. I am truly thankful for them all.

Finally I write because I think that discovering something amazing is just wonderful, but sharing it makes it even better. Because it’s an incredible feeling to give to your best friend The book that changed your life, the movie that made you smile or cry or both at the same time (and lift your spirit up by showing a true life color), the photography who captured beauty in black and white. I write to share, to pass it on, to spread it around. If I smiled, you might smile too, and what is more precious than spreading smiles all around? And kindness while you are at it. Let’s spread what is good and dump the fear and the judgement behind when it’s possible for us. It will only make things easy for us afterwards.

So today I take my virtual pen again to just say a few words about this actress I just discovered. She is already known by most of you, but what can i say? I am so slow sometimes…

Rachelle Lefèvre’s work just invited itself in my house a few weeks ago, and I am happy it did!

One night after I was not asleep for an hour or so I decided to check netflix and see what was on. What could be exciting, cool, different and very good tv? I had just finished “Stranger things“, and I thought that after that I was going to be so much harder to please. I mean come on: Winona Ryder and these amazing kids?!

That world, the suspens, the love, the friendship, the incredible scripts, and yeah..Winona Ryder again…So of course I was going to get picky after that! But I did not have to search for long.

Looking around, I soon saw the title “under the dome” appeared on my screen and I was intrigued. When i read the details I was willing to dive in, and when I dove, I was hooked!  (And yes Mike Vogel has something to do with it too). The names Spielberg and S. King. made me more confident that this was special, and the good writing, amazing casting, and awesome directing did the rest. But another thing really hit me after only one episode: that show had a leading pair like no other (perfect chemistry, awesome acting) ! And a certain leading lady was, I thought, one of the best I had seen in a tv show in a long time. 

Rachelle Lefèvre as Julia shumway made her character’s heart so big that it is impossible not to adore them both. And so I kept on watching, and I did not regret it.

If you haven’t seen the show I strongly suggest that you do so ( not that you have any advice to take from me but it is a great show), you will not regret it either ;)

First of all the character is amazing: Julia is kind, intelligent, not perfect but thriving to be the best version of herself possible. She is seeking the truth even if it hurts, and is always ready to see the best in people around her. Even when they mess up badly. And that kindness and that strength is what made me love this character from the moment I “met her” in the show.                             Second of all, well, the actress portraying her is a damn good one! (sorry for cursing but as a french parisian girl I do not speak english often enough for my taste, neither do I curse enough in your beautiful language so yep, sorry but not really).

I was very moved by the very human, very true and kind interpretation of Rachelle when she portrays Julia.

I feel that an actor always bring parts of him or herself in the character he/she is playing, and that it is even more true when it’s in a tv show. Characters have more time to be developed and so their interpreters put more of them into the person they portray. And I thought that Julia needed to have a really kind color, a very soft vibe, but a strong one too, and that it was definitely not something easy to convey on screen. Especially in a few words (there are so many characters in that show), in a pilot, where a lot of action takes place.               But she managed to give her: strength, intelligence, kindness, softness, and a sparkling quality of something authentic that is rarely seen on screen. I felt that in the pilot, and the rest of the season proved me right. Being strong but allowing yourself to be vulnerable so that your character can be more human, more true to a real human heart, is for me the same thing as diving from a high cliff blindfolded (to break some kind of record let’s say, and yes I know this example is lame). It takes courage, and more importantly it takes a very very good heart to lead the way. And I felt and feel that Rachelle Lefèvre might just have that kind of inherent kindness, and strength, and that those made her so wonderful in portraying Julia.

I since watched a few interviews, (I loved hearing the one in french in Montreal since I lived there for 6 years it’s of course dear to my heart) and it only confirmed what I was suspecting: we have a winner in the kind and talented category my friends.

Hearing her i could see her bubbly, funny and kind personality jump at me from the other side of the screen. I could also see vulnerability and strength, and most importantly depth as a human being and as an actor at work. And I have to admire that. No not admirer, I do not like that word, but appreciate definitely. And I do appreciate those qualities because they are so rare. 

Like I said, true talent, depth, huge range of emotions are not tools that every actor have, but for me Rachelle Lefèvre you have them, and I think you are perfectly awesome just the way you are. Keep up the good work, I want to see other bits of that heart on screen, THANK YOU FOR HARD WORK WELL DONE. I appreciate it. It matters. Always.

And to you all out there who read this words you can only be thinking one of the following things right now:

God she speaks too much/ God does she likes to hear herself speak…this Tumblr is soooo damn long!/ It’s ok enough to read since I am stuck in traffic/ I would rather eat spinach for the rest of my life than reading another line/ I like Rachelle Lefèvre since I was 18..this girl is so behind, writing about her only now (eye roll)/ Fuck you and shut up (but that is only if you have had a very crappy day)/ Duh…Under the dome dude, of course it’s awsome!/ I have to watch that show it seems cool, and I liked Rachelle Lefèvre in “twilight”/ Is that Vogel guy that cute?/ I am intrigued I need to watch this show NOW.

If you think the last one then do it, turn on your netflix, sit on a good coach, put a pillow behind your back, prepare yourself a limonade if it’s hot or a cocoa if it’s cold, and dive in.

You are in for such a treat…do not miss out, but do it in a stylish way. Onesie and all!

And for all Rachelle Lefèvre followers out there I say I am proud to have joined the ranks! She Rocks!

Et A toi Rachelle je dis merci pour ton talent!

And to all I wish you the best in everything.

Jen, @jennilly24 (twitter)