steven utne

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Juggalo motha fuckas woop woop!

I’m probably just like everyone you’ve ever met
Just a little more depressed and fucked up in the head
I’m not very good at trying to hide how I feel
I’m full of scars from my past that just won’t seem to heal
I haven’t flashed a real smile in god knows how long
And I’m still waiting for my dream girl to come strolling along
I’ve fallen in love a few times and it never seems to work
I’ve got a heart so big you can see its beat through my shirt
My mind runs laps every time I try to sleep
I chase my thoughts in their tracks but their too fast for my feet
Like our home, my voice is broken you can hear it when I speak
it’s not money that I want its a place called home that I seek

Perfection is purely just a common misconception of perception that we all wish to see in our own reflection

I’m still trying to figure out what being a man means
So much stress on my chest I’m tearing apart at the seams
My self-esteem and confidence are at a very new low
I try to mask my impurities but they always seem to show
It takes too long to love someone that hates themselves
So before you waste your time just go love somebody else
I apologize in advanced if you bother wasting your time
But i don’t need anymore problems I’m already neck deep in mine
I know I’m very far from perfect and I’ll never even try
But there’s much more depth to me than what meets the eye
Don’t judge me by my imperfections even angels have flaws
You would notice we’re all the same if you saw what I saw

—  Steven Utne