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   Director Steven C. Miller (Marauders, Extraction) took to social media to announce that actor Jesse Metcalfe and Fall Out Boy member Pete Wentz have joined the cast of “Escape Plan 2.” Miller will be directing the sequel from a script Miles Chapman - who scripted the first film - wrote. Metcalfe and Wentz will be joining cast members Sylvester Stallone, Dave Bautista, Jaime King and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. It’s still unknown if Arnold Schwarzeneger will be returning for the sequel. Details about the film’s plot are being kept under wraps.

Something Breaks Into The Universe
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Something Breaks Into The Universe

Breaking Into The Universe: A Zagreus/Hell Bent Theory

When listening to Zagreus, it came off as odd that the Divergence, despite having their long plan prevented from succeeding, apparently were able to break into the universe anyway, a short time before its end. This problem is compounded by the fact that the Time Lords’ version of history is still very much intact, as well as by the Divergence’s later fate in the Divergent Universe story arc.

While the later events could simply be the result of time being rewritten, it doesn’t resolve the question of how the Divergence was capable of forcing their way into the universe. However in the light of last night’s episode, we may have a solution.

It wasn’t the Divergence breaking through. 

It was the Time Lords.

“Gallifrey is currently positioned at the extreme end of the time continuum, for its own protection. We’re at the end of the universe, give or take a star system.” 

In Hell Bent it was revealed that Gallifrey returned to the universe at a point in time near it’s end. They presumably brought the planet through a crack in reality or, as Charley describes it, ‘a rip in space’. 

This possibility is supported by the Time Lords’ ability to open traversable cracks, previously shown in The Time of the Doctor. In a more Doylist sense there are also similarities between the Neverland / Zagreus / Scherzo trilogy and some of the Moffat era episodes (eg. the energy in the time field could easily be reinterpreted as anti-time). The Face the Raven / Heaven Sent / Hell Bent finale shows these similarities particularly clearly.

While this is far more coincidental, when listening to the above clip, it is possible to hear some vaguely TARDIS-like sounds. This may be from the temporal engines working to materialise Gallifrey back in the main universe.


Los Angeles area filmmaker Pablos Fernandez Eyre has taken classic movie posters and turned them into GIFs! Ah-ma-zing.

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